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187 Gallons Per Hour

[ And we're just getting started ]

Internal Fuel Bypass Valve

[ Patent Pending ]

Marine Grade Motor

[ IP56 Rating ]

Vehicle Specific Installation Supports over 2,000HP
187 GPH Flow Rating 1 Micron Filtration
Air/Water Separation
w/Sight Glass
2-Year Warranty
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Universal-Fit Steel Bracket Supports over 2,000HP
187 GPH Flow Rating 1 Micron Filtration
Air/Water Separation 2-Year Warranty
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Compact Design Universal-Fit Aluminum Bracket
Supports over 2,000HP 187 GPH Flow Rating
Adjustable Pressure Regulator 2-Year Warranty
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Engineered Excellence

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More DFS780 Features

High Impact Sight Glass

A clear high-impact polycarbonate sight glass allows visual inspection of the fuel entering into the system

Helical Spur Gear pump design

Helical bronze spur gears are used versus straight cut gears to ensure the quietest operation possible.

Water Separation Bowl

The water separation bowl allows for visual inspection of the collected water and provides ease of draining using the removable cap.

High Efficiency Fuel Filter

Rated at filtering down to 1 micron, aFe's fuel filter removes contaminants and works in conjunction with the vehicles stock fuel filter.

Custom-fit diesel-rated fuel lines

Connects directly to stock fuel lines for a simple, quick installation.

Which DFS780 is right for you?

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Flow Rated at 187 Gallons per Hour
Helical Bronze Spur Gear Pump Design
Contoured CNC Machined Manifold Passages
Viton Seal
IP56 "Marine Grade" Motor
Weatherproof 10ga Wire Harness
Easily Reversible to Stock
Machined 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum
Supports Over 2,000 Horsepower
2-Year Warranty
Internal Fuel Bypass Valve
Internal Air + Water Separation
High Efficiency Fuel Filter
SAE J2044 Fuel Line Connectors
Fuel Pressure Gauge Port
Clear Polycarbonate Sight Glass
User-Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need air separation?

Diesel fuel tends to "entrain" air due to its surface tension. Because of this, air can be trapped in the fuel and delivered to the high pressure pump where it gets compressed to 25,000+ psi. When these high pressure air bubbles are released through the fuel injector, they cause cavitation which is like small "explosions" that eventually ruin the injectors.

How much HP do I need to use this pump?

Though the DFS780 can be used on a totally stock diesel vehicle, it was engineered for modified vehicles. BSFC (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption) for most modern turbocharged diesel engines is about 0.36 lbs/HP/hr. Since #2 diesel weighs about 7 pounds/gallon, which gives us about 19.5 HP/gallon/hr. The DFS780 will flow enough fuel (at rated pressure) to support over 2000 HP.

How many gallons per hour does the DFS780 flow?

aFe tests each DFS780, DFS780 PRO & DFS780MAX before they leave our facility to ensure peak performance and have been engineered to flow up to 187 GPH, which is capable of supporting over 2,000 horsepower.

How many microns is the filter?

The DFS780 & DFS780 PRO models include an aFe fuel filter that is capable of filtering down to one (1) micron. Additionally, the DFS780 Fuel Systems were designed to work in conjunction with your stock fuel filter, giving you the ability to have multi-step filtration.

What happens when I tow? Benefits?

When towing, you typically push the fuel system to its limits due to the continuous high loads. As the fuel requirements go up, the stock fuel system can't always supply enough fuel, causing a loss in power. All three versions of the DFS780 will provide more than enough fuel for almost all towing situations that there will be no loss of power

What is the difference between the boost-operated and full-time system?

For most applications, we offer two (2) versions of our DFS780 - boost-operated and full-time. The boost-operated kits feature a boost switch to energize the DFS780 fuel pump. This allows the vehicle to run on the stock fuel system during light load conditions and then when the power demands increase, the DFS780 pump "kicks in." On the full-time system, the pump is active when the ignition is switched on.

I want to sell my truck. Can I put the fuel system back to stock?

The DFS780 & DFS780 PRO were engineered for simple install and removal, allowing the vehicle to be easily returned to stock (unlike the competitors, we do not require you to drill/cut/modify the fuel tank).

I have some other mods like intake, exhaust, tuner and intercooler. Will this work on my truck?

Yes. All three DFS780 systems are a perfect complement to other performance-enhancing modifications.

The other companies use two filters, why does DFS780 & DFS780 PRO only have one?

Other competitors use separate filter and water separator (not two filters). Both the DFS780 & DFS780 PRO integrate water separation into the supplied high-efficiency fuel filter, eliminating the need (and expense) to replace two units (the DFS780 adds an additional clear water separation bowl). Additionally, both systems were designed to work in conjunction with the factory fuel filter for even cleaner fuel.

How often do I need to change my fuel filter? Is the water separator bowl on the DFS780 reusable?

Fuel filter change intervals will vary greatly depending on usage and fuel conditions. We have found 10k-20k miles replacements under normal conditions. And yes, the water separator bowl can be transferred from your old filter to your new aFe filter

Will I feel the power?

The more modified the vehicle, the greater the power improvement. Most people report immediate "seat of the pants" drivability improvements

Will I lose MPG?

As with most modifications, it varies. But the general feedback has been slightly improved fuel mileage.

Do I have choices of where I can install the units?

On the DFS780, each application features a specifically engineered mounting bracket and custom-fit fuel hoses. The DFS780 PRO features a "semi-custom" design with a multi-fit bracket and cut-to-length fuel hoses utilizing factory connections. The DFS780 MAX offers a billet aluminum universal mounting bracket for a DIY-type install.

What is the warranty?

aFe offers a "Worry Free" 2-Year Warranty on the DFS780, DFS780 PRO & DFS780 MAX Diesel Fuel Systems.

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