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CNC Lathe

  • aFe POWER is Expanding!


    Innovation is what aFe POWER thrives on and recently we acquired new equipment to help us design and create parts more efficiently. Recently, we added new, state-of-the-art CNC lathe and mill machines and our fourth 3D printer. This will allow us to keep up with rapid prototyping and development of first-to-market products. 

    CNC Lathe
    3D Printer
    CNC Mill

    Our New 3D Printer is a Stratasys F270 model, which is actually our second modern Stratasys 3D printer that we've added to our headquarters recently. 


    These printers have proven to be easy for us to operate and maintain, and is more than proficient at providing us quality prototype parts to test.


    We've set this particular unit up to print flexible material, so we can test prototype couplings much more efficiently than ever before.


    The auto-calibration and easy material swaps make this particular brand of 3D printer a very nice addition to our workflow.

    This is one addition we are particularly excited about. The Haas VF-2 is their most popular model of CNC machine, and for good reason. This vertical machining CNC provides outstanding features at an excellent price, and offers us a wide range of available options to customize our machine to our exact needs. 


    With an 8100-rpm spindle, 20-pocket carousel, and 55-gallon coolant tank, this machine is ready to tackle all of our exciting plans for it. 


    This will allow us to CNC mill out prototype parts very quickly, allowing us to produce new products much faster than ever before.

    Our new CNC Lathe is the ST-35 model from Haas. With a 21" x 26" max capacity and 4.0" bar capacity, this workhorse is perfect for tackling some of our upcoming projects. This unit in particular provides us easy setup flexibility, extreme rigidity, and high thermal stability.


    Its medium footprint and big-bore spindle make it perfect for our machine shop. Space savings are always welcome, especially as we keep adding to the aFe arsenal of equipment!


    These are just three recent additions, and we don't plan to stop any time soon. Stay tuned as the aFe Family of products continues to grow and expand across all makes and models of vehicles!

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