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SPEEDiagnostix Oil Analysis Kit

Part Number: 90-90006

MSRP: $80.05


SPEEDiagnostix kits provide reports that detail the wear metals, contamination (dust and fuel) and health of the oil. By providing a wear rate measurement, SPEEDiagnostix empowers vehicle owners to measure the wear rate in their engines. How often should the oil be changed? Did that filter help or hurt the engine? SPEEDiagnostix provides answers to these questions and more.

  • Critical Insight into Vehicle Health
  • Provides Wear Rate Measurement
  • Results in 5 to 6 Business Days
  • Easy to Read Reports
  • Pre-Paid, No Hidden Fees
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The SPEEDiagnostix kits provide four unique benefits in comparison to other oil analysis services.

As the name implies, SPEEDiagnostix delivers results in 5 to 6 business days compared to 14 to 18 days for other services.

SPEEDiagnostix provides reports written in plain English and with simple visual symbols that make it easy to understand the results. If the report is all green, then you are good to go.

SPEEDiagnostix utilizes the most accurate diagnostic tools with the highest resolution. The result is that SPEEDiagnostix can “see” wear metals that other services can’t.

Each SPEEDiagnostix kit is all inclusive. Everything needed to take a sample is in the kit, and everything is pre-paid. No hidden charges or fees!

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MSRP: $80.05

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