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  • Available in street and race applications to provide maximum usable power.
  • Flow optimized compressor wheels are enclosed in a ported shroud compressor housing eliminates surge and turbo bark.

Factory turbo not cutting it? This all new aFe BladeRunner turbocharger supports up to 600HP over the standard turbocharger while lowering Exhaust Gas Temperatures (E.G.T.). The BladeRunner turbocharger is constructed of high quality A356 cast aluminum alloy using a ported shroud compressor housing which eliminates turbo bark and compressor surge. This turbocharger utilizes factory mounting points and retains the factory air control valve for a safe and hassle-free installation. The turbocharger is equipped with a 67mm inducer and an 84mm exducer for reduced turbo lag and maximum performance and power. The BladeRunner turbocharger comes standard with a heavy-duty billet aluminum waste-gate actuator set at 40psi. New gaskets are supplied for a leak-free seal.


aFe BladeRunner Race Turbocharger
aFe POWER BladeRunner Street Turbocharger


aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger Compressor Housing
aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger Direct Replacement
aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger Performance
aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger Durable Design
aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger Turbine Efficiency


Compressor Housing

Flow optimized compressor wheel in a ported shroud housing eliminates surging and turbo bark. Integrated, cast elbow results in efficient airflow exiting the compressor housing .


Direct Replacement

All connections to the vehicle use OE geometry, resulting in a quick and reliable connection. Maximum gains are achieved from fuel system upgrades, either electronic or mechanical.



Designed to be a trouble-free upgrade from the stock unit. This unit does not require larger injectors. With tuning, gains of over 100HP and 200lbs. x ft. torque are easily attained. With fuel system upgrades, this turbo can support up to 500HP.


Durable Design

The use of 360° thrust bearings and plain journal bearings result in a zero maintenance, long life turbo. The BladeRunner turbocharger comes with a limited 2-year warranty.


Turbine Efficiency

Larger than stock turbine housing and wheel lower the EGT's by 150°F+ for more reliable towing. Internal waste-gate operated by a CNC billet actuator results in repeatable operation.

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