New 2017 Ford Raptor F-150 EcoBoost Intake Options



aFe POWER 2017 Ford Raptor EcoBoost Momentum XP Cold Air Intake System


In addition to the popular Momentum GT sealed intake and the high flowing Magnum FORCE Stage 2 XP intake, aFe POWER brings you another option for your '17 Raptor, the Momentum XP. The Momentum XP combines the technology of the Momentum sealed 1-piece housing with the size and balanced flow of the Stage 2 XP aluminum tubes in one kit.


Utilizing the integrated Dynamic Air Scoop design of the Momentum airbox, cold fresh air is drawn into the unique high flow air filter, with the single oversized filter feeding (2) 3.0" 6061 aluminum tubes. These intake tubes have an optimized length to deliver the EcoBoost turbos with the same volume of air, and are equalized with a vacuum line connecting the tubes.


The Momentum high quality and durable 1-piece housing features a clear see-through window enabling the inspection of the installed filter to know exactly when its time to clean and recharge the filter media.


The Momentum XP gives you a great balance of improved performance, with a unique look that will set your Raptor apart. The kit is available in 3 different color options: A satin brushed finish, a wrinkle black finish and for those looking for a striking look, a Raptor Blue finish guaranteed to get your attention. Limited quantities will be available. 

2017 Ford Raptor EcoBoost aFe POWER Intake Power Package

aFe POWER 2017 Ford Raptor EcoBoost Stage 3 Power Package

Want a simple way to add 60+ horsepower, remove turbo lag and improve the drivability of your Ford Raptor? The Stage 3 Power Pack makes an impressive improvement to the '17 Raptor, with a ton of value in a complete kit. 


This Power Pack includes the Momentum XP Intake System, the Scorcher GT Tuning Module, and the Sprint Booster power converter works in conjunction to transform the feel of your Raptor. The Momentum and Scorcher work exceptionally well together, increasing the boost and air flow to the vehicle, while the Sprint Booster helps get rid of the lag present in the current drive-by-wire throttle control, give you a more responsive response when accelerating. 


The Stage 3 Power Pack also comes with BOTH the Oiled Pro 5R filter, as well as the Oil-Free Pro DRY S filter, not only giving you a spare for cleaning, but you can swap them out when you're looking for performance or convenience. A cleaning kit and pre-filter are also included in this complete package. This package saves hundreds over buying each component separately!


Stage 3 Power Pack Includes:


• Momentum XP Black Intake System

• Scorcher GT Tuning Module

• Sprint Booster Throttle Power Converter

• Both Oiled and Dry Air Filters

• Pre-Filter For Dusty Off-Road Conditions

 Momentum XP Black Edition

 Momentum XP Raptor Blue Edition

 Momentum XP Brushed Edition

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