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Flavio Pauletti Joins the Team at aFe POWER!


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aFe Power is growing in popularity worldwide. To further help this growth, we are excited to announce the addition of Flavio Pauletti as our factory representative in Europe. Flavio started his career working for a company based in the United Kingdom selling and promoting their products and services. The company was “Safety Kleen” and is one of the world’s leading providers of mechanical parts washing & chemical application services. In 1995 Flavio formally opened his own business; INMEDIA, which offers intermediation services to those companies wishing to promote, support and sell their products internationally. In 2000 Flavio started representing a company more in line with his passion. The Italian company “Dimensione Sport” (Dimsport), which is widely known for their chip tuning software for cars called “RACE” and an electronic device/module for improving car performances called “RAPID”. Flavio took a virtually unknown product in Europe and developed it into the business that it is today.   


Flavio will be representing aFe Power throughout Europe to help develop the market. Flavio will be based out of his office in Torino Italy. Flavio will be reporting directly to Kevin Floody. The week before SEMA, Flavio will be joining us to spend time throughout our entire factory to learn as much about what we do.


Welcome aboard Flavio!   

Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) is a manufacturer of automotive cold air intake systems, performance air filters, fluid filters, intake manifolds turbochargers, programmers, throttle body spacers and exhaust systems. aFe was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Corona, California, USA, in two facilities totaling 160,000 sq ft (15,000 m2) including their 77,000 sq ft (7,200 m2) headquarters and manufacturing facilities. An 87,000 sq ft (8,100 m2) warehouse and R&D facility was added in 2012.

About aFe POWER

We do so many cool things here at aFe POWER, but generally it takes someone getting a chance to tour the facility to really get the impact of everything that goes on “behind the scenes” here at our Southern California compound and what aFe is capable of. So here is your chance to take a peek, and I’m sure come back with the same phrase we hear so much.. “I had no idea you guys did all of that!” Take a look at this video!In-house capabilities include manufacturing of air filters, air intake systems, exhaust systems, headers, torque converters, intercoolers, and feature CNC machining, CAD design, 3D printing, 3D scanning, fabrication, dyno testing, mandrel tube bending, flow and filtration testing, assembly, kitting, warehousing.. and much more!


The aFe product line includes over 2,500 applications, which are all designed developed and manufactured in Corona, California. The aFe Power product line-up includes air filters, air intake and exhaust systems for most late model cars and trucks.


In the fall of 2007, aFe added diesel fluid filters for diesel applications. In 2008, aFe introduced the Aries 1 and Aries 2 filters and intakes for popular powersport applications. 2009 saw the release of the BladeRunner Intercooler for diesel applications as well as the Takeda USA intake line for sport compacts.


In 2012 aFe Power entered into the differential cover and transmission pan market. 2011 saw the release of a new turbocharger and Scorcher Programmer product lines. aFe produces three versions of air filter media including their original Pro 5R, Pro-Guard 7 and Pro Dry S. The Pro 5R media is a five layer cotton gauze media to maximize filtration and airflow. The patented Pro-Guard 7 is their seven-layer filter media combining the Pro 5R media with the addition of two additional layers of synthetic media. Both of these media require filter recharging oil. The Pro Dry S media is a three layer synthetic media, requires no filter oil, and cleans with soap and water. All aFe Power filters are washable and reusable.


aFe specializes in the diesel truck performance aftermarket with a line-up of products for these applications. aFe’s Pro Guard D2 filter program includes oil, fuel and transmission filters. The Blade Runner intake manifold inlet manifold released in 2007, pushes toward complete air flow management systems. aFe produces exhaust systems for diesel applications.

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