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aFe POWER DFS780 Fuel Systems


If you drive a diesel truck you know how quickly diesel fuel can dirty things up. Everything from your engine oil, fuel filters, and fuel pumps get contaminated much quicker than standard gasoline powered vehicles. aFe POWER knows this, and decided to develop a solution. The DFS780 fuel system adds an extra layer of protection for your vehicle, starting at the fuel delivery system. This is the most effective place to start, as diesel fuel isn’t as refined as gasoline. This is mainly because diesel fuel is used to lubricate and cool the engine as it runs, and less as the driving force keeping the engine running. 

There are considerably more dirt and water particles floating around your diesel fuel as well, and the actual amounts will vary depending on where you fill up. It’s important to filter out these particles because this is what wears out the internal engine components over time, specifically your fuel injectors and pump seals. The aFe POWER DFS780 filters out these particles and separates any water from your fuel to ensure your engine only gets the clean diesel fuel it was intended to get. It also eliminates any microscopic air bubbles that may get trapped in your diesel fuel. This is important because if any microscopic air bubbles get trapped in your diesel fuel and reach your high-pressure pump, they can cavitate when they leave the fuel injectors. This will subject your injectors to stress and over time will ruin them, leading to costly repairs. 

The DFS780 and DFS780 PRO aftermarket fuel systems are designed specifically for certain platforms to be bolt-on solutions with no cutting, drilling, or welding required. These systems can be run with the stock lift pump for added protection and redundancy in case your stock fuel system fails, or it can be run by itself. For those who have diesel trucks that don't fall in the category of bolt-on solutions, we offer the DFS780 MAX. The DFS780 MAX is a universal pump solution that can be run on any diesel vehicle to deliver the flow that your system needs. There may be some cutting and drilling required to install the DFS780 MAX system, but you'll retain all the benefits of our quality motor and seal technology, along with an adjustable pressure regulator and compact design.  

In our testing, any DFS780 system we installed on our vast fleet of diesel trucks improved the feel and response of the vehicle, especially when towing over long distances. We’ve found that the more modified the diesel truck, the greater the performance can be felt from the DFS780 fuel system. However even on our stock diesel rigs we run the DFS780 fuel systems to take advantage of the added insurance knowing our engines are protected from those unwanted dirt, air, and water particles that can wreak havoc on the fuel delivery system over time.


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