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  • aFe Control New Product: Featherlight Single Adjustable Coilovers; BMW M3/M4 (F80/82/83) 2014-2015

    430-503001-N BMW M3_M4 (F80_82_83) 2015 Featherlight Coilovers-page-001430-503001-NA1600

    aFe Power is proud to introduce another addition to the aFe Control suspension line: Featherlight Single Adjustable Coilovers for the 2014-2015 BMW M3/M4 (F80/82/83). Developed on the track and refined for the street, both ride height and damping are easily adjustable allowing for fine tuning your BMW’s stance and ride quality! The mono-tube construction utilizes a floating piston to separate the oil and nitrogen gas. This allows for predictable handling and a consistent feel, optimized for street and track use. The 24 distinct settings on the front and rear shocks accommodate for a comfortable street feel, all the way up to track settings.


    • Fully ride height and damping adjustable with 24 distinct settings on the front and rear • Lightweight Hard Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum bodies, yield high strength, while still maintaining a lightweight design • Inverted mono tube front strut features 36mm Hard Chromed shaft and capable of high braking and cornering loads • Mono Tube Construction utilizes an internal floating piston to separate oil and gas, allowing for more predictable handling, and a consistent feel • 6061-T6 aluminum rear ride height adjuster with performance springs


    Front Coilovers

    The front coilovers features an inverted mono tube design which places the damping adjuster on the bottom of the shock, allowing for quick easy adjustment. 36mm high strength hard chromed strut shafts house the double digressive valving and are capable of high braking and cornering loads, translating into less bind and a smoother operation


    In the rear, CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum ride height adjusters are employed maintaining the factory spring location for quiet operation and strength. The rear shocks feature the CIRC (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) system that more than triples the gas volume over a standard coilover resulting in consistent operation over a wide temperature range and throughout the stroke.

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    (P/N: 430-503001-N)

  • aFe Control New Product: Sway Bars and Lowering Springs 2015 BMW M3/M4 (F80/82/83)

    510-503001-N BMW M3_M4 (F80_82_83) 14-15 Package-page-001




    aFe Control is proud to introduce the Stage 1 Package for the 2014-2015 BMW M3/M4 models. Designed specifically for the F80/82/83 chassis this package features sway bars and lowering springs that are designed to give your BMW race car level road holding ability while keeping that daily driver capability. The kit includes lightweight tubular constructed 32mm front and 29mm rear bars, CNC machined 6061-T6 sway bushing brackets anodized black, and polyurethane bushings.



    Features  • Optimizes the factory shock absorber damping, including selective ride. 
    • 1" Drop
    • Race Tested
    • 2 Stage, high luster, tangerine orange powdercoated finish
    • CNC Bent, Lightweight Tubular Alloy Steel 32mm Front, 29mm Rear Sway Bars
    • CNC Machined, TIG Welded Bar Ends
    • Includes Polyurethane Bushings and CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Brackets
    • Direct Fit Installation, No Modifications Required





    Lowering Springs Engineered to optimize the factory shock absorber damping and offer a 1" drop these lowering springs are the perfect blend of performance and style. These springs upgrade will increase cornering and handling, giving you the confidence to take that turn without negatively affecting ride quality. The lowered stance will transform the way your M3/M4 looks, as well as offer improved aerodynamics during street or track purposes. Designed as a direct fit application these springs require no modifications to the vehicle.


    M3_M4 Sway Bar Set


    Front & Rear Sway Bars The front and rear sway bars provide a perfect balance by offering increased roll stiffness without upsetting the vehicles stability and traction control systems. The lightweight tubular sway bars will transform your cornering ability by being flatter and neutral around any turn. The 32mm front bar and 29mm rear bar feature CNC machined, TIG welded bar ends for a perfect fit.  Included are CNC machined 6061-T6 sway bushing brackets that are anodized black and a direct fit for the included polyurethane bushings.



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    Lowering Springs (P/N: 410-503001-N)

    Front Sway Bar Only (P/N: 440-503001FN)

    Rear Sway Bar Only (P/N: 440-503001RN)

    Sway Bars Set (P/N: 440-503001-N)

    Package (P/N: 510-503001-N)

  • Now Shipping: Momentum Intake System For 2015 BMW M3/M4 L6 3.0L (tt)


    NPA title for BMW M3 and M4 momentum intake
    BMW M3-M4 momentum intake 1

    aFe is NOW SHIPPING the all new Momentum intake system for 2015 BMW M3/M4 (F80/82/83) with L6-3.0L twin turbo (S55) engine. This all new highly engineered intake system uses two smooth one-piece housings that keeps warm engine air out for maximum performance. 

    BMW M3-M4 momentum intake 3

    The housings use a patent pending filter-to-housing interface that enables the use of the largest filters possible while maintaining a simple hassle-free installation.  Improving airflow further are large 5” tall washable/reusable oval performance air filters. 

    BMW M3-M4 momentum intake 4

    The roto-molded tubes are CAD designed, then fine-tuned on our in-house dyno for maximum performance gains.  In house dyno testing resulted in gains of up to +17 HP and +19 lbs.xft. Torque.

    BMW M3-M4 momentum intake 6

    The driver side tube features a carbon fiber accent for a subtle, classy appearance. As an added value, this system comes with two 5" tall Pro DRY S “oil-free” air filters, as well as two 5” tall Pro 5R oiled performance air filters.  This direct bolt-on system requires no modifications and includes all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation. 

    BMW M3-M4 momentum intake 2


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    Momentum Intake System (P/N: 52-76305)  

    BMW M3-M4 momentum intake dyno chart (2)
    52-76305 Flow Chart
  • Product Release: Performance Package For 2015 BMW M3/M4 3.0L (tt)


    NPA title for 2015 BMW M3-M4 perfomance package 1
    NPA title for 2015 BMW M3-M4 perfomance package 2
    BMW M4 intake-tuner package 1

    aFe is proud to Pre-Release the all new Performance Package for 2015 BMW M3/M4 (F80/82) L6-3.0L (tt) S55. This performance package includes a Momentum air intake system and a SCORCHER module that resulted in maximum gains of +64 horsepower and 65 lbs. x ft. of torque and outflowed the factory intake by 46%. 

    BMW M4 intake-tuner package 3

    This all new highly engineered intake system uses two smooth one-piece housings that keeps warm engine air out for maximum performance. The housings uses a patent pending filter-to-housing interface that enables the use of the largest filters possible while maintaining a simple hassle-free installation. 

    BMW M4 tuner 1

    Also included in this package is a SCORCHER Module that is designed to alter the pressure sensor signals to increase boost safely to an optimum level throughout the entire RPM range, while maintaining excellent drivability.

    BMW M4 tuner 2

    The SCORCHER Module is a direct plug and play unit that uses OE style "all weather" connectors with automotive grade TXL high heat and chemical resistant wire for maximum durability and protection. 

    BMW M4 intake-tuner package 2
    BMW M4 intake-tuner package dyno sheet

    Pre-Order Now! Available in April. 


    Performance Package-(P/N: 45-16372




    SCORCHER Module only-(P/N: 77-46306

  • BMW M4 Turbo Downpipe Exhaust Development: Inside the R&D Dept


    Continuing to keep the door wide open into aFe POWER's R&D department, here is some additional information on the in-development aFe BMW M4 Downpipes. These exhaust components eliminate the factory catalytic converters as well as increase the diameter of the piping exiting the turbos, allowing for smoother and larger amounts of airflow. Check out these sneak peeks of the downpipes as they are being worked on in our R&D department, these are far from the crafted final product, but you can still see the quality in these fabricated pieces.

    afe-power-m4-downpipe-prototype-sneak-peek afe-power-m4-downpipe-prototype-closeup

    afe-power-m4-downpipe-prototype-rd (Not production pieces - R&D prototypes)


    aFe POWER will offer these as both with and without high flow cats for full race applications.


    As you can see compared to the OE downpipes, there is a lot to be gained from increasing and smoothing the downpipe, as well as the catalytic converter.


    Dyno testing of the stock versus our fabricated R&D catted downpipes has resulted in gains of up to 21hp and 23lb x ft of torque in the middle of the RPM band, solid gains throughout.





    Production pieces will have the typical quality features of aFe POWER Exhaust Components:

    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • TIG-welded by certified craftsman
    • USA-Made here in Corona, CA
    • Retains factory O2 sensors
    • All hardware and brackets for bolt-on installation


    Follow the complete aFe POWER BMW M4 progress through all of our R&D postings as M4 Intakes, Exhausts, Downpipes and more are finalized and released:

  • BMW M4 Intake Development Has Begun




    aFe POWER is known for it's BMW product line, and we've purchased the all-new BMW M4 and have begun work on it already.  This is the first step in a complete build of the M4, starting with the intake system. The M4 features an asymmetrical dual intake path feeding the S55 twin turbo inline 6-cylinder engine. Starting with 430hp and 406lbs x ft of torque makes for a great baseline, but aFe POWER will have plenty to add to that when we are done.


    aFe POWER BMW M4 New Before Modifications


    Thanks goes out to Mark Decker and Nick Cappellano at BMW of Riverside for acquiring the perfect M4 for us and making things easy as usual, great group of guys over there.

    The BMW S55 engine steps down in displacement from the previous gen M-series, but increases the torque by 111 lbs x ft of torque, and holds it from 2000 to 5400 RPM, making this new platform pull hard and seemingly never give up.  As you can see things are also a tight fit in the S55 engine bay, especially with the carbon fiber strut tower brace that sweeps across the front.




    We've begun the process of tearing into the engine, doing measurements and 3D scanning, which will enable our engineers to bring the engine into a fully CAD environment, designing the intake in a virtual space, before even creating the first articles.  From there they will be able to print and assemble parts from our in-house 3D printers, where we can verify fitment, ease of installation, and even dyno test differing designs to ensure we make the most horsepower possible.


    aFe POWER BMW M4 Teardown for Intake Development


    Below are some additional photos, as well as a very short clip of what the 3D scanner looks like in action, creating a 3D model of the engine space. aFe engineer Christian is seen here scanning the M4 into his computer and will bring that scan into SolidWorks as the intake begins its life.


    aFe POWER BMW M4 Intake Development 3D Scanning aFe BMW M4 Intake 3D Scanning aFe BMW M4 Intake Development 3D Scanning




    We will be documenting the progress of the new intake system throughout the process, check back soon for updates.  We will also be working on additional performance upgrades for the new BMW M4, including an M4 Exhaust System, M4 Down Pipes and Catalytic Converters, M4 Mid-Pipes and other performance products for the S55.

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