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  • Products for NEW 5.7L HEMI 2019 RAM 1500










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    With more storage, more power, more efficiency, and more safety features – it’s the strongest, most capable, and most advanced RAM 1500 yet.

     Some say it’s the perfect combination of luxury and performance…

     ...but we beg to differ.


    We took the already award-winning 2019 model year Ram 1500 and made it even better.

  • New Product: Twisted Steel Street Series Headers and Y-Pipe for 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma V6-4.0L 2 & 4 Wheel drive


    48-46001-YC, 48-46001 & 48-46006 Toyota Tacoma 05-11 V6-4.0L 2 & 4 WD NPA-page-001

    aFe is proud to introduce the new Twisted Steel Street Series Header/Y-Pipe combinations for the 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive with the V6-4.0L engine.Tested in Corona, CA, the headers produced a max gain of +9 horsepower and +12 lbs. x ft. torque verified by our in house dyno. All hardware needed is included for a hassle free install.



    These headers are constructed of 

    1-5/8” 16 gauge mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing that are 100% hand MIG-welded. The 3/8” thick CNC Laser cut flanges provides a precise fit and leak-free seal.



    A 3-to-1 mitered merge decrease turbulence and increases exhaust velocity. The result is increased horsepower, torque and improved throttle response.



    The massive y-pipe is designed using a mitered merge that utilizes a 2-1/2" into 3" transition for optimum flow while removing turbulence.


    Twisted Steel Y-Pipe (P/N: 48-46006)

    Twisted Steel Street Series Headers w/Catalytic Converters (P/N: 48-46001)

    Twisted Steel Street Series Headers w/Catalytic Converters and Y-Pipe (P/N: 48-46001-YC)



  • Now Shipping! Twisted Steel Headers For 11-14 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 6.4L V8


    NPA title for dodge challenger twisted steel headers

    aFe is Now Shipping! The all new Twisted Steel long tube headers/connection pipes w/ cats for the 2011-2014Dodge Challenger SRT-8 with the V8-6.4L engine. Improve your Challengers performance with these full length headers and connection pipes. In testing, this system resulted in gains up to +19 horsepower and +17 lbs. x ft. of torque, as measured on our in-house dyno. 

    Twisted steel headers for SRT challenger

    Designed to replace the extremely restrictive OE exhaust manifolds, the performance Twisted Steel long-tube headers are constructed of 1-7/8”, 16 gauge, mandrel-bent, 304 stainless steel tubing for strength and durability. 


    These headers come with 3/8" thick laser-cut head flanges and gaskets that are designed to match the head port for a leak-free seal and optimum power. 4-to-1 formed collectors are used on the headers to decrease turbulence and increase exhaust velocity for maximum performance. 


     The high-flowing connection pipes are designed using 48-state legal 200 cell catalytic converters and 3” mandrel-bent, 304 stainless steel tubing for optimum flow resulting in added horsepower and torque. This system is designed to fit as a combo and includes all necessary hardware for a headache free install. 


    Purchase Your Own Set Today!  


    Headers & Connection Pipes w/ Cats (P/N: 48-32007-YC

  • New Lower Pricing: aFe POWER PFADT Series Tri-Y Headers for C5, C6, & C7 Corvette’s



    aFe POWER has been able to reduce the pricing on the PFADT Series Headers through efficiency and manufacturing improve­­­­­ments, and we are excited to pass those savings onto you! 


     This includes the aFe PFADT Series Catted and Non-Catted applications for the C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your Corvette with these beautiful and vicious sounding headers that perform even better than they look. 


    Contact us for details or pick them up from any of our vendors such as Custom Corvette Accessories, Caliber Motorsports and Southern Car Parts for these highly engineered and track tested headers. 




    Applications and Part Numbers listed below:


    Visit us at for more info on the PFADT Series headers.  

    New Lower Pricing!!! 




    C7 Corvette 






    Part # 48-34112-YC



    Part # 48-34112-YN

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    C6 Corvette 

    C6 corvette



    Part # 48-34109-YC



    Part # 48-34109-YN

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    afe logo 1

    C6 Corvette Z06/ZR1 

    2009 Corvette ZR1



    Part # 48-34107-YC



    Part # 48-34107-YN

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    05 C6 pic

    C6 Corvette 2005-2008



    Part # 48-34105-YC

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    Part # 48-34105-YN

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    C5 Corvette

    c5 corvette



    Part # 48-34103-YC



    Part # 48-34103-YN

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  • Now Shipping: Twisted Steel Headers For 2011-2014 Dodge Challenger SRT 6.4L


    NPA for SRT challenger headers 1
    NPA for SRT challenger headers 2
    SRT challenger header and pipe 2

    aFe Power is now shipping the new Twisted Steel Headers and Performance Connection Pipe combinations for the 2011-2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 with V8-6.4L engine. 


    These performance combos include Twisted Steel Headers with an option of performance connection pipes with 49-state legal cats or a race version. These systems added an extra +16 horsepower and +15 lbs. x ft. torque confirmed by our in house dyno (P/N 48-42002-YC) 

    SRT challenger header and pipe install 1
    SRT challenger header and pipe 3

    The Twisted Steel headers are constructed of 1-3/4” 16 gauge mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing and come 100% hand MIG-welded for strength and durability. 


    The Performance Connection Pipes are constructed out of mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing and designed with a mitered merge collector and a 3” tube transition for optimum flow, the results are added horsepower and torque. 

    The systems come with all necessary hardware and use factory mounting locations for a hassle-free installation.  


    Note: The connection pipes are sold as a set and not sold individually. 

    SRT challenger header and pipe no cats 1

    Order Now!  Twisted Steel Headers (PN: 48-42002)


    Connection Pipes with catalytic converters (P/N: 48-42005


    Connection Pipes (Race) (P/N: 48-42006


    Twisted Steel Headers Connection Pipes with catalytic converters (P/N: 48-42002-YC)  


    Twisted Steel Headers and Connection Race Pipes (P/N: 48-42002-YN

    Twisted Steel headers with Race pipes shown

  • Product Release: Twisted Metal Steel Headers For 2013-2014 Porsche Cayman S/Boxter S


    NPA title to Porsche cayman header upgrade
    Porsche cayman headers

    aFe Power is proud to introduce all new Elite Twisted Steel headers and performance tip upgrades for the 2013-2014 Porsche Cayman S/ Boxster S (981) with H6-3.4L engine. 


    The performance headers are available with 200 CPSI, 48-state legal cats or in a “Race” version. These unique headers are engineered with tuned 1-7/8” near equal length 304 stainless steel tubing for unrestricted flow giving you more power and torque.

    Porsche cayman headers (3)

    In testing, the catted headers delivered an astounding +22hp and +22lbs. x ft. torque as verified by our in-house dyno. Realizing that the OE exhaust tip could also be improved, aFe designed special dual 3.5" 304 stainless steel exhaust tip upgrades that outflows the stock tip assembly.  

    Porsche cayman headers (2)
    Porsche cayman headers (4)

    The performance tip upgrade is available in either polished or carbon fiber with a laser-etched aFe Power logo. All necessary hardware is supplied for a hassle-free installation with no modifications necessary.  

    Porsche cayman headers dyno sheet
    Cayman carbon fiber tip upgrade
    Cayman polished exhaust tip upgrade

    Order Now! Headers w/Cats (P/N: 48-36404


    ‘’Race” Headers (P/N: 48-36405


    Polished Performance Tip Upgrade (P/N: 49C36413-P


    Carbon Fiber Performance Tip Upgrade (P/N: 49C36413-C

  • Twisted Steel Headers & Y-Pipe for the 09-13 GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 V8 (GMT900)

    An image of a GM Truck


    aFe is proud to introduce all new Headers & Y-Pipe  products for 2009-2013 GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 and SUV’s (GMT900) with V8 engines. aFe now offers performance Twisted Steel Headers and a high-flowing Mach Force XP Y-pipe for value added performance for your GM truck. When combining these two parts, the system in testing on our in-house dyno added +21 horsepower and +26 lbs. x ft. torque.

    An image of the GM headers

     (Twisted Steel Headers  P/N 48-44001)

    An image of the y-pipe for the GM truck

    (Y-Pipe w/ mitered merge collector P/N 49-44050)

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