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aFe POWER Performance Modules

aFe POWER Scorcher Power Modules

Our SCORCHER Power Modules are calibrated to work with aftermarket performance products, and specifically calibrated for aFe POWER performance intakes, exhausts, headers, and more! Installation is simple with our plug and play technology. We did all the hard work so you can just plug in the module and go tear up the blacktop. From our SCORCHER GT/HD Power Modules to our SCORCHER BLUE Power Modules, they are all perfectly designed to maximize horsepower and torque without sacrificing the safety of your engine. 

Plug-and-Play Technology 


SCORCHER GT/HD Power Modules

A simple 30-45 minute install will give you a huge increase in power. aFe POWER SCORCHER Modules include high quality case & wire harnesses with factory style connectors for easy plug & play installation. A LED light switch provides In-Cabin On-The-Fly power adjustments. The 4-Power settings are adjustable with one button and the LED light represent the settings: Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange) and Race (Red) . Our performance modules increase turbo boost and fuel pressure, improving vehicle performance and throttle response. All SCORCHER Power Modules are tested for proper function before leaving the factory.

  • Installation Time: 30-45 Minutes
  • Increase Horsepower and Torque
  • Improve Throttle Response
  • Reduce Turbo Lag
  • 4 Power Settings: Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange) and Race (Red)
  • Leaves No Trace on ECU (Warranty-friendly if module is removed)
Camaro 10-15 Sprint Booster.

Sprint Booster

For enthusiasts that seek improved drivability without tuning, the Sprint Booster is a perfect alternative. Sprint Booster modifies the signal between the accelerator pedal module and the electronic throttle body. The improved signal encourages the throttle body to open "more" than what the stock signal was providing at a given pedal position. The end result is the idle-to-full-throttle pedal travel is reduced. This makes your vehicle "feel" more powerful because the given pedal input produces greater throttle opening. The Sprint Booster can be used with other tuners/programmers due to its ability to work independently from other modifications. The install takes just minutes making this performance upgrade simple but effective. 

  • 2 Settings
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • 10 Minutes Install
  • Improved Low to Mid Rpm Range
  • Pairs with Tuners/Programmers
  • Improved Shifting (automatic transmissions)
  • Enhanced Driving Experience 

Sprint Booster Acceleration Video Test

Sprint Booster Easy Installation 

1. Loosen the Accelerator Pedal Module from the Floorboard.
2. Unplug the Harness from the Accelerator Module.
3. Plug in the Sprint Booster Inline with the Harness and Accelerator Module.
4. Re-install the Accelerator Module.
5. You are done, and Ready to Tear Up the Blacktop.



Factory settings -  Sprint Booster is deactivated 

Race Performance

Race program - improved throttle response, aggressive driving

Street Performance

Sport program - improved throttle response, smooth driving 

Sprint Booster Settings

Test conducted under partial throttle, Sprint Booster is designed to increase acceleration under light throttle, and part throttle, not at full throttle. 





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