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Magnum FLOW Pro 5R Air Filter

Audi A3/S3/TT 15-20 L4-1.8L (t)/2.0L (t)/VW 15-20 GTI L4-2.0L (t)/VW Golf R 15-19 L4-2.0L (t)
Part Number: 30-10254

MSRP: $92.90


  • Pro 5R Factory-Oiled Media for Maximum Performance
  • 100% Polyurethane Frame On All Sides For Extra Long Filter Life
  • Washable and Reusable for Multiple Cleaning Cycles
  • Up to 50% increase in Flow - 604 CFM at 1.50" H20
  • 25mm Deep Rounded Open Pleats / 28 Count
  • Progressive Bump Seal Design for a Perfect Fit
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Pro 5R Media:
This filter features Pro 5R oiled 5-layer progressively finer mesh cotton gauze media for maximum performance. The progressive layering of media allows the filter to flow at high levels even when dirty.

Rounded Open Pleats:
aFe performance air filters use a rounded, evenly spaced pleat design which produces more useable filter surface area for increased flow and greater dust holding capacity.

Progressive Bump Seal:
This pliable sealing surface conforms to even the most uneven filter housing. This design eliminates the use of gaskets or sealants. The soft urethane construction always goes back to its original form so you will never compress the bump seal. This makes for a perfect filter fit and sealing surface every time.

Full Urethane Housing:
aFe Power performance air filters are constructed using full 360 degree urethane frames. This construction allows for a proper OE style fit with excellent filter strength.

aFe Power OE replacement performance filters have a limited life warranty.


Vehicle Applications

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Fuel
2015-2016Audi A3 L4 1.8L (t) Gas
2017-2020Audi A3 L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2015-2019Audi A3 Quattro L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2019-2023Audi Q3 L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2015-2019Audi S3 L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2016-2020Audi TT Quattro L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2016-2020Audi TTS Quattro L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2019-2019Volkswagen Arteon L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2015-2018Volkswagen Golf L4 1.8L (t) Gas
2017-2019Volkswagen Golf Alltrack L4 1.8L (t) Gas
2015-2019Volkswagen Golf R L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2015-2019Volkswagen Golf SportWagen L4 1.8L (t) Gas
2015-2020Volkswagen GTI L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2019-2019Volkswagen Jetta L4 1.4L (t) Gas
2019-2020Volkswagen Jetta L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2018-2020Volkswagen Tiguan L4 2.0L (t) Gas
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I have a 2018 GTI and I would 100% recommend this filter. It's a cheap, non-invasive way to improve your car's throttle response, sound, and mpg. Before I installed it, I disabled my GTI's Soundaktor (which plays artificial engine noise inside the car) using OBDeleven to see the difference in sound. With the stock filter, it was dead silent inside the car. With the new filter, there is a deeper induction noise, and way more "growl" from the engine at higher RPMs. It sounds awesome honestly. It's definitely not as loud as a whole new intake would be (no crazy turbo/blow-off noises), but for just changing the air filter it's a noticeable difference. I did also remove the snow screen from under the air filter.

Maybe even more important is the improvement in off-the-line performance and the general responsiveness of the turbo. It's absolutely not the placebo effect. The boost definitely builds faster. You're not getting any significant more horsepower/torque, but the turbo lag is shorter now. It feels like the engine is less choked up than it was before. Starting from a stop feels great because the car actually feels like it wants to go!
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Easy Install
Review by Pete / Posted on 9/22/2018
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