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  • aFe POWER is Working on the New Jeep Wrangler JL!



    Here at aFe Power, we jumped at the opportunity to purchase the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL so we can be first to develop some new bolt-on power products and suspension components for it! You may have heard that Jeep has spent quite some time designing this new JL, offering multiple engine options in the coming months. Jeep has also revised the design of most of the exterior components while still retaining that unmistakable Wrangler look. Those are notable achievements from the previous Jeep JK model that only offered one engine option and the same basic body style since 2007.

    The new JL features an entirely new steel frame with five boxed crossmembers while a new front and rear coil-spring suspension sits on top of next-gen Dana front and rear axles. Aluminum is now used for the new JL’s fenders, doors, hinges, windshield frame, and engine mounts. The wheelbase increased by 1.4 inches on the 2-door model and 2.4 inches on the 4-door model. Push to start, a backup camera, halogen headlights, cruise control, and hill-start assist are all now standard. This new Jeep will be much more user-friendly in terms of modifying hardware parts, as Jeep redesigned many hardware components to be even more easily removable than they were on the JK model.

    aFe Power just picked up the Pentastar 3.6L V6 option with the automatic transmission, which produces a baseline dyno of 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. That's soon going to change once we get some performance products installed, such as an aFe Power intake system and a cat-back exhaust!

    Projected to release in the second quarter of 2018, the twin-scroll turbocharged 2.0L Wrangler JL with eTorque assist should become available. That version produces around 268 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque through an eight-speed automatic transmission. A good start, but once we get some racing products put on we should see those numbers jump!

    Coming in 2019 will be a diesel option for the 4 door Wranglers utilizing the 3.0L V6 used in the RAM EcoDiesel rated at a stock 260 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. That JL variant will be equipped with a new eight-speed automatic transmission tuned to handle such a high-torque application. Our Scorcher Module should be a perfect match on that setup.

    aFe Power is one of the first manufacturers in California to purchase the new Jeep Wrangler JL to start developing new products for it like our Momentum GT intake, drop-in high flow filter, throttle body spacer, and much more! We’ll be busy at work taking multiple dyno tests on our in-house DynoJet Dynamometer, scanning the stock parts to develop new ones, and taking detailed measurements as we start fine-tuning the new Jeep to deliver some aFe POWER under the hood! Keep an eye out for further announcements and releases on our social media channels and website!

    Jeep JL
    Jeep JL
    Jeep JL
    Jeep JL Lift
    Jeep JL Scan


    Follow Our 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Build




  • Product Spotlight: Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Kits



    Throughout the automotive industry, carbon fiber has its reputation for being synonymous with high performance. Its light weight and incredible strength are what professional racers need, while its stunning looks and unique appearance also make it the preferred choice for auto enthusiasts everywhere.

    Our carbon fiber parts are made using pre-preg carbon fiber and the autoclave process, then they are clear coated to ensure durability over long-term use. After that, each piece is hand polished to a perfect finish. 



    We use either plain weave or twill weave patterns depending on the application, and every part is thoroughly inspected before being packaged and delivered to ensure the highest quality.

    Each intake is designed and thoroughly tested here at our R&D facility to attain the best performance without requiring an aftermarket tune. We follow strict procedures and do countless tests on our in-house Dynojet dynamometer to guarantee accuracy when finding the peak horsepower gained from our systems. Only when our engineers are 100% satisfied with the performance gains are they sent to production. This ensures you'll be comfortable knowing you're getting the best performance possible from your intake system.

    The thickness of each carbon fiber part is between 1.5mm to 2mm thick, and its strength is unparalleled to other intakes on the market. This means it's super light and designed to last a lifetime. You'll be surprised once you feel just how light the final product is, especially considering its strength.  For professional racers, our carbon fiber series intake's performance to weight ratio is second-to-none. For automotive enthusiasts, each carbon fiber intake from aFe Power looks stunning, and our Black series air intake system comes with a serialized number plate to ensure authenticity and set you apart from the rest. For those who only want the best for their vehicle, aFe Power is the only choice.

    Carbon Fiber Intake Tube
    BMW M4
    Carbon Fiber Intake Tube
    Black Series Intake
    Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber
    Black Series Momentum Intake

    That's why at aFe Power we offer our Black Series air intake systems and Stage-2 Track series intake systems made from 100% real carbon fiber, not fiberglass with a carbon fiber outer layer. 




  • aFe POWER Teams Up With GenRight Off Road Racing Team



    Corona, CA Jan. 8th, 2018- aFe POWER, the leading manufacturer of high performance aftermarket automotive products is proud to announce their partnership with the GenRight Off Road Team competing in this year’s Ultra4 Racing Series. The series challenges drivers to compete in a wide variety of terrain from endurance desert racing to competition-style rock crawls to short course racing and currently produces six races in the series.


    Piloting the GenRight 4400 Unlimited Class off-road truck will be Jordan Pellegrino. “Jordan has put in a lot of seat time in the 4585 (Stock Mod Class) during the 2017 season, and I feel it’s best to move him up to the 4400 Class in Ultra4” said team manager and father, Tony Pellegrino, owner of GenRight Off Road and past KOH podium competitor. “We rely on peak engine performance to be competitive in an Unlimited Class and appreciate the support the folks at aFe are offering and working with us to give us that advantage!” Tony stated. 


    aFe POWER’s commitment to engineering and manufacturing quality performance products has always been priority number one and practices the same philosophy of GenRight's, to utilize racing to test product. “aFe is excited about supporting the GenRight father and son team as Jordan transitions to the Unlimited Class and to see our products perform in the most extreme environments” said Shahriar 'Nick' Niakan, President and CEO, advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power).


    Look for Jordan Pellegrino and the GenRight Ultra4 Racing 4400 Unlimited Class debut at the King of the Hammers, Feb. 2-10 in Johnson Valley, CA.


    About aFe POWER: advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power) is a premier designer and manufacturer of automotive performance upgrade systems and components.  Current product lines include cold air intake systems, high performance direct fit and racing air filters, exhaust systems, intercoolers, turbochargers, programmers, diesel fuel systems, throttle body spacers, suspension and more. aFe is passionate about providing the most compelling, innovative, and highest performing products that are designed, built and tested in the USA.  aFe was founded in 1999 and has headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Corona, California, USA.


    About GenRight Off Road:  GenRight offers the most complete line of aftermarket off-road Jeep products available! Everyone at GenRight are Jeep and Off-Road enthusiasts and proud to be making/selling top quality American-Made Jeep products! GenRight's products are sold and installed by over 150 off-road shops nationwide and distributed worldwide to 15 different countries.

  • More Audi/Volkswagen/Fiat Applications Now 50 State Legal


    New C.A.R.B. EO Number





    aFe POWER is excited to announce our 13th CARB executive order in 2017 alone, adding even more intake systems to a 50-state legal status. This E.O. covers Audi/Volkswagen/FIAT vehicles. Click on the download button below for a specific list of part numbers and applications.


    aFe POWER remains committed to getting 50-state legal status on all of our cold air intake systems, look for more applications coming soon.

    2015-16 Audi A3/S3
    2002-15 Audi A4
    2012-2015 Fiat 500
    2006 VW Golf/Jetta
    2015 VW Golf
    2006-2008 VW GTI/Jetta
    2009-13 VW GTI
    2005 VW Jetta
    2007-2008 VW Jetta/Rabbit
    2009 VW Jetta
    2008 VW R32
  • Production Spotlight: aFe's 3D Printing Technology


    aFe has been using 3D printing technology for years now, and it has become essential to our engineers during the design process allowing them to print and test new parts for accuracy and performance ratings. We have 3 different 3D printers that work around the clock printing various parts such as: intake components, exhaust brackets, differential covers, filter molds and many more.

    aFe is one of the first companies to have the newest Stratasys F270 printer, that cuts printing time in half compared to our earlier model Dimension BST 1200es. The Stratasys F270 produces prototypes twice as fast, and can print an intake tube in less than half a day. The 3D printers print the components layer by layer using ABS plastic, which is durable enough to test and fit onto cars during R&D. They are built in sections and are finished almost like assembling a puzzle. 

    We upload the scanned data into CAD (Computer Aided Design), and our engineers get to work on building parts that perform better than stock, but with an OEM fit!


    Being able to 3D print parts, we can even change sections of the product to adjust for airflow, fitment, and sometimes even making the installation easier. 


    aFe engineers aren't limited to certain filter sizes either, we can maximize the filter size for the airbox, and even 3D print a mold to make a custom filter for R&D. 


    In the early stages of product design, we must first scan our desired vehicle application using our Romer 3D scanner, which measures and collects data about the surrounding components so that we are able to create our digital 3D models. 

    Nothing leaves our R&D department for the final molds until everything has been tested. Both on the dyno and in real-world driving scenarios to make sure the parts perform as good as they look.


    Once the final testing is complete, we step into the production phase, build the molds, double check the first article again on the dyno before it's released for production and shipped to you.


    3D Printed Airbox Assembled

    3D Printed Intake Installed for Testing


  • Production Spotlight: aFe's Air Filter Pleating Machine



    Today we met with Fedra Momen, one of our design engineers, for a behind-the-scenes tour of our air filter production line and some of the technologies we use. One of the newest additions to our air filter production is an upgraded and computerized pleating machine, which is both accurate and consistent when producing our varied filters. This machine can blend up to 5 different media’s at a time and creates our Pro Dry S, Pro Guard 7, Pro 5R, and Pro 10R Filters. 


    The pleating machine is essential to creating our air filters, as it blends the different media’s together, and feeds out a precisely cut and pleated filter. All of our filters feature rounded, deep pleats for maximum surface area and increased air flow. Depending on which filter and what height is in production, it can produce roughly 30-40 rolls a day!

    Once the pleating process is completed, select air filters receive an expanded metal inlay providing structural support, to help keep the filters shape.

    From there, we pour a polyurethane frame on all sides that is durable and guarantees a long filter life!

  • SEMA 2017 Recap




    SEMA is the most exciting week for automotive enthusiasts, as it brings brands together from all over the industry under one roof to show off their hard work and new products to the world. This year had one of the greatest turnouts that we’ve seen in a while- cramming builds in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center, with 4 days not being enough to see it all. Now that our extremely busy SEMA week is over we return back to aFe HQ in Corona with a fresh mindset and our minds racing with ideas for next year.



    Our Yas Marina Blue F82 M4 is always a head turner for BMW enthusiasts, not only for the popular color and M-Livery, but for its lowered stance and impressive carbon fiber accented engine-bay, all thanks to aFe products. Our F82 is fitted with our entire line of aFe performance and suspension parts available for the M4 including: Momentum Cold Air Intake, BladeRunner Intercooler Tubes, Mach Force Stainless Steel Exhaust System, Twisted Steel Downpipes, Scorcher GT module, and aFe control featherlight adjustable coilover and sway bar set. This car sounds just as good as it looks!

    Not one detail went unnoticed with this 2017 Ford Raptor, which is completely menacing both on and off-road. This custom Raptor features our Twisted Steel Downpipes, Scorcher GT Module, Momentum GT intake system, and our all-new BladeRunner GT series intercooler. Suspension wise, this Raptor is running 3” Sway-A-Way remote reservoir coilovers, 3” Sway-A-Way 3 tube bypass shocks in the front, and 4” Sway-A-Way 6 tube bypass shocks in the rear. Its also running KMC Wheels wrapped in BFG Tires, and FiberwerX front and rear carbon-fiber fenders.

    In the aFe Control booth we featured our gorgeous C7 Z06 Corvette with the PFADT series Stage 2 Suspension package that includes adjustable front and rear sway bars and our featherlight coilovers. This package transforms the look and handling of the C7, giving the car a more planted feel and the confidence to corner harder. Our C7 is also fitted with full APR carbon fiber wing, front lip, and side skirts, as well as OZ Racing “UltraLeggera HLT” wheels in a bronze finish.


    On the performance side and keeping with the cars Carbon Fiber theme, is our Momentum GT Black Series Carbon Fiber Intake System, also our PFADT Series Tri-Y Long Tube Headers, mated to the new Z06 specific exhaust system which retains the factory NPP & AFM exhaust valves.

    Outside of our aFe booth we found a couple of our sponsored Pirelli World Challenge Cars on display:

    The Audi RS 3 LMS featured in the Bilstein Booth

    The Dream Racing Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo featured in the Pirelli Booth

    We made it through another SEMA year and are already looking forward for what’s to come. Thank you to our industry partners, fans, and customers who all came out to visit and we hope to see you next year!


    If you weren’t able to join us, here is a quick look at our aFe POWER and aFe Control Booths, some products we had on display, as well as some aFe cars spotted along the show!



    Every year at SEMA there is always a certain model that is more prevalent in vendor displays, and this year was definitely the year of the Honda Civic Type R. The Type R is no doubt one of the hottest import cars of the year, and quickly became the star of our booth. Our FK8 Type R is newly completed with our full performance line up including: Takeda Cold Air Intake, Twisted Steel Down Pipe/ Mid Pipes, Blade Runner Intercooler TubesScorcher GT module and our Takeda Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust; all making significant horsepower and torque gains to the already impressive Civic.




  • More Bmw Applications Now 50 State Legal


    New C.A.R.B. EO Number


    BMW 328d



    aFe POWER is excited to announce our 12th CARB executive order in 2017 alone, adding even more intake systems to a 50-state legal status. This E.O. covers BMW 328d vehicles. Click on the download button below for a specific list of part numbers and applications.


    aFe POWER remains committed to getting 50-state legal status on all of our cold air intake systems, look for more applications coming soon.

    2014-17 BMW 328d (F30/F31)
    2014-17 BMW 328d xDrive (F30/F31)
  • Sneak Peek: aFe POWER's New Scorcher Pro Handheld Tuner




    Here's a sneak peek of one of aFe's newest product lines.. Meet the Scorcher Pro Tuner! The Scorcher tuning line has been a fantastic way to increase power and performance for turbo applications as a module, and the next evolution is the aFe Scorcher Pro, which utilizes the OBD-II interface to flash the vehicle's ECU directly and get ultimate performance.

    Several applications are finalizing tuning, and here's a glimpse inside R&D as we wrap up the tuning on a Corvette Z06 (C7).

    The aFe Scorcher Pro handheld tuner loaded with aFe POWER's custom tunes are tailor-made for aFe POWER performance parts and able to take this stock C7 Z06's supercharged 6.2L LT4 engine from 603HP & 700 lbs. x ft of torque to a 



    Monstrous 675HP & 

    772 lbs. x ft.

    That's gains of 72 horsepower and 72 lbs. x ft of torque!

    Run #1 – 93 Octane Stock Intake – Stock Tune - 603 hp / 700 tq 

    Run #2 – 93 Octane Stock Intake – aFe Tune - 645 hp / 725 tq 

    Run #3 – 93 Octane aFe Intake – aFe Tune - 675 hp / 772 tq 



    More information is coming soon, and we will have many more applications available for the Scorcher Pro. Stay Tuned!

  • Custom Hydrographic Pattern Options for Momentum Intakes


    Skull Pattern
    Carbon #1
    Carbon #2
    When roaming the halls here at aFe POWER, I ran across a skunkworks project the team is trying out.. custom hydrographics being applied to our Momentum cold air intakes.


    For those not familiar with the process, hydrographics allows for a printed film to be applied to a part via a water tank and special applicator sprays. This allows for infinite options of customization to the part, from a look of carbon fiber, camo, or in this case even skulls. 
    Hydrographics work extremely well with the aFe Momentum intakes with its polyethylene plastic, and the ability of the hydrographics film to use the waters surface tension upon application, following the curves in the intake design for perfect coverage. 
    We may offer custom dipped cold air intakes in the future, with the look and pattern of your choice! Let us know if that’s of interest to you.



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