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aFe POWER at Ultimate Callout Challenge 2019

Much like previous years, the venue was hit with showers every day of the event – from the day we arrived to the day we left. But, skies cleared up just enough on Saturday and Sunday in order to see awesome drag racing, some high-horsepower dyno runs, and crazy tractor pulls. With puddles at our feet and “boost weather” in the air, we hit the event’s grounds to find some awesome builds and check out these super entertaining exhibitions.


May 3-5, 2019

Lucas Oil Raceway - Brownsburg, IN



If you're a car enthusiast and you're on social media, chances are you've already seen the highlights of the event. The highlights that were all over our feeds this year being: one, trucks blowing up and, two, the parts they left over after blowing up.


These guys are squeezing out every last bit of performance they can in order to get the best 

numbers possible,

so things are 

bound to go awry. 

And, sure, the 

insane amount of 

black smoke that 

billows out of built

diesels is always 

fun to photograph, 

but throw a little 

fire in the mix – 

and, well, people 

get stoked.




In a more positive light, those that have been trying for the podium for years, finally made it. The overall competition winner, Derek Rose, has placed every year since 2016 – coming in at second place overall two times previously. Boasting over 2,500 horsepower and 3,700 lbs. x ft. of torque, his bright blue Dodge proved itself this year. Its impressive power numbers, along with a 5.4-second quarter mile and 263 feet of strength in the pull competition, lined Derek up for his first ever first place win at UCC.


Left: Derek pictured with the rest of the team, DNR Customs, that built the winning vehicle (Photo: Ultimate Callout Challenge's Facebook)


All in all, despite the less than ideal weather conditions, this year's Ultimate Callout Challenge was a blast. As soon as the rain cleared, things were back to normal, and all racecar activities ensued as planned. 


See you next year, UCC!



Photo: UCC FB

Photo: UCC FB

Photo: UCC FB

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