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Magnum FLOW Pro 5R Air Filter

Mercedes S Cls 00-11; CL/SL Cls 01-11 V8
Part Number: 30-10085

MSRP: $116.35


Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all four sides, this high flow, oiled OE replacement performance filter will out flow stock paper filter for improved horsepower and torque. Five layers of progressively finer mesh cotton gauze media provide maximum airflow for best performance results. Washable and reusable for multiple cleaning cycles, the tall open evenly space pleats provide excellent dust holding capacity for longer service cycle between cleanings. Integrated urethane bump seal insures tight, no leak seal over the life of the filter.

Note: 2-filters are required for this vehicle application


Vehicle Applications

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Fuel
2006-2007Mercedes-Benz C230 V6 2.5L Gas
2001-2005Mercedes-Benz C240 V6 2.6L Gas
2010-2012Mercedes-Benz C250 V6 2.5L Gas
2006-2007Mercedes-Benz C280 V6 3.0L Gas
2008-2012Mercedes-Benz C300 V6 3.0L Gas
2002-2004Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG V6 3.2L (sc) Gas
2001-2005Mercedes-Benz C320 V6 3.2L Gas
2006-2011Mercedes-Benz C350 V6 3.5L Gas
2005-2006Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG V8 5.5L Gas
1998-2006Mercedes-Benz CL500 V8 5.0L Gas
2003-2004Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG V8 5.5L (sc) Gas
2007-2010Mercedes-Benz CL550 V8 5.5L Gas
2003-2005Mercedes-Benz CLK320 V6 3.2L Gas
2006-2009Mercedes-Benz CLK350 V6 3.5L Gas
2003-2006Mercedes-Benz CLK500 V8 5.0L Gas
2003-2004Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG V8 5.5L Gas
2007-2009Mercedes-Benz CLK550 V8 5.5L Gas
2006-2006Mercedes-Benz CLS500 V8 5.0L Gas
2007-2011Mercedes-Benz CLS550 V8 5.5L Gas
2003-2005Mercedes-Benz E320 V6 3.2L Gas
2006-2011Mercedes-Benz E350 V6 3.5L Gas
2003-2006Mercedes-Benz E500 V8 5.0L Gas
2003-2004Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG V8 5.5L Gas
2007-2011Mercedes-Benz E550 V8 5.5L Gas
2002-2008Mercedes-Benz G500 V8 5.0L Gas
2003-2004Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG V8 5.5L Gas
2005-2007Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG V8 5.5L (sc) Gas
2009-2015Mercedes-Benz G550 V8 5.5L Gas
2007-2012Mercedes-Benz GL450 V8 4.7L Gas
2008-2012Mercedes-Benz GL550 V8 5.5L Gas
2010-2012Mercedes-Benz GLK350 V6 3.5L Gas
2006-2011Mercedes-Benz ML350 V6 3.5L Gas
2010-2011Mercedes-Benz ML450 V6 3.5L Hybrid
2007-2007Mercedes-Benz ML500 V8 5.0L Gas
2008-2011Mercedes-Benz ML550 V8 5.5L Gas
2006-2011Mercedes-Benz R350 V6 3.5L Gas
2006-2007Mercedes-Benz R500 V8 5.0L Gas
2008-2008Mercedes-Benz R550 V8 5.5L Gas
2006-2006Mercedes-Benz S350 V6 3.7L Gas
2010-2013Mercedes-Benz S400 V6 3.5L Hybrid
2000-2006Mercedes-Benz S430 V8 4.3L Gas
2008-2009Mercedes-Benz S450 V8 4.7L Gas
2000-2006Mercedes-Benz S500 V8 5.0L Gas
2001-2004Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG V8 5.5L Gas
2007-2011Mercedes-Benz S550 V8 5.5L Gas
2001-2006Mercedes-Benz SL500 V8 5.0L Gas
2003-2004Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG V8 5.5L (sc) Gas
2007-2012Mercedes-Benz SL550 V8 5.5L Gas
2006-2008Mercedes-Benz SLK280 V6 3.0L Gas
2009-2011Mercedes-Benz SLK300 V6 3.0L Gas
2005-2011Mercedes-Benz SLK350 V6 3.5L Gas
2005-2012Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG V8 5.5L Gas
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