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Greg Lenac's 2015 Ford Mustang GT


greg HRE Mustang v2

Our featured vehicle of the week goes to Greg Lenac. Greg is the lucky owner of this sexy 2015 Ford Mustang GT rolling on nice 20" HRE FF15 wheels. Believe it or not greg has tracked this Mustang at Speed Ventures Auto Club Speedway with us. We had a chance to dice around some laps with him in our own aFe CONTROL Mustang GT. In addition to having a beautiful car, Greg is a fantastic driver. 


He has used some lowering springs with the OEM shocks installed, but a ride in the aFe CONTROL Mustang made him switch to our aFe CONTROL Featherlight coilovers. The aFe Coilovers are available to Pre-order and will be shipping this month. Here is what Greg had to say about our coilovers. 


"- The valving of these dampers are terrific! Night and day difference. It just soaks up the hits with a very sophisticated feel.


- The looks, finish and welds are amazing. Very high quality units.


- The adjust-ability is really good and you get a nice clear click with each turn.In the end, I am very pleased with the ride and performance of the aFe Control Pfadt series for this car."


aFe has spent countless time perfecting the development on the coilovers for the 2015 Ford Mustangs. Whether you are on the track, taking a cruise thru the canyons, or driving to work. We know you will enjoy this setup for your Mustang. 


Visit us at or give us a call at 951-493-7100 for your Mustang performance needs. 




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