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aFe POWER at Bimmerfest West 2019


Bringing the BMW Community Together for 20 Years


Many different scenes have their signature styles – JDM guys sort of all like the same wheels, the same look, and same with Mopar guys, etc. Sure, the usual tasteful European builds are some people’s fancy, but one of the best parts of Bimmerfest is the sheer amount of cars it draws in and all the differences between them.

It gives attendees the chance to see clean “OEM plus” builds, full-on race cars, insanely detailed show cars, and everything in between. Each year, there’s always new crazy builds to check out. 


There’s those that prefer to hang out in the paddock area and become immersed in the track scene, there’s those that have their full attention on showing their personal vehicle, and there’s those that are just there for the fun of it – and want to be check out every aspect of the Ultimate Driving Machine, whether sitting pretty or in action.


Aside from the cars… this year was like past years in that, the second everyone got parked and situated, the event really started to take shape. Everyone gets in the groove and the welcoming, friendly vibe from surrounding enthusiasts becomes evident.

The excitement along with a burning sun and heat made day one quite draining. It was slated to rain basically from sunrise to sunset on Sunday, but the weather gods were with us and it ended up just sprinkling off and on, allowing the show to resume in full effect. 


All in all, as expected, it was a great show. We met people from all over California, people from Seattle, people from everywhere – it’s obvious why people travel so far for this. There’s no place a BMW enthusiast feels more at home.

Until next year, Bimmerfest! 




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