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2014 Ram EcoDiesel - Intake, Exhaust & Intercooler

2014 Ram EcoDiesel Performance Products - Intake, Exhaust & Intercooler

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Ram EcoDiesel Intercooler

Bar and Plate Core Design 

The use of the bar and plate core design allows for greater airflow and increased heat dissipation over the OEM intercooler.

15 percent
Ram EcoDiesel Intercooler Close Up


100% TIG-Welded by certified craftsmen for race proven strength and durability. TIG-Welding provides the strongest welds reducing stress cracks.

Intercooler comparison

Billet Aluminum Inlet/Outlets

This BladeRunner Intercooler uses 3" billet aluminum inlets and outlets for superior strength and durability.

EcoDiesel Black intercooler pipes
EcoDiesel Red intercooler pipes


  Red Intercooler Pipes Sold Seperately. 

EcoDiesel 4.5" exhaust black tips


Up to +7HP and +13lbs. x ft of torque over the stock exhaust system.

Constructed from 2-1/2" mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing. 

Includes dual 4-1/2" matte-black 304 stainless steel clamp-on tips, with a laser-cut stainless steel aFe power plate.

* Choice of Polished tips also available.

EcoDiesel aFe power Stage 2 intake
7R oiled air filter
5R oiled air filter
Dry 5 air filter picture


Standard Black Intercooler Pipes


EcoDiesel exhaust side view polished
EcoDiesel Matte Blk tip close up
EcoDiesel Polished tip close up






• Up to +5HP and +10lbs. x ft of torque over the stock exhaust system. The true potential of this exhaust is only realized on highly modified EcoDiesels needing the additional airflow.     

• Constructed from 3" mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing.

• Includes dual 5" or 6" matte-black stainless steel clamp-on tips, with a laser-cut stainless steel aFe power plate.

* Choice of Polished tips also available.

EcoDiesel aFe power exhaust dyno
EcoDiesel Exhaust Dyno +7

Up to +7HP! and +13lbs. x ft of torque!

Up to +5HP! and +10lbs. x ft of torque!

2014 Ram EcoDiesel


EcoDiesel Intake Cover


For those of you who want a quieter intake system, aFe offers an intake cover to help reduce some of the air intake noise.

You're probably asking yourself. Which exhaust is for me?

Here at aFe POWER, we have specifically designed two exhaust diameters to meet different demands. If you plan on just doing minor modifications the 2.5" inch exhaust is the best option, as this performs best for EcoDiesel's that have minor bolt-on's.


If you plan on extensively upgrading your truck with all possible modifications, the 3" Mach Force XP Exhaust should be your choice. This system was designed for the hardcore performance enthusiast and is the best choice for EcoDiesels that are highly modified, or plan to be highly modified in the future. Keep in mind while both exhausts increase power and torque over a stock EcoDiesel, we have tested that the 3" will work best when maximum flow is needed.

Airscoop for EcoDiesel intake

One Piece Housing w/Sight Window:

The one-piece roto-molded housing eliminates needless components and ensures the coolest air intake charge available. The large clear sight window allows for filter inspection. This design features our patent pending filter to housing interface. 

Massive Air Filter:

This system uses a 8" tall conical filter with a 8" diameter base for maximum flow. Available in our 7-layer, 5 layer progressive oiled media or our 3 layer synthetic oil-free media.

Retains Factory Air Scoop:

This system utilizes both the factory air scoop and optional auxiliary air scoop to increase air flow and improve performance across the powerband.


• +12 HP  / +20 lbs. x ft. Torque max gains 

• Outflows factory intake by 20% 

• Pro 5R pre-oiled, washable/reusable air filter for maximum performance 

• Powder-Coated One Piece Heat Shield utilizes stock mounting locations 

• 3" Mandrel-bent Wrinkle-black Powder-coated Intake tube improves volumetric efficiency for better performance 

• No Cutting or Drilling on OEM Parts for Faster Installation 

Two Versions of the Mach Force XP DPT Stainless Steel Exhaust System Available

2.5 Inch 

Diameter Pipe 

3.0 Inch

Diameter Pipe 

2014 Ram EcoDiesel


Intercooler pipes dyno chart

A high performance cold air intake system is among the first upgrade enthusiasts decide to purchase, as it's an easy and simple way to increase vehicles performance. Here at aFe POWER we know the EcoDiesel is no exception.  We offer two different intake options that are easy to install and instantly add power and torque. The Magnum Force Stage 2 Cold Air Intake Kit will give your EcoDiesel a solid increase in performance, add style under the hood, and improves sound under throttle. We have also produced our Momentum HD Sealed Air Intake Kit which features an OE look, easy installation with fewer parts, quieter performance and good horsepower and airflow. The choice is yours. 

When you want power, maximum airflow, and an intake that looks OE, then you're looking for the Momentum HD Intake System designed specificially for the 2014 RAM EcoDiesel. Utilizing the latest in CAD designing technology, the Momentum HD has a dyno tuned roto-mold tube, that provides smooth airflow while increasing horsepower.

The one piece air box was designed to keep installation simple, as well as providing the coolest air charge possible. A see-through window in the housing is built in for a convenient way to inspect your filter, in-between cleanings. If you have basic hand tools and basic mechanical knowledge, then you can easily do this installation yourself, and requires no cutting or drilling of any kind, using the factory location points. 

The Magnum Force Stage 2 intake system boasts maximum power, as well as letting the turbo breathe and fantastic intake sound under wide open throttle. It features a large 9" wide filter with a equally impressive 3" unrestricted intake tube, to allow for a free flowing intake so your Ram can breathe much easier. This EcoDiesel intake outflows the factory intake by 20%, improving power, and allowing more airflow to your engine. Installation is a breeze with basic hand tools required and basic mechanical knowledge, you can easily tackle this in the driveway with no cutting or drilling required.



The aFe POWER BladeRunner Intercooler upgrade for your 2014 Ram EcoDiesel is one of the most vital upgrades you can do for a more efficient truck. This intercooler is pressure tested at 200psi, which makes it perfect to use in high boost applications if you decide to take your truck to the next level. This unit outflows the stock OE intercooler by 15%, resulting in cooler airflow, while dissipating more heat with the use of the bar and plate core design. We TIG weld all of our intercoolers for superior strength and durability. The end tanks are made out of 3/16" TIG welded aluminum plates to reinforce it further.


We didn't stop with just the intercooler core, we further improved the stock hot and cold tubes that feed the intercooler. Increasing the size to 3" mandrel bent aluminum powdercoated tubes whose smooth bends deliver a decrease in turbulence, an increase in power and torque as well as lower EGT's. The tubes come with 5-ply heavy duty couplings and high quality stainless steel clamps, giving you that peace of mind your upgrades are secure while running your truck. You can buy the intercooler tubes as a package or as individual pieces themselves. We also offer two choices of color for more personalization options: standard black and optional red pipes sold seperately. For those planning on extensively modifying their EcoDiesel, or just want to upgrade the smaller restrictive unit the BladeRunner intercooler from aFe POWER is the perfect choice for your Ram.

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For Highly Modified EcoDiesels! 

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2014 Ram EcoDiesel


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Note: BladeRunner Intercooler to be used with aFe intercooler pipes.  

EcoDiesel intake V2 2
EcoDiesel Intake stage 2 dyno
Ecodiesel intake V2 3
Ecodiesel V2 intake install

When Chrysler released the RAM EcoDiesel in early 2014, they wanted to release a truck that would be fuel efficient but still maintain the passion and spirit that RAM owners come to expect. Today that same passion and drive lives thru this RAM and is something we at aFe POWER understand, and have listened to what you want out of your truck. With our manufacturing facility in Southern California, we are continuously building performance upgrades for the 2014 RAM EcoDiesel, starting with our cold air intakes, to stainless steel DPF back exhaust systems, tuners, to intercooler upgrades and more. So if you are looking to release more horsepower and torque out of your RAM EcoDiesel while improving fuel efficiency, aFe POWER has the EcoDiesel mods you want.


 We are experts when it comes to diesel performance, and the 2014 RAM EcoDiesel is no exception. Which include EcoDiesel intercooler upgrades that have both hot and cold side of the intercooler, to oil filters as a cost effective, high quality alternative solution to changing your trucks oil. aFe POWER has accessories that have both form and function, whether you want better protection or want better 0-60 times, even improved towing efficiency, aFe POWER has all your EcoDiesel performance needs.

Ecodiesel Momentum HD intake dyno sheet
Flow Chart For Ecodiesel momentum intake
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Momentum HD parts view and filter size view
Momentum HD Ecodiesel close up


Black EcoDiesel rear diff 1




Looking to dress your RAM's ugly stock differential? The NEW aFe POWER Rear Differential Cover for your RAM EcoDiesel is what you need. This cover is made from A356 cast aluminum to provide protection and functionality. This beautifully crafted piece comes in either this stealthy wrinkle black powdercoat or a more budget friendly but equally stunning raw aluminum finish for those of you who want to customize or have a theme to match.


Built in external fins help transfer heat away from the fluid to the outside air for improved cooling. Magnetic drain plug/Fill plug help capture loose particles to promote maximum rear differential protection. A large oil sight level glass with a 1/8” NPT calibration plug set, helps you prevent overfilling and properly maintain the factory fluid level.


The Raw finish differential cover does include the sight window or the deep reach magnetic fill plug, those can be purchased separately if desired.

Also Available in Raw Finish

Black EcoDiesel rear diff 2
Black EcoDiesel rear diff 3
Black EcoDiesel rear diff 4
diff fluid sight glass 1

Available separately part # 46-00002 Deep reach magnetic fill plug

Available separately part # 46-00001 Oil level sight glass

Raw EcoDiesel rear diff 1
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EcoDiesel OER Filter

If your just looking for a replacement OE filter, but refuse to go back to the stock restrictive paper ones. Then aFe POWER has your solution. This is constructed of 100% polyurethane on all four sides, and have a urethane bump seal, to provide a tight no leak seal for the life of the filter. 


The Pro 5R performance air filter uses 5 layers of progressively finer mesh cotton gauze media, to provide the best airflow as well as protection. Our filters outflow the stock filters, which increases horsepower and torque. And our air filter comes in two choices, the Pro 5R oiled, and the Pro Dry S to make cleaning simple. 



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aFe logo red
Ram EcoDiesel OER dry filter
RAM EcoDiesel OER filter
tuning outline
induction outline





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aFe logo red





Magnetic filler bolt 2
Ecodiesel Oil filter


Engine Oil PAN

EcoDiesel oil pan 3

Like our rear differential covers, our oil pans are specifically made to protect your EcoDiesel inside and out. By molding internal and external machined fins to our oil pan, adding extra cooling capability to your engine. We provide you with a magnetic oil drain plug, that will help capture potential loose particles from being sucked back up into the engine.


This oil pan is constructed of A356 Cast Aluminum and adds an additional 2 quarts of engine oil to your truck over stock. Making this is a worthwhile upgrade for those who put their EcoDiesel thru some extreme conditions such as towing, spirited driving, drag racing, or even off roading. They come in three finishes, black powdercoat, red powdercoat and for those who wish to put their own personal touch on the oil pan, we offer them in a raw finish too.

EcoDiesel red oil pan 5
Ecodiesel Raw oil pan
EcoDiesel oil pan 2
EcoDiesel oil pan 1
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Ecodiesel dyno sheet with aFe mods and scorcher tuner.
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