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Air Intake Accessories and Pre-Filters

The Dynamic Air Scoop from aFe is a very simple bolt-on product that increases air flow, air velocity, and re-directs the air into your intake system. The Dynamic Air Scoops lower intake air temperatures by forcing more cool air from the factory front grille into the intake snorkel. Constructed out of either lightweight aluminum for strength and finished off with a custom powercoated colored finish, or roto molded plastic for a sleek looking, tough lasting air scoop (depending on application). Every Dynamic Air Scoop is a simple bolt-on product, and will not require any cutting or modification to factory parts for a hassle free install.

BMW 1 series air scoops air group shot
  • Lightweight Aluminum, Carbon Fiber or Roto-Molded Plastic (depending on application)
  • Directs Air Into the Intake System for Maximum Performance
  • No Cutting or Drilling
  • Lowers intake air temperatures
  • Works with aFe POWER intakes (depending on application)
BMW red air scoops installed
Dodge diesel air scoop close up

Aluminum Construction

(Depending on application) 

Our Dynamic Air Scoops are constructed out of a tough lightweight aluminum finish.

Roto-Molded Construction

(Depending on application) 

Some of our Dynamic Air Scoops are roto-molded for maximum durability.  

Directs Air

Dynamic Air Scoops provide cooler, fresher, and a denser air intake charge for maximum performance and throttle response.

Carbon Fiber Construction

(Depending on application) 

We offer air scoops that are constructed out of 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber for strength and styling.

BMW M5 matte engine cover 3

aFe POWER offers several engine covers to add a subtle touch to your ride. When you pop open your hood, the engine cover is a center piece that attracts most enthusiasts attention at car shows or car meets. Whether it is carbon fiber or fiberglass, aFe POWER can add a touch of style under the hood of your vehicle.

  • Lightweight carbon fiber or fiberglass construction (depending on application)
  • Hassle-free installation requiring no cutting or drilling
  • High strength heat resistant to hot engine bay temperatures
  • Stock M emblem and rubber grommets are transferable (depending on application)  
BMW M3 & M4 matte CF engine cover 2

Carbon Fiber Construction

(Depending on application) 

2x2 twill weave carbon fiber top matte finish with a smooth underside finish.

BMW M5 matte engine cover 1

Hassle-Free Installation

Like most of our products, installation is simple and easy.

BMW M5 matte engine cover 2

Race Inspired Detail

Race inspired material was used to develop this strong and stunning looking engine cover.

dodge dart 2.0 engine cover

Fiber Glass Construction

(Depending on application) 

Durable fiberglass material and gloss black finish resists engine heat, and provides nice subtle touch that improves your engine bay with our Takeda intake.

Dodge Diesel Oil cap 1

The all new aFe oil cap delivers a whole new meaning to style. Machined from durable CNC 6061-T6 billet aluminum for maximum strength and durability. Our oil cap features a subtle but eye-catching matte black finish, equipped with a o-ring style gasket for a leak free seal.

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Black chrome screws with a matte black finish for an eye-catching look
  • Comes with a new o-ring gasket for a leak free seal
Dodge diesel oil cap 2 lower res

Leak Free Seal

A rubber o-ring gasket is included to ensure a leak free seal.

Oil Caps 

Engine Covers

Dynamic Air Scoops



  • Protects Air Filter
  • Extended Cleaning Intervals
  • Does not Restrict Air Flow
  • Easy to Clean

aFe Pre-Filters protect your performance air filter and extends your filter cleaning intervals by removing large particles from the air stream prior to the air filter. This pre-filter does not restrict air flow and is made of a dry weave fabric that does not attract dirt and cleans with soap and water.


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