BMW M4 Turbo Downpipe Exhaust Development: Inside the R&D Dept


Continuing to keep the door wide open into aFe POWER's R&D department, here is some additional information on the in-development aFe BMW M4 Downpipes. These exhaust components eliminate the factory catalytic converters as well as increase the diameter of the piping exiting the turbos, allowing for smoother and larger amounts of airflow. Check out these sneak peeks of the downpipes as they are being worked on in our R&D department, these are far from the crafted final product, but you can still see the quality in these fabricated pieces.

afe-power-m4-downpipe-prototype-sneak-peek afe-power-m4-downpipe-prototype-closeup

afe-power-m4-downpipe-prototype-rd (Not production pieces - R&D prototypes)


aFe POWER will offer these as both with and without high flow cats for full race applications.


As you can see compared to the OE downpipes, there is a lot to be gained from increasing and smoothing the downpipe, as well as the catalytic converter.


Dyno testing of the stock versus our fabricated R&D catted downpipes has resulted in gains of up to 21hp and 23lb x ft of torque in the middle of the RPM band, solid gains throughout.





Production pieces will have the typical quality features of aFe POWER Exhaust Components:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • TIG-welded by certified craftsman
  • USA-Made here in Corona, CA
  • Retains factory O2 sensors
  • All hardware and brackets for bolt-on installation


Follow the complete aFe POWER BMW M4 progress through all of our R&D postings as M4 Intakes, Exhausts, Downpipes and more are finalized and released:

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