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  • aFe POWER is Developing New Performance Upgrades for the BMW M2


    BMW M2 on Dyno

    The BMW M2 is the automaker’s answer to Audi and Mercedes-Benz in the premium sport compact segment. The 2016 BMW M2 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as it shares a lot of the M4’s technology underneath its body. From the suspension to the large 4 piston front brakes, they are all shared with the bigger brother M4. The BMW M2 does have several differences that set it apart, such as having its very own tuned dampers, springs, and hardly noticeable narrower tires. The N55 inline 6cyl turbocharged engine is spirited, sharing some DNA from the S55 engine found in the M4, cranking out a stunning 365 HP and 369 Lb. x. ft. of Torque at the crank.

    BMW M2

    aFe POWER has always had a passion for BMW’s, and that drive continues with the BMW M2. Our in-house M2 allows us to develop the latest and greatest for this platform, carefully testing each and every part in real world conditions. The aFe POWER products that were showcased at Bimmerfest 2016 were only the beginning of the full line of performance upgrades. Now we are excited to be releasing power and suspension upgrades for the all new BMW M2. 

    BMW M2 Lowering Springs

    Proudly developed and crafted in the USA, aFe CONTROL has engineered lowering springs for the 2016+ BMW M2 (F87) to be optimized with the factory shock absorber dampening. We offer a 1” drop to combine the perfect balance of performance and style to eliminate that dreaded wheel gap. The lower center of gravity will inspire cornering confidence without affecting ride quality and comfort. Our aFe CONTROL lowering springs for the BMW M2 are a direct fit upgrade and require no modifications to the vehicle.


    For more info CLICK HERE.

    BMW M2 Coilovers

    The talented engineers at aFe CONTROL have been working hard on developing coilovers for the BMW M2. We are excited to release a high-performance coilover that will increase cornering speed, without compromising ride quality. They are ride height adjustable with 24 different settings you can feel to match your driving conditions. Our coilovers provide a much more predictable ride and feel, thanks to the inverted mono-tube design and CIRC system (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) that more than triples the amount of gas volume over a standard coilover, providing wider temperature ranges and consistent performance. This kit is a direct fit, requiring no modifications needed to install.


    For more info CLICK HERE.

    BMW M2 Variable Height Spring Kit
    BMW M2 Variable Spring Height Kit 2

    Coming soon! Our new aFe CONTROL Variable Height Springs! Our system gives you the benefit of maintaining your factory shocks and struts, with fully adjustable ride height capability for that perfect stance. The system features slip on coil over sleeves for the front struts that are TIG welded, and then zinc plated for maximum strength. Installation is easy, just press off the factory OE spring seat and replace it with our aFe CONTROL VHS. All mounts included for OEM accelerometers and sway bars for a seamless factory style appearance. Our aFe CONTROL Variable Height Springs allow you to lower your BMW M2 from 0.5” to 1.5,” providing that custom appearance while still maintaining that sophisticated BMW ride quality.


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    BMW M2 Prototype 3D Printed Momentum Intake

    Debuted at Bimmerfest 2016, aFe POWER’s Momentum GT Intake combined with our Scorcher GT Tuner Module will boost your M2’s N55 engine to its maximum potential. Starting with the Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System, which will deliver improved performance and throttle response. Features include a clear sight window for easy filter inspection without disassembling the entire system. Unique (Patent Pending) Filter-to-Housing Interface allows for a quick, seamless and secure installation. Our roto-molded one-piece air box resists hot engine temperatures, while the dyno-tuned intake tube increases airflow for maximum horsepower and torque. (Performance data will be released soon)


    The aFe POWER Scorcher Tuner Module will improve horsepower, torque, and throttle response by altering the pressure sensor signals to increase boost and fuel levels to an optimum point throughout the entire RPM range. Unlike other handheld tuners that will flash your vehicle’s computer, the Scorcher Tuner Module leaves no trace on the ECU. Preventing any warranty concerns you may have and is easily reversible back to stock. The installation process is very simple and usually takes 30 minutes to install with our easy plug and play system. (Performance date will be released soon)  

    (Performance Dyno Data Coming Soon) 

    BMW M2 Exhaust Development Teaser

    We didn’t forget about the exhaust system for the M2 either, which is in the final stages of testing so you won’t have to wait too long for that renown aFe performance and sound. The M2 exhaust system is precision engineered for maximum performance and durability featuring a 3-1/2” inlet to 3” outlet, and manufactured from robust 304 stainless steel with quad polished or carbon-fiber exhaust tips. Down-pipes will be available in either our catted or non-catted versions, with hardware provided on both upgrades for a hassle-free installation.

    (Performance Dyno Data Coming Soon) 

    (Performance Dyno Data Coming Soon) 

    BMW M2 Swaybars

    aFe CONTROL has developed a swaybar kit for the F80 series chassis. Designed to increase roll stiffness without upsetting the M2's natural balance or traction control systems. Perfectly balanced, the 32mm front and 29mm rear bars are lightweight, made from a tubular construction, and feature CNC machined TIG welded bar ends for a perfect fit. We also include CNC machined 6061-T6 sway bar bushing brackets that are anodized black and direct fit polyurethane bushings. Anyone can provide a stiff bar, but to maintain perfect balance is crucial to increasing corner speed.


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    aFe CONTROL BMW M2 Lowering Springs 

    aFe CONTROL BMW M2 Coilovers 

    aFe CONTROL BMW M2 Swaybars

    aFe POWER BMW M2 Intake

    aFe POWER BMW M2 

    Scorcher Tuner Module

    aFe POWER BMW M2 

    Exhaust & Down-Pipes

  • Product Release: aFe Control PFADT Series Lowering Springs for 10-15 Chevrolet Camaro


    aFe control lowering spring for camaro
    C:\Users\marvins\Pictures\NPA title for 10-14 Camaro Lowering Springs.jpg

    aFe POWER has released the aFe Control, PFADT series lowering springs for the 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro V6/V8, including the ZL1 and Z28. Our springs have been engineered to provide a safe and comfortable drop for your Camaro, for a blend of looks and performance. 


    These springs are made in the USA and developed to work in conjunction to the factory shocks, for great cornering and a smooth comfortable ride. A nice drop of an 1" to 1.25" provides a great great ride without causing the vehicle to bottom out easily during bumps and driveways. 


    The aFe Control springs will improve turning response and inspire confidence when hugging corners. We tested our springs on the track and on the street for great durability during hard cornering loads. To finish off our springs, we powdercoated them gloss silver to provide a durable long lasting finish.  

    Order Your Set Today!  




  • aFe Control New Product: Sway Bars and Lowering Springs 2015 BMW M3/M4 (F80/82/83)

    510-503001-N BMW M3_M4 (F80_82_83) 14-15 Package-page-001




    aFe Control is proud to introduce the Stage 1 Package for the 2014-2015 BMW M3/M4 models. Designed specifically for the F80/82/83 chassis this package features sway bars and lowering springs that are designed to give your BMW race car level road holding ability while keeping that daily driver capability. The kit includes lightweight tubular constructed 32mm front and 29mm rear bars, CNC machined 6061-T6 sway bushing brackets anodized black, and polyurethane bushings.



    Features  • Optimizes the factory shock absorber damping, including selective ride. 
    • 1" Drop
    • Race Tested
    • 2 Stage, high luster, tangerine orange powdercoated finish
    • CNC Bent, Lightweight Tubular Alloy Steel 32mm Front, 29mm Rear Sway Bars
    • CNC Machined, TIG Welded Bar Ends
    • Includes Polyurethane Bushings and CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Brackets
    • Direct Fit Installation, No Modifications Required





    Lowering Springs Engineered to optimize the factory shock absorber damping and offer a 1" drop these lowering springs are the perfect blend of performance and style. These springs upgrade will increase cornering and handling, giving you the confidence to take that turn without negatively affecting ride quality. The lowered stance will transform the way your M3/M4 looks, as well as offer improved aerodynamics during street or track purposes. Designed as a direct fit application these springs require no modifications to the vehicle.


    M3_M4 Sway Bar Set


    Front & Rear Sway Bars The front and rear sway bars provide a perfect balance by offering increased roll stiffness without upsetting the vehicles stability and traction control systems. The lightweight tubular sway bars will transform your cornering ability by being flatter and neutral around any turn. The 32mm front bar and 29mm rear bar feature CNC machined, TIG welded bar ends for a perfect fit.  Included are CNC machined 6061-T6 sway bushing brackets that are anodized black and a direct fit for the included polyurethane bushings.



    Order Today!

    Lowering Springs (P/N: 410-503001-N)

    Front Sway Bar Only (P/N: 440-503001FN)

    Rear Sway Bar Only (P/N: 440-503001RN)

    Sway Bars Set (P/N: 440-503001-N)

    Package (P/N: 510-503001-N)

  • New Product Release: aFe CONTROL Series Stage 1 Suspension Package For 2015 Ford Mustang I4/V6


    Ford mustang 2015 aFe control sway bar set 1

    aFe Power is proud to Pre-Release another addition to the aFe Control suspension line up. Lowering Springs and Sway Bars are brand new for the 2015 Ford Mustang (S550). Engineered to optimize the factory shock absorber damping, the aFe Control lowering springs are designed for the perfect blend of performance and style without compromising ride quality. 



    Ford Mustang I4V6 aFe Control lowering springs

    Made of high grade steel and powder-coated for unbeatable looks and durability, our lowering springs will lower the car 1.25 inches for the correct relation between looks and proper function during street or track driving. The lowering springs were specifically designed for the 5.0L engine, with a separate set designed for the Ecoboost I4 and V6 engines. 

    Ford mustang I4V6 stage 1 suspension package 1 (2)

    This sway bar set is made of CNC bent tubular alloy steel with a high luster tangerine orange powder-coat finish for long lasting good looks. Perfectly balanced, the light weight tubular 35mm 2-way adjustable front and 32mm 3-way adjustable rear bars feature adjustable, precision CNC machined, TIG welded bar ends and include CNC machined 6061-T6 brackets and polyurethane bushings for a perfect fit. All O.E. mounting points have been retained for durability and a hassle-free installation. The sway bars can be purchased as a set, or individually. 

    Ford mustang 2015 aFe control sway bar set 5


    Also available is a Stage 1 package which combines the aFe Control lowering springs and sway bar set. Pre-Order Your Set Today! 




    Mustang GT Lowering Springs (P/N: 410-301001-N)


    Mustang I4/V6 Lowering Springs (P/N: 410-301002-N


    Sway Bar Set (P/N: 440-301001-N


    Front Sway Bar Only (P/N: 440-301001FN)


    Rear Sway Bar Only (P/N: 440-301001RN


    Mustang GT Package (P/N: 510-301001-N) or 


    Mustang I4/V6 Package (P/N: 510-301002-N)



    NPA title for 2015 Ford Mustang stage 1 suspension kit 1
    NPA title for 2015 Ford Mustang stage 1 suspension kit 2

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