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Air Filters

  • Two filter media options to choose from (Pro 5R & Pro Dry S) to match your vehicle’s needs.
  • Increased surface area maximizes air flow and provides additional filter surface for increased protection and filter life.

This is the product line that started aFe Power. In the late 1990’s aFe Power, a.k.a. advanced FLOW engineering, Inc., was founded to provide the ultimate air filter available to the market. After almost 15 years in business, aFe Power has developed a complete line up of high quality OE replacement and Universal Clamp-On (UCO) air filters for the BMW market. First off, aFe Power offers two air filter medias to match your driving environment and overall needs. The Pro 5R air filter media is a 5-layer progressive cotton gauze media that provides maximum flow and a 98.6% filter efficiency rating. The Pro Dry S air filter media is a 3-layer progressive synthetic media that requires no oils to clean and has a 99.2% filter efficiency which provides maximum convenience. aFe air filters also use a unique rounded, deep pleat design for maximum surface area and increased air flow. Whether you want to make power or simply protect your investment, aFe Power offers an air filter that will meet your expectations.


Pro 5R Air Filter – Maximum Flow

  • Primary Benefit: PERFORMANCE, Pro 5R provides your engine with the largest amount of high-flowing cold air, giving you the greatest horsepower and torque gains.
  • Filtration Efficiency: 98.6% with filtration efficiency levels in the high 98% range, Pro 5R outperforms other cotton gauze media on the market.
  • Driving Conditions: STREET, Pro 5R exceeds the stardard protection for average everyday driving.


Pro DRY S Air Filter – Maximum Convenience

  • Primary Benefit: CONVENIENCE, Pro DRY S oil-free, dry synthetic filtration media is the world’s easiest-to-service performance air filter media requiring no oils to clean the filter because there is no oil to be removed, cleaned and reapplied.
  • Filtration Efficiency: 99.2% Pro DRY S oil-free, dry synthetic media combines excellent filtration efficiency with easy-to-clean convenience.
  • Driving Conditions: STREET/DUSTY, Pro DRY S will provide extended filter life in normal, everyday driving conditions; in dry, dusty conditions Pro DRY S is an excellent choice for ease of maintenance.
30-10226A1600 [PN 30-10226]

Magnum FLOW™ PRO 5R OER Air Filter

31-80168A1600 [PN 31-80168]


Inverted Replacement Filter (IRF) Air Filters

Performance Air Filter Provides maximum flow and protection while increasing performance. Washable/reusable filter comes with a limited lifetime warranty.Available in two media types:

Progressive Bump Seal Pliable sealing surface conforms to the most uneven filter housing. Eliminates the use of gaskets or sealants. The soft urethane construction always goes back to its’ original shape when compressed, providing a leak free seal.
Rounded Open Pleats We use a deeper and rounded pleat design that produces more usable surface area for increased flow and greater dust holding capacity.

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