aFe Releases an OE Replacement Filter for the 04-09 Toyota Prius Hybrid L4-1.5L

an image of the Toyota Prius


aFe POWER introduces an OE replacement filter for the 2004-09 Toyota Prius Hybrid with L4-1.5L engine, P/N 30-10180. These filters are offered in two media: Pro DRY S for maximum convenience and Pro 5R for maximum airflow. These filters outflowed the stock filters by up to 17% providing performance without sacrificing protection. aFe POWER performance air filters are constructed using full 360° urethane frames. This construction allows for a proper OE style fit with excellent filter strength.


an image of an aFe filter

(OE Replacement Filter for the 2009-2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid)


A comparison of the stock filter vs. aFe air filter

 (The Pro 5R uses an oiled 5-layer progressively finer mesh cotton gauze media for maximum performance.)


A close up of the Pro 5R pleats
A close-up image of the bump seal of the Toyota Prius Filter

Rounded Open Pleats

aFe performance air filters use a rounded, evenly spaced pleat design which produces more usable filter surface area for increased flow and greater dust holding capacity.

Progressive Bump Seal:

This pliable sealing surface conforms to even the most uneven filter housing. This design eliminates the use of gaskets or sealants. The soft urethane construction always goes back to its original form so you will never compress the bump seal. This makes for a perfect filter fit and sealing surface every time

This filter is available in the following media:

Pro DRY S (non-oiled): 31-10180

Pro 5R (oiled):  30-10180 

For further details click here or contact our Power Professionals at 888-901-7693.

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