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For 2018 and 2019, the best-selling pickup truck gets an option for a diesel Power Stroke engine. It’s the first ever diesel F-150 – Ford’s answer to the competitors’ new diesel pickups, but with more MPGs, more towing capacity, and more power… But, for some of us, that’s not enough. aFe POWER is proud to release a comprehensive lineup of products for those looking to unleash the potential of their new Power Stroke.

Momentum HD Cold Air Intake System

Our top-of-the-line Momentum HD directly integrates into the F-150’s factory ram air system. A patented filter-to-housing interface allows for fewer parts, making it extremely easy to install. It significantly increases airflow with its 1,000 CFM air filter, while still providing excellent filtration.

Available filter options

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Magnum Flow OER Performance Air Filters

Direct stock replacement. Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all sides, aFe POWER’s drop-in OER filters significantly outflow and outlast the stock paper filter – improving performance and convenience.

Oiled Media Dry Media

SCORCHER BLUE Bluetooth Power Module

This plug-and-play module features three modes that increase boost levels and fuel pressure. With IOS and Android connectivity, a Bluetooth phone app displays gauges and allows for on-the-fly power adjustments.

+24 HPHorsepower
+50 Lbs x ftTorque Max Gains

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SCORCHER PRO Performance Programmer

Get plug-and-play power via your OBDII port in as little as 15 minutes. Cloud-based tune delivery allows for downloads via Wi-Fi whenever and wherever you want. View, capture, and store the vehicle data most important to you.

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Sprint Booster Power Converter

The Sprint Booster plugs right into your existing gas pedal module and reprograms acceleration signals, delivering improved throttle response. The first time you press the gas pedal, you’ll immediately feel the difference.

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BladeRunner GT Series Intercooler

The BladeRunner’s bar and plate intercooler directly replaces the smaller stock tube and fin design, allowing for better airflow, heat dissipation, and cooling. Its aluminum end tanks are TIG-welded, providing superior strength and durability.

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BladeRunner Intercooler Tubes

With 2-1/2” mandrel-bent aluminum tubing on the hot side and 3-1/2” to 3” tubing on the cold side, our intercooler upgrades are larger than the factory components, providing smoother, improved flow. They feature 6061-T6 aluminum quick connections and are designed to directly replace the factory tubing. They can be used in conjunction with aFe POWER’s intercooler or the stock system.

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4” DPF-Back Exhaust System

With 4” mandrel-bent tubing and removal of the muffler, our DPF-back systems provide maximum air flow and significantly improve the F-150’s exhaust tone. Available with black or polished intercooled tips.

409 Stainless Aluminized

Rebel Series Exhaust System

The Rebel Series exhaust for the F-150 features a unique design that exits in front of the passenger rear tire. Its mandrel-bent stainless-steel tubing is finished off with dual exhaust tips, available in either black or polished.

Black Tips Polished Tips

Pro Series Rear Differential Cover with Machined Fins

aFe POWER brings performance engineering to your axle’s differential. Constructed from aluminum with reinforcing cooling fins, our differential covers provide more fluid capacity and cooler operating temperatures.

Black Finish Raw Finish

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