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Custom Hydrographic Pattern Options for Momentum Intakes


Skull Pattern
Carbon #1
Carbon #2
When roaming the halls here at aFe POWER, I ran across a skunkworks project the team is trying out.. custom hydrographics being applied to our Momentum cold air intakes.


For those not familiar with the process, hydrographics allows for a printed film to be applied to a part via a water tank and special applicator sprays. This allows for infinite options of customization to the part, from a look of carbon fiber, camo, or in this case even skulls. 
Hydrographics work extremely well with the aFe Momentum intakes with its polyethylene plastic, and the ability of the hydrographics film to use the waters surface tension upon application, following the curves in the intake design for perfect coverage. 
We may offer custom dipped cold air intakes in the future, with the look and pattern of your choice! Let us know if that’s of interest to you.



11 thoughts on “Custom Hydrographic Pattern Options for Momentum Intakes”

  • Jamel Mosley

    Yes I like the hydrographic intakes, they should be offered for all vehicles available for aFe intakes systems

  • George Hong

    Most definitely the carbon #2 would look great under the hood! I just bought a new SRT8 Jeep and it would be nice to buy it designed up than just plain old black plastic.

  • AL D

    The skulls are too small and busy and need some piercing colored blue laser eyes or some other color somewhere as a hilight as well as different mean expressions to make it more appealing, Camouflage one is too busy and mostly limited to hunters with Trucks/Jeeps, you have made some carbon fiber ones before which is most appealing, carbon fiber #1 stands out better as #2 is a bit too subtle.

  • Jason

    Offering custom designs would be a hit, I know so many guys who have hydrodipped they're intakes already. This would be an amazing option.

  • Frank Cazarez

    Yes make it available to the public I would get the carbon fiber #1 for 2014 accord sport

  • 20Nine20 Offroad

    1000% yes. We have a large customer base that would love to represent this product. We would even be interested in a stocking order if the become available. Great thinking you guys. Staying on top of your game!

  • Glenn Miller

    Yes!!! The Carbon fiber #1 and #2 would be the first ones to do. Then I think the camo for a different look. Which ever one afe does offer it will be great.

  • Jason Fish

    Hell yeah love these. I’d love to see one covered in graffiti art. Keep it up AFE. Change up the game

  • Diehard Diesel

    Yes. The hyro-imaging process may not be a new thing, but I have only seen or done it on small detail parts for full custom and show vehicles. Intake systems with tastefully chosen patterns would be popular.

  • Bill

    Yes I think the carbon fiber would do well on the Diesel intakes! Also you should do a aluminum intake with heat shield for diesel also!

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