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Hemi Powered Prowler



The Plymouth Prowler is best remembered as a modern day hot rod. It was under the Plymouth name back in 1997-2000 before Chrysler took over operations. They continued to sell the vehicle for a few more years as a Chrysler Prowler until the vehicle got discontinued in 2002.


The vehicle came with a naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 making 253 hp and 255 lb. x ft. of torque. Many complained that the car lacked the power it needed to back up it's looks. Trey Byrum had this problem, and while modifying the engine to it's full potential the car couldn't produce more than 196 hp to the wheels. He looked at alternative ways to go fast, upon much thought he decided to do a 6.1L Hemi V8 swap to keep it all mopar. With 425 hp and 420 lb. x ft. of torque, he knew this would be the best setup to satisfy his needs. 



The end result is a fun to drive, one of a kind Prowler! If this car doesn't get your attention from it's unique looks, the sound of that Hemi V8 roaring past you will. 


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