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Goodbye to the Viper?


Dodge Viper ACR 2015

Since it's introduction in 1992 the Dodge Viper was a groundbreaking car. With it's aggressive sleek styling to the mighty V-10 engine under the reverse opening hood, it has always been an attractive car for enthusiasts whether they liked it or not. 


But sales has been slow as of late, even with the introduction of the new ACR model. Chrysler announced it will cease production of the car in 2017 at it's Connor Ave Assembly Plant in Detroit, there was no word of a relocation spot where the car will be produced. Many have wondered if there will be a successor to the Viper and if it would be built at the Connor location but that hasn't been mentioned either. This announcement has many thinking no more Viper?


This shouldn't be taken as a permanent goodbye, but more so a see you later type of salute. With Hellcat sales doing very well, and demand of those vehicles high the Viper has been taking a backseat as far as sales are concerned. Many have asked Dodge to stick the Hellcat engine in these cars, but there are two problems with doing that. 


1. The engine is too tall and wide to fit in the 5th gen Vipers engine bay without excessively reconstructing the car entirely. 


2. The weight of the engine would disrupt the perfect cornering balance that the Viper currently has.


This news from Torque News -  


The Viper is Chrysler's diamond car, meaning the car was more so sold to show off the brands capability in technology and get others intrigued in the brand as a whole. Every company has that one car that everyone can associated it to, Nissan has the Skyline or GT-R, Chevy has the Corvette, and Dodge has the Viper. But with the Hellcat's popularity growing quick, for now the brand will focus on those cars. But whose to say the slithering snake won't be back better than ever? Only time will tell...



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