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2019-20 Raptor Live Valve Delete Makes Way for Sway-A-Way


Sway-A-Way has been busy developing 2019 and 2020 Ford Raptor suspension mods with a Live valve delete module. By deleting the Fox live valve system, Raptor owners can change out the factory shocks and install serious off-road performance suspension and still maintain various drive control settings.

SAW equipped this 2019 Ford Raptor with 3.0 Series coilovers and 3.0 triple bypass shocks for ultimate handling and suspension capabilities. Our SAW 3.0 remote reservoir coilovers give the vehicle a 3” lift and triple bypass shocks to achieve optimum ride quality on and off-road. With mechanical adjustability, for low and highspeed compression damping and have the availability to speed up or slow down rebound at the turn of a wrench. For more details check us out at and


2019 F150-Raptor Nicknamed “The Beast” Getting Fitted With 3.0 SAW Suspension 


Front 3.0 Remote Res Coilovers Replace Factory Suspension 

Rear Factory Fox Live Valve Shocks

Sway-A-Way Rear 3.0 Piggyback Res Shocks Ready For Some Action

2019 SAW Equipped Raptor Ready For Street And Dirt

Devin A. explains some of the benefits of our SAW conversion Live Valve delete.


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