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Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

Attention aFe Dealers 

You can access aFe POWER Data and Digital Assets through our newly revised Monthly New Products Announcement (NPA). These updates will keep you on the cutting edge of aFe POWER new product releases and development as we blaze the trail of innovation and progression though the automotive industry. 


These emails contain links to download the following information from our Digital Asset Manager (DAM):


  • Product Images
  • Product Data Files
  • Instruction Sheets
  • Application Information

To access ALL aFe product content and images, please follow the steps listed below:


Step 1).  Request a Login to access aFe Product content through our Digital Asset Management System. 


Step 2).  Once your request has been received you will be granted access within 24 hours and a confirmation email sent.


Step 3).  Once you have your login, click on This Link to access the DAM and access ALL aFe product content any time you wish. You can also modify your account to create data “Collections” which will allow you to request and download only the product content relative to your business needs. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding aFe product content or access, please contact Joshua Geraurd at





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