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BMW M4 Intake Development Has Begun




aFe POWER is known for it's BMW product line, and we've purchased the all-new BMW M4 and have begun work on it already.  This is the first step in a complete build of the M4, starting with the intake system. The M4 features an asymmetrical dual intake path feeding the S55 twin turbo inline 6-cylinder engine. Starting with 430hp and 406lbs x ft of torque makes for a great baseline, but aFe POWER will have plenty to add to that when we are done.


aFe POWER BMW M4 New Before Modifications


Thanks goes out to Mark Decker and Nick Cappellano at BMW of Riverside for acquiring the perfect M4 for us and making things easy as usual, great group of guys over there.

The BMW S55 engine steps down in displacement from the previous gen M-series, but increases the torque by 111 lbs x ft of torque, and holds it from 2000 to 5400 RPM, making this new platform pull hard and seemingly never give up.  As you can see things are also a tight fit in the S55 engine bay, especially with the carbon fiber strut tower brace that sweeps across the front.




We've begun the process of tearing into the engine, doing measurements and 3D scanning, which will enable our engineers to bring the engine into a fully CAD environment, designing the intake in a virtual space, before even creating the first articles.  From there they will be able to print and assemble parts from our in-house 3D printers, where we can verify fitment, ease of installation, and even dyno test differing designs to ensure we make the most horsepower possible.


aFe POWER BMW M4 Teardown for Intake Development


Below are some additional photos, as well as a very short clip of what the 3D scanner looks like in action, creating a 3D model of the engine space. aFe engineer Christian is seen here scanning the M4 into his computer and will bring that scan into SolidWorks as the intake begins its life.


aFe POWER BMW M4 Intake Development 3D Scanning aFe BMW M4 Intake 3D Scanning aFe BMW M4 Intake Development 3D Scanning




We will be documenting the progress of the new intake system throughout the process, check back soon for updates.  We will also be working on additional performance upgrades for the new BMW M4, including an M4 Exhaust System, M4 Down Pipes and Catalytic Converters, M4 Mid-Pipes and other performance products for the S55.

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