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Pro GUARD D2 Oil Filter

Canister: 3.66in OD x 3.66in HT
Part Number: 44-LF006

MSRP: $23.73


  • High flow rates and outstanding filtration
  • Built-In 3/8" nut/ratchet drive with a 1" square boss for easy removal
  • Direct stock replacement
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Pro-GUARD D2 Oil Filters deliver increased flow and efficiency that are demanded from performance gas applications. This oil filter is constructed with a high strength steel canister and a heavy duty coil spring. The canister features a 3/8" nut/ratchet drive with a 1" square boss for an easy removal. Also included is a built-in seal for a leak-free installation.

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Vehicle Applications

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Fuel
1991-1993Alfa Romeo 164 V6 3.0L Gas
1988-1989Alfa Romeo Milano V6 2.5L Gas
1987-1989Alfa Romeo Milano V6 3.0L Gas
1981-1994Alfa Romeo Spider L4 2.0L Gas
2005-2008Chrysler 300 V6 2.7L Gas
2005-2008Chrysler 300 V6 3.5L Gas
2005-2008Chrysler 300 V8 5.7L Gas
2005-2008Chrysler 300 V8 6.1L Gas
1999-2004Chrysler 300M V6 3.5L Gas
2007-2008Chrysler Aspen V8 4.7L Gas
2007-2008Chrysler Aspen V8 5.7L Gas
1995-2000Chrysler Cirrus V6 2.5L Gas
2007-2007Chrysler Cirrus V6 3.5L Gas
1998-2004Chrysler Concorde V6 2.7L Gas
1998-2001Chrysler Concorde V6 3.2L Gas
1993-1996Chrysler Concorde V6 3.3L Gas
1993-2004Chrysler Concorde V6 3.5L Gas
1992-1993Chrysler Daytona L4 2.2L (t) Gas
1990-1992Chrysler Daytona L4 2.5L (t) Gas
1991-1993Chrysler Daytona V6 3.0L Gas
1991-1993Chrysler Dynasty L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1993Chrysler Dynasty V6 3.3L Gas
2000-2000Chrysler Grand Voyager V6 3.0L Gas
2000-2000Chrysler Grand Voyager V6 3.3L Gas
1991-1991Chrysler Imperial V6 3.3L Gas
1991-1993Chrysler Imperial V6 3.8L Gas
1998-2004Chrysler Intrepid V6 2.7L Gas
1998-2001Chrysler Intrepid V6 3.2L Gas
1993-1997Chrysler Intrepid V6 3.3L Gas
1993-2004Chrysler Intrepid V6 3.5L Gas
1991-1994Chrysler LeBaron L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1995Chrysler LeBaron V6 3.0L Gas
1994-2001Chrysler LHS V6 3.5L Gas
1991-1993Chrysler New Yorker V6 3.3L Gas
1994-1996Chrysler New Yorker V6 3.5L Gas
1991-1993Chrysler New Yorker V6 3.8L Gas
2004-2006Chrysler Pacifica V6 3.5L Gas
2005-2007Chrysler Pacifica V6 3.8L Gas
2007-2008Chrysler Pacifica V6 4.0L Gas
2001-2002Chrysler Prowler V6 3.5L Gas
1995-1999Chrysler Sebring L4 2.0L Gas
1995-2000Chrysler Sebring V6 2.5L Gas
2001-2008Chrysler Sebring V6 2.7L Gas
2007-2008Chrysler Sebring V6 3.5L Gas
1991-1991Chrysler TC Maserati V6 3.0L Gas
1991-2006Chrysler Town & Country V6 3.3L Gas
1994-2006Chrysler Town & Country V6 3.8L Gas
2008-2008Chrysler Town & Country V6 4.0L Gas
2000-2000Chrysler Voyager V6 3.0L Gas
2000-2003Chrysler Voyager V6 3.3L Gas
2004-2006Dodge 1500 V10 8.3L Gas
1994-2001Dodge 1500 V6 3.9L Gas
2002-2008Dodge 1500 V8 4.7L Gas
1994-2001Dodge 1500 V8 5.2L Gas
2003-2007Dodge 1500 V8 5.7L Gas
1994-2003Dodge 1500 V8 5.9L Gas
1999-2003Dodge 1500 Van V6 3.9L Gas
1999-2003Dodge 1500 Van V8 5.2L Gas
1999-2003Dodge 1500 Van V8 5.9L Gas
1994-2003Dodge 2500 V10 8.0L Gas
1994-1996Dodge 2500 V8 5.2L Gas
2003-2007Dodge 2500 V8 5.7L Gas
1994-2002Dodge 2500 V8 5.9L Gas
2001-2001Dodge 2500 Van V6 3.9L Gas
1999-2003Dodge 2500 Van V8 5.2L Gas
1999-2003Dodge 2500 Van V8 5.9L Gas
1994-2003Dodge 3500 V10 8.0L Gas
2003-2007Dodge 3500 V8 5.7L Gas
1994-2002Dodge 3500 V8 5.9L Gas
1999-2003Dodge 3500 Van V8 5.2L Gas
1999-2003Dodge 3500 Van V8 5.9L Gas
1995-1999Dodge Avenger L4 2.0L Gas
1995-2000Dodge Avenger V6 2.5L Gas
2008-2008Dodge Avenger V6 2.7L Gas
2008-2008Dodge Avenger V6 3.5L Gas
1991-1994Dodge B150 V6 3.9L Gas
1991-1994Dodge B150 V8 5.2L Gas
1995-1998Dodge B1500 V6 3.9L Gas
1995-1998Dodge B1500 V8 5.2L Gas
1998-1998Dodge B1500 V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1994Dodge B250 V6 3.9L Gas
1991-1994Dodge B250 V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1994Dodge B250 V8 5.9L Gas
1995-1997Dodge B2500 V6 3.9L Gas
1995-1998Dodge B2500 V8 5.2L Gas
1995-1998Dodge B2500 V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1994Dodge B350 V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1994Dodge B350 V8 5.9L Gas
1995-1998Dodge B3500 V8 5.2L Gas
1995-1998Dodge B3500 V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1995Dodge Caravan L4 2.5L Gas
1991-2000Dodge Caravan V6 3.0L Gas
1991-2006Dodge Caravan V6 3.3L Gas
1996-1999Dodge Caravan V6 3.8L Gas
2006-2008Dodge Charger V6 2.7L Gas
2006-2008Dodge Charger V6 3.5L Gas
2006-2008Dodge Charger V8 5.7L Gas
2006-2008Dodge Charger V8 6.1L Gas
1988-1989Dodge D100 V6 3.9L Gas
1975-1989Dodge D100 V8 5.2L Gas
1975-1988Dodge D100 V8 5.9L Gas
1974-1974Dodge D100 Pickup V8 5.2L Gas
1974-1974Dodge D100 Pickup V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge D150 V6 3.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge D150 V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1993Dodge D150 V8 5.9L Gas
1975-1980Dodge D200 V8 5.2L Gas
1975-1980Dodge D200 V8 5.9L Gas
1974-1974Dodge D200 Pickup V8 5.2L Gas
1974-1974Dodge D200 Pickup V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge D250 V6 3.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge D250 V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1993Dodge D250 V8 5.9L Gas
1975-1980Dodge D300 V8 5.2L Gas
1975-1980Dodge D300 V8 5.9L Gas
1974-1974Dodge D300 Pickup V8 5.2L Gas
1974-1974Dodge D300 Pickup V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge D350 V8 5.9L Gas
1978-1981Dodge D400 V8 5.9L Gas
1978-1978Dodge D400 V8 7.2L Gas
1978-1981Dodge D450 V8 5.9L Gas
1978-1978Dodge D450 V8 7.2L Gas
1991-2002Dodge Dakota L4 2.5L Gas
1991-2003Dodge Dakota V6 3.9L Gas
2000-2007Dodge Dakota V8 4.7L Gas
1991-1999Dodge Dakota V8 5.2L Gas
1998-2003Dodge Dakota V8 5.9L Gas
1992-1993Dodge Daytona L4 2.2L Gas
1991-1993Dodge Daytona L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1993Dodge Daytona V6 3.0L Gas
1998-1999Dodge Durango V6 3.9L Gas
2000-2008Dodge Durango V8 4.7L Gas
1998-2000Dodge Durango V8 5.2L Gas
2004-2008Dodge Durango V8 5.7L Gas
1998-2003Dodge Durango V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge Dynasty L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1993Dodge Dynasty V6 3.0L Gas
1991-1993Dodge Dynasty V6 3.3L Gas
1992-2000Dodge Grand Caravan V6 3.0L Gas
1991-2006Dodge Grand Caravan V6 3.3L Gas
1994-2006Dodge Grand Caravan V6 3.8L Gas
2008-2008Dodge Grand Caravan V6 4.0L Gas
1998-2004Dodge Intrepid V6 2.7L Gas
1998-2001Dodge Intrepid V6 3.2L Gas
1993-1997Dodge Intrepid V6 3.3L Gas
1993-2004Dodge Intrepid V6 3.5L Gas
2005-2008Dodge Magnum V6 2.7L Gas
2005-2008Dodge Magnum V6 3.5L Gas
2005-2008Dodge Magnum V8 5.7L Gas
2006-2008Dodge Magnum SRT8 V8 6.1L Gas
2007-2008Dodge Nitro V6 4.0L Gas
1991-1993Dodge Ramcharger V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1993Dodge Ramcharger V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1994Dodge Shadow L4 2.2L Gas
1991-1994Dodge Shadow L4 2.5L Gas
1992-1994Dodge Shadow V6 3.0L Gas
1991-1992Dodge Spirit L4 2.2L Gas
1991-1995Dodge Spirit L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1995Dodge Spirit V6 3.0L Gas
1995-2000Dodge Stratus V6 2.5L Gas
2001-2006Dodge Stratus V6 2.7L Gas
1992-2002Dodge Viper V10 8.0L Gas
2003-2006Dodge Viper V10 8.3L Gas
1989-1989Dodge W100 V6 3.9L Gas
1975-1987Dodge W100 V8 5.2L Gas
1975-1987Dodge W100 V8 5.9L Gas
1974-1974Dodge W100 Pickup V8 5.2L Gas
1974-1974Dodge W100 Pickup V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge W150 V6 3.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge W150 V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1993Dodge W150 V8 5.9L Gas
1975-1980Dodge W200 V8 5.2L Gas
1975-1980Dodge W200 V8 5.9L Gas
1974-1974Dodge W200 Pickup V8 5.2L Gas
1974-1974Dodge W200 Pickup V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge W250 V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1993Dodge W250 V8 5.9L Gas
1975-1980Dodge W300 V8 5.2L Gas
1975-1980Dodge W300 V8 5.9L Gas
1974-1974Dodge W300 Pickup V8 5.2L Gas
1974-1974Dodge W300 Pickup V8 5.9L Gas
1991-1993Dodge W350 V8 5.9L Gas
1995-1998Eagle Talon L4 2.0L Gas
1993-1997Eagle Vision V6 3.3L Gas
1993-1997Eagle Vision V6 3.5L Gas
1995-1997Ford Contour L4 2.0L Gas
1977-1982Ford Courier L4 2.3L Gas
1984-1985Ford Escort L4 1.6L (t) Gas
1984-1985Ford EXP L4 1.6L (t) Gas
1984-1985Ford LTD V8 5.0L Gas
1980-1986Ford LTD V8 5.8L Gas
1987-1991Ford LTD Crown Victoria V8 5.8L Gas
1983-1986Ford Mustang L4 2.3L (t) Gas
1984-1995Ford Mustang V8 5.0L Gas
1995-1995Ford Mustang V8 5.8L Gas
1974-1978Ford Mustang II V6 2.8L Gas
1975-1978Ford Mustang II V8 5.0L Gas
1986-1991Ford Taurus L4 2.5L Gas
1986-1994Ford Tempo L4 2.3L Gas
1983-1988Ford Thunderbird L4 2.3L Gas
1991-2000Jeep Cherokee XJ L4 2.5L Gas
1991-2001Jeep Cherokee XJ L6 4.0L Gas
1991-1992Jeep Comanche L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1992Jeep Comanche L6 4.0L Gas
2006-2008Jeep Commander V8 4.7L Gas
2006-2008Jeep Commander V8 5.7L Gas
1993-2004Jeep Grand Cherokee L6 4.0L Gas
1999-2008Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 4.7L Gas
1993-1998Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 5.2L Gas
2005-2008Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 5.7L Gas
1998-1998Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 5.9L Gas
2006-2008Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 6.1L Gas
1993-1993Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8 5.2L Gas
1991-1991Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8 5.9L Gas
1997-2002Jeep Wrangler TJ L4 2.5L Gas
1997-2006Jeep Wrangler TJ L6 4.0L Gas
1991-1995Jeep Wrangler YJ L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1995Jeep Wrangler YJ L6 4.0L Gas
1972-1976Jensen Healey L4 2.0L Gas
1981-1981Lancia Beta L4 2.0L Gas
1979-1982Lancia Zagato L4 2.0L Gas
1993-1993Land Rover Defender 110 V8 3.9L Gas
1994-1995Land Rover Defender 90 V8 3.9L Gas
1997-1997Land Rover Defender 90 V8 4.0L Gas
1994-1995Land Rover Discovery V8 3.9L Gas
1996-2002Land Rover Discovery V8 4.0L Gas
2003-2004Land Rover Discovery V8 4.6L Gas
1987-1988Land Rover Range Rover V8 3.5L Gas
1989-1995Land Rover Range Rover V8 3.9L Gas
1995-2000Land Rover Range Rover V8 4.0L Gas
1993-1995Land Rover Range Rover V8 4.2L Gas
1996-2002Land Rover Range Rover V8 4.6L Gas
1983-1984Mercury Capri L4 2.3L Gas
1974-1977Mercury Capri V6 2.8L Gas
1984-1985Mercury Capri V8 5.0L Gas
1984-1986Mercury Cougar L4 2.3L Gas
1984-1984Mercury Grand Marquis V8 5.0L Gas
1980-1989Mercury Grand Marquis V8 5.8L Gas
1984-1984Mercury Lynx L4 1.6L (t) Gas
1980-1981Mercury Marquis V8 5.8L Gas
1995-1997Mercury Mystique L4 2.0L Gas
1986-1986Mercury Sable L4 2.5L Gas
1992-1994Mercury Topaz L4 2.3L Gas
1988-1989Merkur Scorpio V6 2.9L Gas
1995-1999Mitsubishi Eclipse L4 2.0L Gas
2006-2007Mitsubishi Raider V8 4.7L Gas
1982-1994Morgan 4-Apr L4 1.6L Gas
1991-1995Plymouth Acclaim L4 2.5L Gas
1991-1995Plymouth Acclaim V6 3.0L Gas
1992-2000Plymouth Grand Voyager V6 3.0L Gas
1991-2000Plymouth Grand Voyager V6 3.3L Gas
1994-1999Plymouth Grand Voyager V6 3.8L Gas
1997-2001Plymouth Prowler V6 3.5L Gas
1991-1994Plymouth Sundance L4 2.2L Gas
1991-1994Plymouth Sundance L4 2.5L Gas
1992-1994Plymouth Sundance V6 3.0L Gas
1991-1995Plymouth Voyager L4 2.5L Gas
1991-2000Plymouth Voyager V6 3.0L Gas
1991-2000Plymouth Voyager V6 3.3L Gas
1997-1999Plymouth Voyager V6 3.8L Gas
1963-1965Renault Caravelle L4 1.0L Gas
1963-1967Renault Caravelle L4 1.1L Gas
1957-1967Renault Dauphine L4 0.8L Gas
1982-1984Renault Fuego L4 1.6L (t) Gas
1967-1971Renault R10 L4 1.1L Gas
1968-1971Renault R10 L4 1.3L Gas
1971-1971Renault R12 L4 1.6L Gas
1968-1971Renault R16 L4 1.6L Gas
1981-1981Renault R18 L4 1.6L Gas
1981-1983Renault R18i L4 1.6L Gas
1963-1965Renault R8 L4 1.0L Gas
1965-1965Renault R8 L4 1.1L Gas
1963-1968Shelby Cobra V8 4.7L Gas
1964-1968Shelby Cobra V8 7.0L Gas
1984-1984Toyota Camry L4 1.8L (td) Diesel
1973-1973Toyota Carina L4 1.6L Gas
1971-1979Toyota Corolla L4 1.6L Gas
1980-1982Toyota Corolla L4 1.8L Gas
1984-1984Toyota Corolla L4 1.8L Diesel
1975-1976Toyota Corona L4 2.2L Gas
1973-1973Toyota Corona L6 2.6L Gas
1973-1976Toyota Mark II L6 2.6L Gas
1975-1976Toyota Pickup L4 2.2L Gas
1985-1985Toyota Pickup L4 2.4L (t) Gas
1987-1989Toyota Van L4 2.2L Gas
1963-1967Triumph Spitfire L4 1.2L Gas
1967-1971Triumph Spitfire L4 1.3L Gas
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