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aFe Bar and Plate Radiator for the Jeep JK


Jeep JK aFe POWER Radiator
aFe POWER Radiator

aFe POWER is proud to introduce our new BladeRunner GT Series Bar and Plate Radiator for the Jeep Wrangler JK! Offering a much more durable design than the stock tube and fin radiator, this bar and plate design is made for the toughest environments. We've been putting this radiator design through months of extensive testing to make sure it exceeds our toughest demands. Our friends over in the Middle East also put our radiator through around a year of hard testing in some of the harshest deserts in the world, and our radiator kept engine temperatures in perfect operating range at all times, even with a supercharger equipped! This is mainly because of the sheer volume of coolant our radiator holds over stock. Our bar and plate radiator gives your Jeep the ability to work harder for longer in the most extreme environments around the world.

Our bar and plate radiator holds 25% more coolant than stock, includes 5-ply silicone hoses, and features a 1-3/4" bar and plate core design with 1/8" aluminum fabricated end tanks. The entire unit is 1/8" 5052 TIG welded aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and durability. All of this means you won't find a radiator built this tough! We designed our radiator to work with the factory mounting locations, and even included an easy drain system to allow you to flush your system without creating a mess, and allowing you to save your coolant for future use in case you ever need to. The stock radiator drain on Jeep JK models comes out the side, which means your coolant would come out and create a mess to try to catch if you ever had to service it.

aFe POWER Bar and Plate Radiator
aFe POWER Bar and Plate Radiator
aFe POWER Bar and Plate Radiator
Jeep JK Bar and Plate Radiator

We've made sure to put this design through all of the tests we could think of to make sure this bar and plate radiator is up to the aFe standard of quality. After rigorous months of testing, we're proud to say this radiator far surpasses all of our expectations. Physically, it has the same design as one of our bar and plate intercoolers, and that proved to be a great choice for our premium radiator for all model Jeep Wrangler JKs. The Wrangler JK was our first platform of choice because of the wide range of environments that Jeeps are put in around the world. In order to stress test our product effectively, we needed to see it perform in all environments equally. We are proud to claim this as one of the toughest radiators available on the market. Advanced engineering. Proven performance. It's all we do. 


2 thoughts on “aFe Bar and Plate Radiator for the Jeep JK”

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson June 23, 2018 at 5:04 am

    Do you make a radiator for 2011 Jeep JKs with Hemi's? I have a 2011 JKU with a 5.7L Truck Hemi out of a 2013 Dodge Ram. If you dont have one yet, I would be happy to text and evaluate one once you make it. I live in NC where the heat is over 90 from May Until Nov, and where it is frequently over 100 from June to Sept. I also take my Jeep offroad in that heat. My current fan/radiator is not able to keep up.

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