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New Products in Development for the 2020 Ford F250 7.3L


The iconic all new 2020 Ford F-250 with a 7.3L engine.. but wait, a gas-powered PUSHROD 7.3L V8? 

Yep, this new beast is DPF-free and pushing out 430HP and 475 lbs. x ft of torque, and that's before we've even put our hands on it.   We already have one of these trucks in our stable, and we're hard at work, and we will have some power-adding options available soon.  


2020 Ford F-250 7.3L V8 Momentum GT Intake System


Big motors crave big airflow, and the Momentum GT delivers. We already have a fully designed system that is currently undergoing testing utilizing our 3D printing technology, where we are able to test and finalize everything before the final mold is created and the part put into production. Dyno testing and performance information coming soon.  


Scorcher PRO ECU Tuning


Taking advantage of the latest in ECU tuning, the Scorcher PRO delivers more horsepower and torque with the simple flash via the OBDII port, and has the convenience of WiFi to make sure you're always up to date.  


Magnum FLOW Air Filters


If you're simply looking for drop-in performance and airflow, and want a lifetime cleanable option instead of throwing away air filter after air filter, aFe has one waiting for you.  Available in both the oiled Pro 5R media for maximum flow, or the convenience of our Pro DRY S oil-free media, the choice is yours. 


aFe Pro Series Front Differential Covers


Also a crossover from earlier F-250's with the Dana 60 front axles are our performance aluminum differential covers, complete with magnetic drain and deep reach fill plug to capture loose particles for maximum protection, and an oil level sight glass for easy oil inspection. Keep those axles cool with these upgraded covers. 

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