• aFe POWER Unleashes Titan XD Performance Upgrades


    Titan XD Pic

    When the second generation Nissan Titan pickup truck was revealed, many wondered how it would fair against heavyweights Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. Powered by a Cummins 5.0L V8 turbo diesel, producing a hefty 310 HP and 555 Lb. x ft. of Torque at the crank. Completely redesigned inside and out the new Titan XD offers a high level of luxury with brute strength all in one package. aFe POWER will rely on our vast experience with Cummins Engines to give this truck the complete aFe POWER makeover. 

    Nissan Titan XD Momentum HD Prototype Intake

    The intake development team got to work the second this truck rolled into the shop. Pictured above, you can see our experienced team of engineers have already developed a 3D Printed Momentum HD Intake with testing fully underway in real world conditions. The Momentum HD features a roto-molded one-piece housing to protect the air filter from hot engine bay temperatures, including a larger diameter intake tube for maximum airflow for improved horsepower and torque. A large, clear sight window is used for a hassle-free filter inspection and unique aggressive styling. The included urethane plug can be used to block off the auxiliary air inlet, or you can add our optional air scoop which will be available for purchase for increased airflow.


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    Nissan Titan XD prototype intercooler tubes 2

    The intercooler charge pipes were next on the list to tackle for the Nissan Titan XD. The stock intercooler pipes are 2-1/2” inlet and outlet diameters from both the cold and hot side tubes. We will be featuring two packages, one will be an OE upgrade for those wanting to keep their stock intercooler, and the other will be a complete intercooler kit upgrade. The OE upgrade will feature a hot side charge pipe with a 2-1/2” inlet and outlet diameter, featuring fewer bends than what the OE has for increased airflow. The cold side charge pipe will have a 3” inlet and outlet diameter increasing airflow and minimizing restriction. The complete kit will feature an upgraded intercooler core and new 3” charge pipes on both the hot and cold side for increased cooling efficiency. 

    Nissan Titan XD Momentum Intake System 

    Nissan Titan XD Intercooler Tubes Upgrade 

    Nissan Titan XD DPF Back Exhaust System 

    Nissan Titan XD DPF back exhaust system

    The stock exhaust for the Nissan Titan XD was too boring for an aggressive looking truck, the R&D exhaust team didn’t waste any time in developing a tougher looking exhaust system for the Titan XD. The LARGE BORE XD exhaust system is crafted from either a 4" or 5” mandrel-bent stainless steel or aluminized steel for maximum air flow and aggression. We use high-quality band clamps and OE-style bayonet hangers for a secure and leak-free seal, and offer your choice of either a large stainless steel polished or black intercooled exhaust tip. Both systems fit the Titan XD crew cab with the standard bed (151.6” Wheelbase/6-6 ft. bed).


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    Scorcher Tuner Module 1

    If you crave more performance, then our Scorcher HD Tuner Module is the answer you’re looking for. The factory tuning always leaves something more on the table when it comes to tuning, the Scorcher HD tuner module unlocks that hidden performance for everyday use under your command. Unlike other handheld Tuners that will flash your trucks computer and risk voiding your warranty. Our module relieves you of that concern, by leaving no trace on the ECU for the dealership to pick up upon scanning when returned back to stock. We achieve performance gains by altering the pressure sensor signals to increase boost and fuel levels to an optimum point throughout the entire RPM range. 


    All of our Scorcher HD modules are easy to install, requiring no cutting, drilling, or splicing. The Scorcher HD Tuner Module for the Titan XD connects to the stock wiring harness with factory connectors for an effortless installation. Our new generation of Scorcher Modules allow you to quickly change between power levels with a simple push of a button.


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    Nissan Titan XD Scorcher Tuner Module 

    Nissan Titan XD Rear Differential Covers

    Nissan Titan XD Rear Differential Covers 

    aFe POWER Rear differential covers offer increased protection, simply by supplying increased fluid lubrication and reducing temperatures to vital parts in your Titan XD’s differential. We offer our rear differentials in either our Street Series (RAW Finish) or our Pro Series (Black Powder Coated Finish). Both feature built-in cooling fins to maximize heat transfer for cooler fluid temperatures. A built-in magnetic drain plug helps capture loose metal particles that could be floating around, this helps prolong the life of both your fluid and differential over time. Available with our Pro Series covers, we include a sight glass plug which allows you to perform a quick visual fluid inspection, and a magnetic fill plug for added protection.

    Close Up of Titan XD

    That's Not All for the Titan XD.....Stay Tuned!

    That’s not all we have in store for the Nissan Titan XD. Stay tuned as our newly acquired suspension company SWAY-A-WAY are in the early stages of developing coilovers and shocks for the new Titan XD. 

    Nissan Titan XD prototype intercooler tubes
  • Look for aFe POWER at the 2016 XDP Open House Event



    XDP Headquarters

    1758 State Route 34 North, Wall Township, 07727

    September 18th, 2016

    FREE Admission! FREE BBQ! RAFFLE & GIVEAWAYS! ACTIVITIES FOR THE KIDS! Mark your calendar for Sunday, Sept. 18, 11 A.M. To 5 P.M. for this can’t miss event!  


    XDP Diesel’s Open house will gather the most wicked diesel trucks in the Northeast! Fifty of some of the most powerful diesels ever built are set to do battle in the much anticipated DYNO-Shootout for the title of MOST HORSEPOWER. Don’t Miss it!


    For more info on the event - CLICK HERE

    XDP - Xtreme Diesel Performance - Google Maps


  • Now Shipping: Scorcher Module For 2014-2015 RAM Ecodiesel V6-3.0L (td)


    NPA title for 2014-2015 RAM 1500 Ecodiesel Scorcher title 1
    NPA title for 2014-2015 RAM 1500 Ecodiesel Scorcher title 2

    aFe is proud to introduce the all new Performance Package for 2014 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel V6-3.0L (td). This performance package includes a Momentum HD air intake system and a SCORCHER module. This all new highly engineered intake system uses a smooth one-piece housing that keeps warm engine air out for maximum performance. 

    Ecodiesel momentum package.
    Momentum HD intake for RAM ecodiesel

    The housing uses a unique filter-to-housing interface that enables us to use the largest filter possible while maintaining a simple hassle-free installation. Also included in this package is a SCORCHER Module that is designed to alter the pressure sensor signals to increase boost to an optimum level throughout the entire RPM range. 

    Scorcher Module for 2014-2015 RAM Ecodiesel 4

    The SCORCHER Module is a direct plug and play unit that uses OE style "all weather" connectors with automotive grade TXL high heat and chemical resistant wire. This module comes with a built-in blue LED and a 3-way switch allowing users to adjust between Stock, Stage 1 and Stage 2 power settings. 

    Scorcher Module for 2014-2015 RAM Ecodiesel dyno sheet

    In our testing, the package resulted in gains up to +23 horsepower and +43 lbs. x ft. of torque verified by our in house dyno. 

    Order Now! 


    SCORCHER Module only (P/N: 77-42003


    Pro DRY S Intake (P/N: 51-72006




    Performance Package (P/N: 45-12004

  • BladeRunner Street Series Turbocharger 99.5-03 Ford Diesel Trucks 7.3L

    An image of a Ford Diesel Truck

    aFe POWER is proud to introduce a new BladeRunner turbocharger replacement for the 1999.5 - 2003 Ford Diesel Trucks with the V8-7.3L turbo diesel engines, P/N 46-60070. The Street Series BladeRunner turbocharger is a brand new stock replacement unit with no core charge and comes with a 2-year warranty. This is a direct bolt-on replacement with all connections to the vehicle compatible with the OE geometry for a quick hassle-free installation. Additional fueling is not required for improved performance over OE, but maximum gains are achieved from fuel system upgrades, either electronic or mechanical. An optional high-flow turbine outlet also helps lower exhaust gas temperatures.

    A image of the Ford Turbocharger

    (BladeRunner Turbo Charger for 1999.5-2003 Ford Diesel Trucks V8-7.3L (td))

    Dyno chart of the Ford Turbocharger

    (This turbocharger produced a max gain of +13 horsepower & +28 lbs. x ft. of torque)


    An image of the turbo
    An image of the high-flow adaptor


    The Wastegate Actuator is mounted by the integrated cast bracket and is preset to factory specifications.

    Direct Replacement

    All connections to the vehicle are compatible with the OE geometry, resulting in a quick and reliable connection. 

    Optional High Flow Adapter:

    An optional high flow adapter (P/N 46-60076) is available to eliminate the stock EBPV and reduces exhaust gas temperatures for better performance

    An image of the compressor


    A356 aluminum housing utilizes OE inlet and v-band outlet. A wastegate actuator is mounted to the integrated cast bracket and comes preset but is adjustable.


    • Compressor Inducer - 60 mm
    • Compressor Exducer - 80 mm/ Trim 56
    • Turbine Inducer - 77 mm
    • Turbine Exducer - 67.5 mm/ Trim 77
    • Exhaust A/R - 0.84

    This turbocharger also fits:
    2000-2003 Excursion V8-7.3L (td)

    For more information on this product click here or contact our Power Professionals at 888-901-7693.

  • SCORCHER Tuner for the 1999-14 Ford Gas & Diesel Vehicles

    aFe Power introduces the new SCORCHER tuner for the 1999-2014 Ford gas and diesel vehicles with V6/V8/ & V10 engines, P/N 77-43006. aFe Power partnered up with Superchips to manufacture this tuner that works with a wide variety of late and newer model Ford vehicles.

    An image of the aFe SCORCHER Tuner

     (aFe Power's SCORCHER Tuner for the 1999 -2014 Ford Vehicles)

    aFe offers this tuner with California Edition SKU's, These applications have undergone testing and have received E.O (Executive Order) numbers. The diesel tuning included in the California SKU's meets the requirements established and administered by C.A.R.B. An easy-to-read LCD screen provides quick selection and push of a button vehicle output changes for fuel economy, optimized towing, or increased power.

    An image of the aFe SCORCHER Tuner
    A side view image of the SCORCHER Tuner
    An image of the box and SCORCHER Tuner

    Direct Plug in Power

    This simple and safe plug and play OBD-II port tuner allows for increased horsepower and torque as well as some useful features like tire size adjustability, speedometer calibration, and axle gear ratio updates.

    5-Button Nav. w/ Backlit LCD Screen

    SCORCHER tuners feature a host of advanced features like the ability to read and clear trouble codes, adjust shift firmness, adjust speed and rev limiters, and even control electric fan settings on some models.

    USB Cable Port

    This tuner comes with a built-in, easy to read, backlit LCD screen and 5-button control for simple to use navigation. This tuner comes with a USB port for Internet updatable programming for new model years and vehicles.

    Other Features Include:

    • Power Gains 
    • Speedometer Correction
    • Tire Size 0 28" - 40"
    • Data Acquistion- Advanced + PIDS
    • DTC Read & Clear
    • Internet Updateable
    • Economy Tune
    • Tow Tune
    • and more!

    aFe SCORCHER tuner by Superchips has been granted a C.A.R.B. Exemption status for use in California:

    CARB EO# D-330-11 Application: 2004 to 2012 model year Ford 3.0L,4.0L, 4.2L, 4.6L, 5.4L, 6.2L, 6.8L vehicles 

    CARB EO# D-330-14 Application: 2008 to 2010 model year Ford Trucks 6.4L diesel engine vehicles

    CARB EO# D-330-15 Application: 2013 to 2014 model year Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost, 3.7L, 5.0L, 6.2L

    This tuner also works with the following vehicles:

    • 1999-2000 Ford Contour V6-2.5L
    • 1999-2011 Ford Crown Victoria V8-4.6L
    • 1999-2014 Ford E Series I6-4.9L/V6-4.2L/V8-4.6L/5.0L/5.4L/5.8L/6.0L (td)/7.3L (td)/7.5L (td)
    • 2007-2014 Ford Edge V6-3.5L/3.7L
    • 2001-2012 Ford Escape V6-3.0L
    • 1999-2005 Ford Excursion V8-5.4L/6.0L (td)/7.3L (td)/V10-6.8L
    • 1999-2014 Ford Expedition V8-4.6L/5.4L
    • 1999-2014 Ford Explorer V6-4.0L/V8-4.6L/5.0L
    • 2005-2007 Ford Five Hundred V6-3.0L
    • 1999-2014 Ford F-Series V6-3.2L/3.5L (tt)/3.7L/4.2L/V8-4.6L/5.0L/5.4L/6.0L (td)/6.2L/6.4L (td)/6.7L (td)/7.3L (td)
    • 2004-2014 Ford Flex V6-3.5L
    • 2004-2007 Ford Freestar V6-3.0L/3.8L
    • 2005-2007 Ford Freestyle V6-3.0L
    • 2006-2012 Ford Fusion V6-3.0L/3.5L
    • 1999-2014 Ford F53 Series Motorhome V8-5.4L/V10-6.8L
    • 2005-2007 Ford GT V8-5.4L
    • 1999-2014 Ford Mustang V6-3.7L/3.8L/3.9L/4.0L/V8-4.6L/5.0L/5.4L/5.8L
    • 1999-2011 Ford Ranger V6-3.0L/4.0L
    • 1999-2014 Ford Taurus V6-3.0L/3.5L
    • 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird V8-3.9L
    • 1999-2003 Ford Windstar V6-3.0L/3.8L
    • 1999-2011 Lincoln Navigator V8-5.4L
    • 2002-2007 Lincoln Blackwood V8-5.4L
    • 2004-2010 Mazda B3000/B4000 V6-3.0L/4.0L
    • 1999-2010 Mercury Mountaineer V6-3.0L/4.0L / V8-4.6L/5.0L

    For further details on pricing and availability click here or contact our Power Professionals at 888-901-7693.

  • aFe POWER 5" DPF-Back Exhaust Systems for the 2015 Ford Diesel Trucks V8-6.7L

    An image of the 2015 Ford Diesel Truck


    aFe Power continues to be a leader in the after-market performance industry with the new exhaust line-up for the 2015 Ford Diesel Trucks with V8-6.7L engines.  Adding an exhaust systems not only accesses untapped power compared to  stock, an aFe Power performance exhaust gives your truck an aggressive desired look with your choice of either a polished or black exhaust tip both come with a laser-cut stainless steel aFe Power logo badge. The system also is available without an exhaust tip. This system is offered in two versions, The MACH Force XP stainless-steel exhaust system or the ATLAS aluminized  steel exhaust system.

    An image with three versions of the DPF-Back exhaust systems


    P/N 49-03064-B

    Constructed of 5" mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing,  this exhaust uses high-quality band clamps and OE-style bayonet hangers utilizing all factory mounting locations to provide a quick, hassle-free installation. This exhaust uses smooth transition bends allowing for low-turbulence, increased horsepower, torque and lowering EGT's.  To compliment this exhaust is a powder-coated black 304 stainless-steel exhaust tip.  The tip features a unique drain port on the bottom to help prevent  rust and corrosion.   A unique stainless steel laser-cut aFe Power logo plate is riveted on for an aggressive style to complete this system.

    An image of the aFe Power exhaust system

     5" DPF-Back Exhaust System with Black Exhaust Tip

    P/N 49-03064-P 

    The ATLAS 5" DPF-Back aluminized steel exhaust system with polished exhaust tip is constructed of 5" mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing for maximum flow. Smooth transition bends allow for low turbulence, increasing horsepower, torque and lowering EGT's. OE-style bayonet hangers are used to maintain a stable pipe location during high vibration and heat conditions. The OE-style bayonet hangers are used to maintain a stable pipe location during high vibration and high heat conditions. The bayonet tip holds the hanger bushing in place for an OE-style fit that does not change with time. Included in this exhaust system is a 7" polished, 304 stainless steel tip with a laser-cut stainless steel aFe power badge.

    An image of the 5" aFe Power exhaust system

     5" DPF-Back Exhaust System with Polished Tip

    P/N 49-43064

    The MACH Force-Xp 5" DPF-Back stainless steel exhausts system for the 2015 Ford Diesel Trucks with V8-6.7L (td)  is constructed of 5" mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing using high-quality band clamps and OE-style bayonet hangers.  This exhaust has smooth transition bends allow for low-turbulence, increasing horsepower, torque and lowering EGT's. This system comes with a NOx sensor bung keeping the system free from check engine lights.


    An image of the stainless steel exhaust for the Ford Diesel Trucks

    5" DPF-Back Exhaust System with no Tip 

    P/N 49-03064-B- $471.45

    P/N 49-03064-P  $450.45

    P/N 49-03064- $523.95

    These exhaust systems are available now. For more information contact our Power Professionals at 888-901-7693.

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