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MACH Force-Xp 409 Stainless Steel Muffler

3 In/Out Center/Offset 5" x 11" x 22" Body Overall Length (Hi-Temp Metallic Black)
Part Number: 49M00016-B

MSRP: $240.86


aFe’s Mach Force Xp muffler designed to provide a deep, throaty, powerful sound on acceleration yet maintains a smooth sound at idle.  Constructed of 409 stainless steel, the Mach Force Xp muffler uses a straight through perforated core with heat resistant packing to reduce backpressure and maximize exhaust flow for performance and sound improvements over the factory exhaust.

  • 409 stainless steel for durability and rust resistance
  • High temperature, metallic black powder coating to prevent corrosion and custom look
  • High flow, straight through design reduces backpressure, improves performance
  • Perforated core and heat resistant packing material for maximum flow and smooth, deep tone
  • 22” body length x 11” width x 5” height oval body
  • 3" Center Inlet / 3" Offset Outlet
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Stainless Steel Construction
Constructed of 409 stainless steel for long lasting strength and durability.

High-Temperature, Metallic Black Powder Coating
Helps prevent corrosion, deepen the exhaust tone and give it a custom look 

Design and Sound
Designed for exhaust gasses to travel straight through the heat resistant perforated core for a remarkable tone.

Universal Fit
Universal muffler fits 3” stainless steel tubing. Muffler does not come slotted. See below for specifications.

Muffler Specifications
Configuration: 3" Center Inlet / 3” Offset Outlet. Size: 22" body length x 11” width x 5” height oval body, unslotted.

Stamped with an aFe POWER Logo
Features an aFe POWER logo stamped onto the muffler for quality, brand authenticity.

Emissions Disclaimer:
This product does not require a CARB EO#

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MSRP: $240.86

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