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Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filter

Dodge Cars / Trucks 81-96 L4
Part Number: 31-10159

MSRP: $73.50


Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all four sides, this high-flow, non-oiled OE replacement performance filter outflows the stock filter for improved horsepower and torque. The Pro DRY S air filter uses three layers of progressively finer mesh cotton gauze media to provide maximum airflow for best performance results. Washable and reusable for multiple cleaning cycles, this filter is designed with open, evenly spaced pleats that provide excellent dust holding capacity for longer service cycle between cleanings. An integrated urethane bump seal insures a tight, no leak seal over the life of the filter.

Pro DRY S Media:
This filter features 3-layers of progressive media to provide maximum flow with excellent filtration. The progressive layering of media allows the filter to flow at high levels even when dirty. The Pro DRY S non-oiled synthetic air filter requires no oil for cleaning for maximum convenience.

Rounded Open Pleats:
aFe performance air filters use a rounded pleat design, which produces more useable filter surface area for increased flow and greater dust holding capacity.

Progressive Bump Seal:
This pliable sealing surface conforms to even the most uneven filter housing. This design eliminates the use of gaskets or sealants. The soft urethane construction always goes back to it's original form so you will never compress the bump seal. This makes for a perfect filter fit and sealing surface every time.

Full Urethane Housing:
aFe Power performance air filters are constructed with engineering-grade polyurethane on all four sides. This construction allows for a proper OE-style fit with excellent filter strength.

aFe Power OE replacement performance filters have a limited lifetime warranty.


Vehicle Applications

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Fuel
1982-1984Chrysler LeBaron Carb L4 2.2L Gas
1984-1988Chrysler LeBaron Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1989-1989Chrysler LeBaron Turbo L4 2.5L Gas
1983-1983Chrysler New Yorker Carb L4 2.2L Gas
1984-1984Chrysler New Yorker Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1985-1988Chrysler New Yorker L4 2.2L Gas
1991-1993Chrysler New Yorker V6 3.8L Gas
1989-1990Chrysler TC Maserati L4 2.2L Gas
1986-1988Chrysler Town & Country L4 2.2L Gas
1982-1983Dodge 400 L4 2.2L Gas
1983-1983Dodge 600 L4 2.2L Gas
1984-1984Dodge 600 All L4 2.2L Gas
1985-1988Dodge 600 Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1981-1985Dodge Aries Carb L4 2.2L Gas
1984-1987Dodge Caravan L4 2.2L Gas
1988-1995Dodge Caravan L4 2.5L Gas
1984-1984Dodge Charger L4 1.6L Gas
1984-1987Dodge Charger L4 2.2L Gas
1989-1996Dodge Dakota L4 2.5L Gas
1984-1986Dodge Daytona Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1987-1989Dodge Daytona L4 2.2L Gas
1989-1989Dodge Daytona Turbo L4 2.5L Gas
1990-1990Dodge Dynasty V6 3.3L Gas
1985-1988Dodge Lancer Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1989-1989Dodge Lancer Turbo L4 2.5L Gas
1983-1986Dodge Omni L4 1.6L Gas
1981-1987Dodge Omni L4 2.2L Gas
1987-1988Dodge Shadow Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1989-1989Dodge Shadow Turbo L4 2.5L Gas
1989-1989Dodge Spirit Turbo L4 2.5L Gas
1989-1989Plymouth Acclaim Turbo L4 2.5L Gas
1985-1988Plymouth Caravelle Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1988-1988Plymouth Grand Voyager L4 2.5L Gas
1983-1986Plymouth Horizon L4 1.6L Gas
1981-1987Plymouth Horizon L4 2.2L Gas
1981-1984Plymouth Reliant Carb L4 2.2L Gas
1985-1985Plymouth Reliant All L4 2.2L Gas
1987-1988Plymouth Sundance Turbo L4 2.2L Gas
1989-1989Plymouth Sundance Turbo L4 2.5L Gas
1985-1985Plymouth Turismo L4 1.6L Gas
1984-1987Plymouth Voyager L4 2.2L Gas
1987-1995Plymouth Voyager L4 2.5L Gas
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