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  • New Products in Development for the 2020 Ford F250 7.3L


    The iconic all new 2020 Ford F-250 with a 7.3L engine.. but wait, a gas-powered PUSHROD 7.3L V8? 

    Yep, this new beast is DPF-free and pushing out 430HP and 475 lbs. x ft of torque, and that's before we've even put our hands on it.   We already have one of these trucks in our stable, and we're hard at work, and we will have some power-adding options available soon.  


    2020 Ford F-250 7.3L V8 Momentum GT Intake System


    Big motors crave big airflow, and the Momentum GT delivers. We already have a fully designed system that is currently undergoing testing utilizing our 3D printing technology, where we are able to test and finalize everything before the final mold is created and the part put into production. Dyno testing and performance information coming soon.  


    Scorcher PRO ECU Tuning


    Taking advantage of the latest in ECU tuning, the Scorcher PRO delivers more horsepower and torque with the simple flash via the OBDII port, and has the convenience of WiFi to make sure you're always up to date.  


    Magnum FLOW Air Filters


    If you're simply looking for drop-in performance and airflow, and want a lifetime cleanable option instead of throwing away air filter after air filter, aFe has one waiting for you.  Available in both the oiled Pro 5R media for maximum flow, or the convenience of our Pro DRY S oil-free media, the choice is yours. 


    aFe Pro Series Front Differential Covers


    Also a crossover from earlier F-250's with the Dana 60 front axles are our performance aluminum differential covers, complete with magnetic drain and deep reach fill plug to capture loose particles for maximum protection, and an oil level sight glass for easy oil inspection. Keep those axles cool with these upgraded covers. 

  • aFe @ Pelican Parts 4th. Annual Open House Event



    aFe Power proudly attended Pelican Parts 4th. Annual Open House event and it was a success. With all things Porsche oriented, this was the perfect opportunity to show our support and showcase our latest performance intake and exhaust systems for the 911 Carrera (991) as well as answer many great questions. 


    Several Porsche enthusiasts showed up and had traveled far and wide to connect with the Pelican Parts experts, as well as enjoy the Porsche driving experience.  


    The famous 'Pelican Garage' was open to the public during the event so we got to check out some of the rarest and most historically significant Porsches around. Thank you, Pelican Parts! 

  • BMW of Riverside Cars & Coffee



    Before social distancing had interfered with everyday life including car events, BMW of Riverside held their Cars & Coffee gathering at the dealership which featured lots of cool BMW’s, local vendors and raffle showcasing great prizes. 


    Early Sunday morning, as the crowd start rolling in, aFe was present along with over 150 registered participants, to display our SEMA featured M2 Competition, M4 Convertible and track-prepped Z4M outfitted with our latest MagnumForce Stage-2 Intake, Scorcher and exhaust systems. 


    With the parking spaces filled up and the doughnuts and cappuccinos kicking in, we came prepared by answering product related questions and offered aFe swag bags for all attendees.  


    Not limited to just BMW’s, there were a few American muscle and classic cars on display too. 


    Throughout the event BMW of Riverside raffled off M-School Driving Class, ROVI Dash Cam, M-Power swag and even a $500 aFe gift certificate. The lucky winner, along with his son won, were happy to put it toward a new aFe intake system for his M4.   Hats off to BMW of Riverside for another great event and thank them for giving us the opportunity to be part of your Cars & Coffee.

  • aFe Joins Supra Sunday At Longo Toyota Dealership



    With So-Cal’s mild winter, car show season has come early. This February, Longo Toyota in El Monte, CA. along with Super Street Magazine and Mackin Industries, hosted a Supra Sunday meet up. All generations of the Toyota Supra were present and aFe was on hand with the Takeda Mk4 and Mk5 SEMA Show booth vehicles. A big thank you to our hosts for having us join in on the food, fun and raffle prizes. 


     Multiple Supra Mk5’s were present. Photo courtesy of Seibon.

    Old and New School SEMA Show Supras

    Every Gen Supra Owner Had Stories to Tell

    Remember the Celica Supra Mk2?

    Another SEMA Veteran: Jerel @SupraMk5

  • 2019-20 Raptor Live Valve Delete Makes Way for Sway-A-Way


    Sway-A-Way has been busy developing 2019 and 2020 Ford Raptor suspension mods with a Live valve delete module. By deleting the Fox live valve system, Raptor owners can change out the factory shocks and install serious off-road performance suspension and still maintain various drive control settings.

    SAW equipped this 2019 Ford Raptor with 3.0 Series coilovers and 3.0 triple bypass shocks for ultimate handling and suspension capabilities. Our SAW 3.0 remote reservoir coilovers give the vehicle a 3” lift and triple bypass shocks to achieve optimum ride quality on and off-road. With mechanical adjustability, for low and highspeed compression damping and have the availability to speed up or slow down rebound at the turn of a wrench. For more details check us out at and


    2019 F150-Raptor Nicknamed “The Beast” Getting Fitted With 3.0 SAW Suspension 


    Front 3.0 Remote Res Coilovers Replace Factory Suspension 

    Rear Factory Fox Live Valve Shocks

    Sway-A-Way Rear 3.0 Piggyback Res Shocks Ready For Some Action

    2019 SAW Equipped Raptor Ready For Street And Dirt

    Devin A. explains some of the benefits of our SAW conversion Live Valve delete.


  • aFe POWER Jeep Gladiator Vulcan Series Exhaust Sound Clips + Installation



    2020 Jeep Gladiator (JT) V6-3.6L


    New Vulcan Exhaust For Your Jeep Gladiator


    aFe POWER is proud to present our brand new 3” to 2-1/2” cat-back exhaust system for the 2020 JL Gladiator.  Featuring quad 3-1/2” black polished exhaust tips.  A must for any Gladiator owner! 


    Hear an exhaust sound clip.

    See how easy this system is to install.  Courtesy of Northridge 4x4

  • aFe POWER SEMA Jeep Gladiator Named Top 10 Best


    FourWheeler Logo

    It was fun to see the amount of people stop and stare at the 2019 SEMA Show, where we displayed a brand new 2020 Jeep Gladiator in the aFe POWER booth.  Thousands of industry veterans were quick to pull out their cameras and grab shots of the 'Tazmangler', a collaboration with Jeep builder Mike Duval of Duval Offroad Designs and X-Treme Toys.  


    It also caught the eye of the editors of FourWheeler, who named aFe POWER and the Jeep Gladiator as one of the "10 Best 2020 Jeep JT Gladiator Pickup Builds from SEMA 2019".


    Fronting the advanced Flow engineering (aFe) booth at SEMA 2019 was the 2020 Jeep Gladiator build crafted by Duval Offroad Designs and X-Treme Toyz. Nicknamed "Tazmangler," the Gladiator is definitely set up for the overland lifestyle with a Leitner Designs Active Cargo System (ACS) rack and storage pods hosting important gear such as RotoPax water and fuel canisters, Power Tank air tank, tools, parts, and a Front Runner roof-top tent and awning. 


    Power boosts come from an aFe Cat-Back exhaust system, Momentum intake, and Sprint Booster. A FabTech 5-inch Crawler Long Arm suspension system with Sway-a-Way coilovers with bump stops in front and Sway-a-Way reservoir shocks work with a SteerSmarts Yeti DH steering system to help keep the 17x9 Mickey Thompson Sidebiter Lock wheels and 40x13.50R17 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires where they should be. 


    Read the full article here at

  • Additional Throttle Body Spacer Applications Now 50-State Legal


    NEW C.A.R.B. EO Numbers 



    2000-2019 Toyota/Lexus Trucks/SUVs V8

    2003-2019 Toyota Trucks/SUVs V6

    2013-2019 Toyota/Subaru Cars H4












    2000-2019 Dodge/RAM Trucks/SUVs V8

    2005-2019 Dodge/Chrysler Cars/SUVs V8

    2011-2015 Dodge/Chrysler Cars/SUVs V6

    2006-2019 Jeep V8

    2007-2019 Jeep V6

    1991-2006 Jeep I6

    2004-2019 Nissan/Infiniti Trucks/SUVs V8

    2005-2019 Nissan Trucks V6

    2002-2019 Nissan/Infiniti Cars V6

    aFe POWER is proud to announce three new California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) EO Numbers for our Silver Bullet Throttle Body Spacers.

    These products are now exempt in all 50 states and will pass all state emissions testing.

    2018-2019 Jeep Wrangler (JL) V6_Cut Out
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  • Before & After: 2020 Supra With Takeda Exhaust



    The return of the icon meant we had our work cut out for us. We set out to create products fit for such a car – starting off with induction, cooling and, of course, exhaust. 
    Our cat-back is one of our favorites so far. Fitted with a valve system that offers the option to bypass the muffler, it produces two distinctly different tones… and amplifies those downshift burbles.

    Hear it for yourself in FT Speed's video, they have these exhaust systems in stock and ready to ship.

    Visit FT Speed

    MK5 SUPRA 




















  • The 2019 SEMA Show

    Its main purpose is to bring in the newest and hottest stuff in the industry – it did exactly that. That being the new Toyota Supra and Jeep Gladiator, in excessive numbers. The SEMA Show always draws whatever is “in,” but this year was unlike any other. 


    The Central (Racing and Performance) Hall was littered with widebody Supras. YouTubers, such as TJ Hunt and Stradman, displayed the builds they’ve been working on – which drew in large crowds. The off-road centric South Hall, on the other hand, was practically stuffed full of Gladiators (mainly sporting factory red paint and utilitarian bed racks). For the first time ever, SEMA reserved an entire section of the South Hall only for hardcore overland-style builds.


    SEMA Show sign
    Stradman Toyota Supra



    SEMA Jeep Gladiator









    OF THE




    aFe POWER @ the Show

    Like many others, we opted to go with the year’s trendy cars in our booth. We brought along a Jeep Gladiator built by Duval Off Road and our two Supras. With all three red in color, the Mk5 and its matching predecessor (that’s completely stock, by the way) drew in quite an audience.

    Booth Vehicles


    Jeep Gladiator aFe POWER Booth
    aFe POWER Toyota Supras

    1994 & 2020





    • aFe POWER Mach FORCE-Xp Hi-Tuck Cat-Back Exhaust System
    • aFe POWER Pro Series Differential Covers
    • aFe POWER Momentum GT Intake System
    • Sway--A-Way Front Coilovers, Rear Shocks, & Bump Stops
    • Sprint Booster
    • FabTech 5" Crawler Long Arm Suspension
    • Steersmarts Yeti HD Steering System
    • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels
    • Dana Spicer 5:13 Gears


    • Leitner Designs Active Cargo System
    • Baja Designs Lighting
    • Bestop Sunrider Top
    • EGR Vent Guards
    • Front Runner Platform, Rooftop Tent, & Awning
    • Warn Winch
    • Factor 55 Closed System Winching Accessories
    • Complex Ink Vinyl Graphics
    • S-POD 12V Power Distribution
    • Tuffy Security Glove Box
    • Atomic Monkey Ballistic Storage Bags & Grab Handles


    Mk5 Modifications
    • aFe POWER Prototype Takeda Momentum Intake System
    • aFe POWER Cat-Back Exhaust System w/ Carbon Fiber Tips
    • aFe POWER Twisted Steel Down-Pipe (Street Series)
    • aFe POWER SCORCHER GT Power Module
    • aFe POWER Intercooler Tube
    • Scosche Accessory Mounts
    • Eibach Lowering Springs
    • HRE Flowform Wheels
    • Falken Tires
    aFe POWER Toyota Supra SCORCHER Module
    aFe POWER Toyota Supra Takeda Intake Intercooler Tube
    Jeep Gladiator aFe POWER Booth Sway-A-Way Suspension and Differential Covers
    Jeep Gladiator aFe POWER Booth Sway-A-Way Shocks
    aFe POWER Intake System
    aFe POWER Scorpion Grilles
    aFe POWER Headers and Exhaust


    Featured Products

    Like many others, we opted to go with the year’s trendy cars in our booth. We brought along a Jeep Gladiator built by Duval Off Road and our two Supras. With all three red in color, the Mk5 and its matching predecessor (that’s completely stock, by the way) drew in quite an audience.

    Part #  54-13036

    Part #  79-21006L & 52-76005

    Part #  48-34137

    Spotted: Other aFe Equipped Vehicles @ the Show

    Jerel Supra Mk5 Toyota aFe POWER
    Toyota Supra Exhaust aFe POWER
    Yokohama Garret's Toyota Supra SEMA 2019 aFe POWER
    aFe POWER Differential Cover Chrome
    aFe POWER Ford Mustang
    aFe POWER Overland Jeep Truck Hero
    Garrett's Toyota Supra aFe POWER Exhaust
    Jeep aFe POWER Differential Covers
    aFe POWER Jeep
    aFe POWER Differential Cover
    aFe POWER F-150 Mickey Thompson
    aFe POWER Differential Cover Diesel Truck

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