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Diesel World Showcases aFe POWER Products


Diesel World May-Aug Covers sm
DW-aFe-Spread-Dodge-0915-FINAL (2)

Despite aFe POWER's continued growth, sometimes we still hear the comment "I thought aFe only did Air Filters and Air Intakes!". We definitely have some great and innovative intake designs, a good example showcased above with the Momentum HD ad which is featured in the May and June 2015 issues of Diesel World Magazine. But that's just the beginning of what aFe POWER has to offer.


Looking deeper into aFe's product line even for just this Dodge Cummins specific ad, we have a full line of performance and accessories, well beyond just filters and intakes.


  • Momentum HD Intake Systems
  • Mach FORCE XP Exhaust Systems
  • Mach FORCE XP Exhaust Tips
  • BladeRunner Intercoolers & I/C Tubes
  • BladeRunner Intake Manifolds
  • BladeRunner Exhaust Manifolds
  • BladeRunner Turbochargers
  • aFe Differential Covers
  • aFe Transmission Pans
  • & More!



We currently offer a broad variety of upgrades for many vehicles, and we continue to develop new product as time progresses. From compact tuners to European super sedans, to gas trucks and diesel trucks. We are sure to have something that catches your eye, look for our new "platform-based" ad's coming to showcase the full line up of aFe POWER upgrades!

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