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Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filter

GM Cars/Trucks 59-69 L4/L6/V8
Part Number: 11-10077

MSRP: $89.76


Pro DRY S Filter Media:
This filter features three layers of oil-free synthetic media and requires no oil during maintenance to provide maximum convenience. Its progressive layering provides great filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity. This media is best suited for street use. Pro DRY S filters are easily recharged with aFe's POWER CLEANER.
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Rounded Deep Open Pleats:
aFe POWER performance air filters use a rounded, evenly spaced pleat design which allows for more usable filter surface area, providing increased flow and greater dust holding capacity.

Polyurethane Base and Top:
This aFe POWER performance air filter is constructed with a polyurethane base and top. Unlike other materials that degrade after repeated heat cycles in an engine bay, polyurethane maintains its original molded shape.

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Emissions Disclaimer:
This product does not require a CARB EO#.


Vehicle Applications

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Fuel
1964-1969Checker All V8 Gas
1965-1967Chevrolet 10 L6 4.8L Gas
1967-1967Chevrolet 10 V8 4.6L Gas
1967-1967Chevrolet 20 L6 4.8L Gas
1967-1967Chevrolet 20 V8 4.6L Gas
1965-1965Chevrolet 20 V8 5.7L Gas
1965-1965Chevrolet 20 V8 6.7L Gas
1967-1967Chevrolet 30 L6 4.8L Gas
1967-1967Chevrolet 30 V8 4.6L Gas
1965-1965Chevrolet 30 V8 5.7L Gas
1965-1965Chevrolet 30 V8 6.7L Gas
1964-1965Chevrolet Chevelle V8 Gas
1965-1966Chevrolet Chevelle V8 4.6L Gas
1964-1966Chevrolet Chevy II V8 Gas
1967-1967Chevrolet Chevy II V8 5.4L Gas
1964-1966Chevrolet Pickup L6 4.8L Gas
1964-1966Chevrolet Pickup V8 4.6L Gas
1964-1967Chevrolet Pickup V8 5.3L Gas
1962-1964Chevrolet Pickup V8 5.7L Gas
1962-1964Chevrolet Pickup V8 6.7L Gas
1965-1967GMC 1500 L6 4.8L Gas
1967-1967GMC 1500 V8 4.6L Gas
1965-1965GMC 1500 V8 5.7L Gas
1965-1967GMC 2500 L6 4.8L Gas
1967-1967GMC 2500 V8 4.6L Gas
1965-1965GMC 2500 V8 5.7L Gas
1965-1965GMC 2500 V8 6.7L Gas
1965-1967GMC 3500 L6 4.8L Gas
1967-1967GMC 3500 V8 4.6L Gas
1965-1965GMC 3500 V8 6.7L Gas
1964-1964GMC Pickup L6 4.8L Gas
1964-1966GMC Pickup V8 4.6L Gas
1964-1967GMC Pickup V8 5.3L Gas
1962-1964GMC Pickup V8 5.7L Gas
1962-1964GMC Pickup V8 6.7L Gas
1959-1965Pontiac Pontiac 2 Bbl V8 Gas
1966-1966Pontiac Pontiac 2 Bbl, exc CA V8 6.3L Gas
1961-1962Pontiac Tempest L4 Gas
1961-1962Pontiac Tempest V8 Gas
1963-1964Pontiac Tempest 2 Bbl V8 Gas
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