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aFe Control Releases Electronic Shock Delete Kit


A big gripe for many Corvette owners is the fact that if you have Magnetic Ride Control (MagneRide) equipped from the factory, you were very limited on your options for upgrading your suspension with aftermarket race-oriented parts. MagneRide works by automatically adjusting the level of dampening in your shock by changing the viscosity of the Magneto Rheological fluid inside the shock with magnetic energy. This give you the option to have either a soft or stiff suspension at the push of a button, however this system is prone to problems and failure, and is not cheap to fix or replace. 

The moment you swap your MagneRide shocks for a set of aftermarket coilovers without a MagneRide delete wire harness, your vehicle will throw a code limiting your speed to 80mph and a light will come on your dash. This is a common issue for those who want to lower their race vehicle or put on a set of high performance racing coilovers for example. 

That is no longer an issue with the aFe Control Electronic Shock Delete (ESD) Kit developed in conjunction with PSI Power: a leader in aftermarket tuning solutions for racing applications. Our MagneRide delete kit features a simple plug-and-play design that will eliminate the suspension control check engine light and allow you to modify your suspension to its full potential with products such as our racing-tuning Johnny O’Connell coilover setup for C5 and C6 corvettes. 

An ESD kit is not only good for upgrading to a race-oriented suspension system, it’s essential for anyone looking to either lower or raise their vehicle that is equipped with MagneRide stock. Some other vehicles such as Camaros and Cadillacs also offer MagneRide as a factory option, and our kit easily takes care of those platforms as well.

Our GM style Metri-Pack connectors come with anodized extruded aluminum heat sinks and abrasion resistant braided wiring shields for the most durability and quality possible. Sold in sets of four (one for each shock), this is one of the key solutions you need to get those precious seconds shaved off your lap times.  

Electronic Shock Delete Kit
Johnny O'Connell Coilovers
C6 C7 Featherlight Coilovers
Camaro Featherlight Coilovers
C7 Featherlight Coilovers


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