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Air Filter Restore Kit: 5.5 oz Blue Oil & 12 oz Power Cleaner (Aerosol)

Blue Restore Kit
5.5 oz Aerosol Oil
12 oz Cleaner
Part Number: 90-50001

MSRP: $29.31


Maintain your air filter's optimal performance with regular cleaning and oiling, which is recommended every 20-30k miles.

  • Includes a 5.5oz. Bottle of Oil and a 12oz. Bottle of POWER CLEANER
  • Specifically Made for aFe POWER Pro 5R and Pro 10R Air Filters
  • Simple Spray On, Rinse Off Cleaner and Easy Re-Oiling
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For Pro 5R and Pro 10R Air Filters:
This Restore Kit was specifically developed for aFe POWER's Pro 5R and Pro 10R air filters. The POWER CLEANER effectively breaks down dirt and dust without damaging the media, while the oil captures debris during use.

Restoring Air Filters:
Simply apply the cleaner onto the filter element, let it soak, and rinse. Once dry, the oil can be applied. Take care to not over-oil the filter. Refer to the instruction sheet for more information.

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MSRP: $29.31

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