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Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Si Cold Air Intake System w/Pro DRY S Filter Media

Dodge Diesel Trucks 94-02 L6-5.9L (td)
Part Number: 51-80072



Product Availability Notice:
This item has been discontinued, see replacement and updated kit part number: 51-80072-1

Replacement Parts List for PN: 51-80072 *:

Label Part Number Description Qty
1A21-90038 (Gray Media)Pro DRY S Air Filter1
1B72-90040 (Gold Media)Pro GUARD7 Air Filter1
203-50006 (Purchase PN: 59-01016-MA)Clamp, 064 (3-9/16"- 4-1/2")2
303-50051 (Purchase PN: 59-01021-MA)Clamp, 104 (4-1/8 - 7)2
405-01263 (Purchase PN: 59-00052)Coupling, Silicone Hump: 6 ID x 3L1
528-10053 (Purchase PN: 28-10053)P/F; 2x/72-90008/9/26 (Black)1
605-00715 (Purchase PN: 59-80072)Coupling, Straight: 4ID x 2-1/2L (Hi Temp)1
703-50113Screw, Btn Hd Socket: M6x1x104
803-50044Nut, Hex: 1/4-206
903-50043Washer, Flat: 1/43
1003-50058Washer, Wavy: M63
1103-50074Washer, Fender: 1/4 (1 OD)3
1203-50106Screw, Hex Hd: 1/4-20x3/43
1305-00922Housing: 75-800721
1405-00978Tube, 6 Adaptor: 75-800721
1505C00922Cover: 75-800721
1605-00416Tube: 54-10072/800721

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Emissions Disclaimer:
Some or all of the applications listed are 50-state exempt, please see CARB EO# D-550-4 for details.

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