Challenger Hellcat Gets an aFe POWER Momentum Intake

aFe POWER (advanced FLOW engineering) is excited to announce the new Momentum Series of Sealed Air Intake Systems for the LX platform, beginning with the Challenger Hellcat.

We have finalized our testing, and will be sending this to production shortly, and these intakes will be available soon. This same sealed housing (with integration to the factory ram-air setup, more on that below) will work across multiple engine options in the LX family, so look for more applications soon.

Let's get to the fun!

aFe POWER Momentum Sealed Air Intake System - 2015+ Dodge Challenger Hellcat Supercharged 6.2L


The aFe Momentum Intake System is built to maximize airflow, and utilizes a massive air filter designed specifically for this intake. By outflowing the factory intake and improving efficiency, gains of +37HP and +33lbs x ft of torque are realized at the rear wheels with just this upgrade. (Dyno sheet below)

That takes the maximum power from 665.78HP to 701.67HP!

Quick Data Points:

• Improved Horsepower & Torque - Improved Throttle Response • Sealed Intake Design - Roto-molded Tube w/Premium Hardware • Massive Cone Air Filter - Choice of Cleanable/Reuseable Oiled or Dry Filter Media • One-Piece Sealed Housing w/Clear Sight Window • Direct Bolt-On - No Cutting or Drilling - 30 Minute Install - Utilizes Factory Ram Air • No Tuning Needed

show-installed-prototype (This is a prototype 3D printed part used in testing - Final version will be roto-molded and smooth)

Development Information

For those not immediately familiar with aFe POWER, and our Intake Development process; All design and engineering comes from our 165,000 sq. ft. facilities in Southern California. We utilize the latest in technology, 3D scanning, 3D printing, CAD design software, and have an in-house AWD Dynojet Dynamometer.

We scanned the Challenger engine bay, analyzing the stock intact tract, and designed a new intake system that outflows the stock setup. Once the initial design was completed, we were able to "print" plastic prototype parts from our 3D printers, and construct the complete prototype and install on the vehicle. (Those of you that attended the Spring Festival of LX's this year saw the prototype installed.) From there we were able to test the vehicle on the dyno. Through rigorous testing, such as monitoring performance and ECU parameters in real-time, we were able to tweak and make any changes that were necessary.

Once R&D is complete, we move to manufacturing of the intake itself, creating the intake molds from CNC machines, and production begins. Premium hardware is used on the kit, including stainless steel T-Bolt clamps and Momentum intakes are designed with fewer parts, which allows this intake to be installed in 30 minutes for most.

Installation for the housing mounts the kit directly into the factory location on the fender well, ensuring the coolest air possible is being captured from the factory ram air intake inlet. A large clear sight window is built into the housing for easy filter inspection without removal of the air box. The largest filter possible was used and is available in two different filter media options: Pro 5R is an oiled filter media for maximum airflow, while the Pro DRY S "oil-less" filter media provides maximum filtration.

(For those with other applications and engines - This housing will work with several other vehicles, we'll be developing those right after this launch)


Dyno Sheet

aFe Momentum Challenger Hellcat Supercharged 6.2L Intake System w/Oiled Pro 5R Filter (91 Octane)

Bolt-On Results - No Tuning


Additional Photos

54-72204_Rendering_2 54-72204_Rendering_3 54-72204_Rendering_4




Teaser Video

32 thoughts on “Challenger Hellcat Gets an aFe POWER Momentum Intake”



  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez May 6, 2015 at 5:00 am

    These Hellcat intakes done yet? I have a customer that asked for one but I have not been able to give him any information.

  • Brayson Buckner
    Brayson Buckner May 17, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Is this an oiled filter? I am of the understanding that these motors can not have an oiled air filter with how the car runs with the MAF sensors. Also what is the expected pricing of this intake? Thanks!

    • Marvin Samayoa

      It will come with both oiled and dry filters for your personal preference. We have had no trouble with the oiled filter in our testing as this provided the most gains, as far as pricing is concerned it will be around $550 so keep an eye out!

  • Clinton Noel

    I own a Hellcat Charger, and I would love to purchase a intake as soon as they are available. Thanks

  • Greg Mian

    Will these fit the 6.4L Hemi, as in the SRT and Scat Pack? They can also use the headlight ram. Thanks.

    • Marvin Samayoa

      Thank you for the interest. We are currently working on Momentum GT intakes for all the LX platforms, including the 3.6L, 5.7L, and 6.4L engines. The housing is essentially the same, how it is being fed air is what changes. We are currently sorting out the final details on the 6.4's that want to do the ram air headlight modification.

  • jorge

    I'm interested in the intake I have a 15 charger hellcat . I see u used 91octane on dyno pull ,I run mine with 93 always , To my knowledge it's what it requires . Will that affect the #s ?

  • Tom

    Looks good

  • Phil

    I have a 2015 SRT and would love to have the headline ram air kit for my 6.4L, given it will get my up to the 500 hp mark. Do you have any ideas yet on what type of performance numbers you expect to get from your intake for the Apache engine (the 6.4L)?

  • Terry Sandlin
    Terry Sandlin July 12, 2015 at 8:43 am

    The GT MOMENTUM is awesome but, I have already made the mod on my Challenger R/T using the stock Hellcat airbox and headlight inlet tube. What I would love to have is a system that incorporates both driver and passenger headlight inlets. Please let me know if you develop this type of system. By the way the aFe cold air induction on my 2014 RAM is fantastic!

    • Marvin Samayoa

      The GT momentum intake will still work with the headlight inlet tube even if it's the 3.6L, 5.7L, or the 6.4L Challenger. We will contact you if we decide to make such a system, thank you for the support Terry, we are happy you enjoy our product on your RAM.

  • Jeremy

    Are these available yet I have a charger and a challenger hellcat

  • Dan Capuano

    I think i'll be in for one of these for my hellcat challenger. No dyno tune required for this mod?

  • carlos salgado

    I own a 2015 dodge charger hellcat. im interested in your intake. Let me know when available.



  • Nicholas tzorzis
    Nicholas tzorzis September 6, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Hi my name is nick I own a 2015 challenger hellcat I would like to order your cold air intake please send me more info on dry and oil and what makes more and safe power along with ur company's ordering number please thank u I hope these are true horse power numbers ism looking for the best product for my hellcat

    • Marvin Samayoa

      Hi Nicholas,

      Our hellcat intake system kit comes with both filters included. We are aware some customers have a preference when it comes to filter media. Both air filters are safe for these vehicles and will not create an issue, the Pro 5R oiled filter provide the best flow and the best power. Our horsepower numbers are based on our in house dyno jet, resulting in gains of power to the wheels. If you would like to order one, please call us at 951-493-7165

  • Wesley Martin

    I want to buy ASAP thanks I have a 2015 Chelenger 8 spead automatic

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