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aFe Control PFADT Series Featherlight Single Adjustable Street/Track Coilover System

Chevrolet Corvette (C7) 14-19 V8-6.2L
Part Number: 430-401004-N

Regular Price: $3,825.49

Special Price $3,096.83

MSRP: $4,554.15


  • Ride Height Adjustable and Dampening Adjustable (Rebound and Compression)
  • Lightweight, yet Strong Hard Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Bodies
  • Mono-Tube Design Utilizes an Internal Floating Piston for More Predictable, Consistent Handling
  • Ball on Axis Front Upper Mount System is a Completely Sealed Mono-Ball Design that Allows Full Articulation Resulting in a Better Ride and Quiet Operation
  • CNC Machined, Hardened, 17-4 PH Stainless Cross Shafts Utilize Mounts and are Retained by a 3/4" Mono Ball and Snap Rings
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aFe Control is proud to release the PFADT Series Featherlight Adjustable Coilover System for the 2014-2019 C7 Corvette. Designed as a complete solution the Featherlight Coilovers will allow you to remove the transverse leaf springs and OE shocks on your Corvette yielding a true independent suspension which eliminates the "crosstalk" and harsh ride that the OEM suspension is known for. Both ride height and damping are easily adjustable in this design allowing for fine tuning your Corvette's stance and ride quality. Packed with features, the coilovers are precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and hard anodized. The mono-tube construction utilizes a floating piston to separate the oil and nitrogen gas, allowing for predictable handling and a consistent feel, while the spring rates have been optimized for street and track use. The front coilover features a inverted design placing the damping adjuster, on the bottom of the shock, allowing for quick, easy adjustment. The CIRC (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) System more than triples the gas volume over a standard coilover resulting in consistent operation over a wide temperature range and throughout the stroke. Integrated into the CIRC head, is the BOA (Ball on Axis) upper mount, allowing full articulation of the front suspension. In the rear, the coilover uses an aerospace grade monoball with a 17-4PH stainless steel crosshaft and a lightweight CNC milled 6061-T6 clevis to attach directly to the OE mounting points for simplicity and strength. The adjuster knob is on the top of the assembly for ease of use. Since the coilovers employ double digressive valve technology, the easy touch, rotary knob will adjust both compression and rebound in one device. You will feel 24 distinct settings on the front and rear shocks allowing for settings to accommodate comfortable street all the way up to track settings. Elevate your driving experience with the comfort, precision, and excitement of aFe Control PFADT Series Featherlight Adjustable Coilovers.

Some vehicles equipped with "Mag Ride" electronic shock absorbers will require an additional delete kit, order part # 436-401002-N

aFe Control Suspension products are engineered and manufactured in our Corona, California manufacturing facility.


Vehicle Applications

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Fuel
2014-2019Chevrolet Corvette (C7) stingray V8 6.2L Gas
2015-2019Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C7) V8 6.2L (sc) Gas
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Best suspension modification you can do !!
i have a 2015 base model stingray. I added an edlebrock supercharger, z51 shocks and AFE sway bars which really upset the balance of the car, mostly due to the supercharger. All I can say is the base models suspension really sucks and I felt the car didn’t drive the way a sports car should. It was floaty, had a sense of feeling loose and when driven hard on rough roads down right scary. I assume cross talk from the leaf spring set up. Car also had tons of body roll.

i took my car directly to AFE in Corona California and had them do the install and get the suspension all dialed in.

All I can say is wow!! The best money you could spend on a base model car to fix the suspension. It’s a totally different car.

First impressions are the car is much stiffer and when I say stiff I mean stiff. The car feels much heavier due to the stiffness but I love that feeling. The base model always felt too soft and floaty like I was constantly being pushed around by wind. That feeling is completely gone. But the ride isn’t harsh at all if you can believe that. Also the cross talk is completely gone as well which is greatly appreciated and makes the car feel so much more stable.

The car is so flat and planted, it handles like a go kart with absolutely no body roll now. it gives me so much more confidence to push the car to its limits. Aaron the engineer and professional driver who was dialing my car in told me the only thing holding the car back now was the As3+ Michelin tires. The car was begging for more grip.

all I’m saying is if you have a base model car this is the suspension upgrade for you. I know it’s pricey but well worth the investment if it’s in your budget.
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Easy Install
Review by Jonathan Miller / Posted on 4/2/2020
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Regular Price: $3,825.49

Special Price $3,096.83

MSRP: $4,554.15

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