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Muscle Car Showdown - 2016 Camaro SS Vs 2016 Ford Mustang GT



Since dawn of time...well least the introduction of the Camaro and Mustang. There has always been constant comparisons between both vehicles, whether it was over the most horsepower, or the quickest lap time both have always battled it out. 


Now with the introduction of the 6th gen Camaro and Mustang, it was only a matter of time that these two fierce rivals go at it again in a comparison test. 

2016 Chevy Camaro SS 



(0-60) - 4.0 sec


1/4 mile time - 12.4 sec @ 114.6mph


Braking 60-0 mph - 104 ft


Curb Weight - 3,672 lbs


Horsepower SAE NET - 455 hp


Torque SAE NET - 455 lb-ft


Engine Displacement - 376.1 cu in

2016 Ford Mustang GT 

w/Performance Package 



(0-60) - 4.6 sec


1/4 mile time - 12.9 sec @ 110.0mph


Braking 60-0 mph - 109 ft


Curb Weight - 3,825 lbs


Horsepower SAE NET - 435 hp


Torque SAE NET - 400 lb-ft


Engine Displacement - 302.1 cu in

So now lies the question most will ask you when comparing the two. 


Which would you buy? 

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