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Magnum FORCE. Outperform.

Magnum FORCE Stage-2 intakes are engineered for unrivaled performance. Featuring some of our most massive air filters, they’re designed for enthusiasts who demand power as well as a more aggressive look and sound under the hood.

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Open-Element filter housing

Magnum FORCE open-element intakes offer a traditional performance design highlighting a massive air filter for maximum air flow, simple maintenance and unique sound characteristics.

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Dyno-Tuned Intake Tube

Each intake tube is engineered per vehicle application for a perfect fit, integrated design, and optimum performance every time.

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360-Degree Radial Flow Air Filter

The largest filter size possible is determined for each application, then the cold air intake system is designed around the air filter.

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High Quality Couplers & Hardware

Magnum FORCE systems are designed with the fewest components possible and include quality hardware for a secure, quick, and simple installation process.

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Open-element Filter Housing

Open-element systems generally can showcase larger filters and produce a bolder engine tone than other intake designs. Their open design makes monitoring and servicing the air filter a breeze, while adding an aggressive style to your engine bay.

Magnum FORCE housings are constructed from multiple different materials (most commonly roto-molded XLPE polymer), that are effective when it comes to blocking engine heat from entering your vehicle’s intake system. Many Stage-2 intake kits feature a trim seal to provide a seal between the intake and vehicle to further help protect against performance robbing heat.

Certain applications can be used with an optional intake cover to tone down noise and further reduce temperatures, as well as a Dynamic Air Scoop which brings in additional cool air from the front of the vehicle.

Dyno-Tuned Intake Tube

Each Magnum FORCE intake is computer designed per vehicle application for a precise fit under the hood. Dyno testing throughout the design process allows us to optimize the intake tube by creating the least restrictive air flow path, delivering the maximum performance gains. Stage-2 intake tubes are either made from XLPE polymer or mandrel-bent aluminum.

360-Degree Radial Flow Air Filter

A unique flange retention design allows the air filter to snap into the housing using zero hardware and attach to the intake tube with a single clamp, simplifying the installation and air filter maintenance.

Most Magnum FORCE systems feature either a built-in velocity stack inside the air filter or a three-angle adapter mounted to the housing – aiding in delivery of smooth, consistent air flow to your vehicle’s engine. Certain applications feature unique inverted filter tops that maximize surface area and extend service life.

aFe POWER filters feature a deep rounded pleat design, allowing maximum flow and dust holding capacity, while pliable polyurethane tops and bases withstand lifetime exposure to heat and chemicals. Our cold air intake systems are offered with different washable and reusable filter media choices for off-road, street, and race enthusiasts. Learn more HERE.

Stage-2 intakes are available with the following media

High Quality Couplers & Hardware

Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel clamps make for a strong and reliable seal. With either high-temperature silicone or pliable polyurethane couplings, Stage-2 intake systems are simple to install.

Magnum FORCE Cold Air Intake Filter Options

Our cold air intake systems are offered with a variety of different air filter media options – all of which are washable and reusable. Inverted top models shown below.

Pro Dry S

Maximum Convenience

3 Layer Dry Synthetic Media

Pro 5r

Maximum Performance

5 Layer Oiled Cotton Media

Pro Guard 7

Maximum Protection

7 Layer Oiled Hybrid Media

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Which Stage-2 is Right For You?

Compare features to choose which system is right for you.



Open element

Simple and distinctive open-element design. This is what the original Magnum FORCE intake line is known for.

Stage-2 SI

Sealed System

The Stage-2 Si is unlike all others in the Magnum FORCE lineup. Its design may be understated – but its performance isn’t.

Stage-2 XP

Massive Filters

Commonly featuring our largest air filters and mandrel-bent aluminum tubes, Stage-2 XP intakes are engineered for performance.

System Type

Open element


Open Element

Sound Level

9 / 10

6 / 10

9 / 10

Air Flow








Tube Construction

XLPE Polymer or Mandrel-Bent Aluminum

XLPE Polymer

XLPE Polymer or Mandrel-Bent Aluminum Dual Tubes, Largest Diameter

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