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Pro GUARD D2 Oil Filter

Part Number: 44-LF017

MSRP: $15.30


  • High Flow Rates and Outstanding Filtration
  • Built-In 3/8" Nut/Ratchet Drive with a 1" Square Boss for Easy Removal
  • Direct Stock Replacement
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Pro-GUARD D2 Oil Filters deliver increased flow and efficiency that are demanded from performance gas applications. This oil filter is constructed with a high strength steel canister and a heavy duty coil spring. The canister features a 3/8" nut/ratchet drive with a 1" square boss for an easy removal. Also included is a built-in seal for a leak-free installation.

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Vehicle Applications

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Fuel
2015-2018Chevrolet City Express L4 2.0L Gas
1995-1997Ford Aspire L4 1.3L Gas
1991-1996Ford Escort L4 1.8L Gas
2002-2003Honda Civic L4 2.0L Gas
2000-2006Honda Insight L3 1.0L Hybrid
2004-2009Honda S2000 L4 2.2L Gas
2008-2012Infiniti EX35 V6 3.5L Gas
2013-2013Infiniti EX37 V6 3.7L Gas
2003-2012Infiniti FX35 V6 3.5L Gas
2013-2013Infiniti FX37 V6 3.7L Gas
1999-2002Infiniti G20 L4 2.0L Gas
2011-2012Infiniti G25 V6 2.5L Gas
2003-2008Infiniti G35 V6 3.5L Gas
2008-2013Infiniti G37 V6 3.7L Gas
2013-2013Infiniti JX35 V6 3.5L Gas
2006-2010Infiniti M35 V6 3.5L Gas
2012-2013Infiniti M35h V6 3.5L Hybrid
2011-2013Infiniti M37 V6 3.7L Gas
2016-2020Infiniti Q50 V6 3.0L (tt) Gas
2014-2019Infiniti Q50 V6 3.5L Hybrid
2014-2017Infiniti Q50 V6 3.7L Gas
2017-2021Infiniti Q60 V6 3.0L (tt) Gas
2014-2015Infiniti Q60 V6 3.7L Gas
2014-2018Infiniti Q70 V6 3.5L Hybrid
2014-2019Infiniti Q70 V6 3.7L Gas
2015-2019Infiniti Q70L V6 3.7L Gas
2003-2003Infiniti QX4 V6 3.5L Gas
2019-2020Infiniti QX50 L4 2.0L Gas
2014-2017Infiniti QX50 V6 3.7L Gas
2014-2017Infiniti QX60 L4 2.5L (sc) Hybrid
2014-2020Infiniti QX60 V6 3.5L Gas
2014-2017Infiniti QX70 V6 3.7L Gas
2001-2002Kia Rio L4 1.5L Gas
2003-2005Kia Rio L4 1.6L Gas
1994-1997Kia Sephia L4 1.6L Gas
1995-2001Kia Sephia L4 1.8L Gas
2000-2003Kia Spectra L4 1.8L Gas
2011-2015Mazda 2 L4 1.5L Gas
2012-2019Mazda 3 L4 2.0L Gas
2014-2021Mazda 3 L4 2.5L Gas
2012-2014Mazda 3 Sport L4 2.0L Gas
2014-2015Mazda 3 Sport L4 2.5L Gas
1990-1995Mazda 323 L4 1.6L Gas
1990-1994Mazda 323 L4 1.8L Gas
2014-2021Mazda 6 L4 2.5L (t) Gas
2014-2020Mazda 6 L4 2.5L Gas
1995-2002Mazda 626 L4 2.0L Gas
2016-2021Mazda CX-3 L4 2.0L Gas
2013-2017Mazda CX-5 L4 2.0L Gas
2014-2021Mazda CX-5 L4 2.5L Gas
2019-2020Mazda CX-5 L4 2.5L (t) Gas
2016-2021Mazda CX-9 L4 2.5L (t) Gas
1990-1993Mazda Miata L4 1.6L Gas
1994-2005Mazda Miata L4 1.8L Gas
1992-1996Mazda MX-3 L4 1.6L Gas
2016-2021Mazda MX-5 Miata L4 2.0L Gas
1995-1997Mazda MX-6 L4 2.0L Gas
1995-1998Mazda Protege L4 1.5L Gas
1999-2003Mazda Protege L4 1.6L Gas
1990-2000Mazda Protege L4 1.8L Gas
2001-2003Mazda Protege L4 2.0L Gas
2002-2003Mazda Protege5 L4 2.0L Gas
1990-1995Mazda RX-7 R2 1.3L (t) Gas
2004-2011Mazda RX-8 R2 1.3L Gas
1991-1994Mercury Capri L4 1.6L Gas
1991-1996Mercury Tracer L4 1.8L Gas
2010-2010Mitsubishi Outlander V6 3.0L Gas
1995-1998Nissan 200SX L4 2.0L Gas
2003-2009Nissan 350Z V6 3.5L Gas
2009-2020Nissan 370Z V6 3.7L Gas
2019-2021Nissan Altima L4 2.0L (t) Gas
2004-2021Nissan Altima L4 2.5L Gas
2002-2018Nissan Altima V6 3.5L Gas
2009-2014Nissan Cube L4 1.8L Gas
2005-2019Nissan Frontier L4 2.5L Gas
2003-2003Nissan Frontier V6 3.3L Gas
2010-2010Nissan Frontier V6 4.0L Gas
2009-2011Nissan GT-R V6 3.8L (tt) Gas
2011-2017Nissan Juke L4 1.6L (t) Gas
2018-2021Nissan Kicks L4 1.6L Gas
2013-2021Nissan Maxima V6 3.5L Gas
2015-2018Nissan Micra L4 1.6L Gas
2016-2016Nissan Murano L4 2.5L (sc) Hybrid
2003-2021Nissan Murano V6 3.5L Gas
2013-2021Nissan NV200 L4 2.0L Gas
2014-2015Nissan Pathfinder L4 2.5L (sc) Hybrid
2002-2020Nissan Pathfinder V6 3.5L Gas
2017-2020Nissan Qashqai L4 2.0L Gas
2004-2017Nissan Quest V6 3.5L Gas
2017-2019Nissan Rogue L4 2.0L Hybrid
2008-2021Nissan Rogue L4 2.5L Gas
2014-2015Nissan Rogue Select L4 2.5L Gas
2017-2019Nissan Rogue Sport L4 2.0L Gas
2017-2019Nissan Sentra L4 1.6L Gas
2000-2019Nissan Sentra L4 1.8L Gas
1998-2021Nissan Sentra L4 2.0L Gas
2003-2012Nissan Sentra L4 2.5L Gas
2014-2015Nissan Tiida L4 1.6L Gas
2007-2014Nissan Tiida L4 1.8L Gas
2009-2021Nissan Versa L4 1.6L Gas
2007-2012Nissan Versa L4 1.8L Gas
2014-2019Nissan Versa Note L4 1.6L Gas
2003-2003Nissan Xterra V6 3.3L Gas
2010-2010Nissan Xterra V6 4.0L Gas
2005-2007Nissan X-Trail L4 2.5L Gas
2005-2005Saab 9-2X H4 2.0L (t) Gas
2005-2006Saab 9-2X H4 2.5L Gas
2016-2016Scion iA L4 1.5L Gas
2008-2015Smart Fortwo L3 1.0L Gas
2004-2006Subaru Baja H4 2.5L Gas
2004-2010Subaru Forester H4 2.5L Gas
2005-2005Subaru Impreza H4 2.0L Gas
2004-2011Subaru Impreza H4 2.5L Gas
1988-1995Subaru Justy L3 1.2L Gas
2005-2012Subaru Legacy H4 2.5L Gas
2005-2012Subaru Outback H4 2.5L Gas
2015-2015Subaru WRX H4 2.5L (t) Gas
2017-2020Subaru WRX STI H4 2.5L (t) Gas
2009-2012Suzuki Equator L4 2.5L Gas
2019-2020Toyota Yaris L4 1.5L Gas
2017-2018Toyota Yaris iA L4 1.5L Gas
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