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Product Release: aFe Control Coilovers For 2014-2015 Corvette C7


aFe control coilovers for C7 vette title
aFe control C7 coilovers

aFe Power is proud to introduce another addition to the aFe Control suspension line: Featherlight Single Adjustable Coilovers for the 2014-2015 Chevrolet Corvette C7. Designed as a complete solution, the Featherlight Coilovers will allow you to remove the transverse leaf springs and OE shocks on your Corvette, yielding a true independent suspension which eliminates the “crosstalk” and harsh ride that the OEM suspension is known for. 

aFe control C7 coilovers 2
aFe control C7 coilovers 3

Packed with features, the coilovers are precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, and hard anodized. The mono-tube construction utilizes a floating piston to separate the oil, and nitrogen gas, allowing for predictable handling, and a consistent feel. The CIRC (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) System more than triples the gas volume over a standard coilover resulting in consistent operation over a wide temperature range and throughout the stroke. 

aFe control C7 coilovers 4
aFe control C7 coilovers 5

Integrated into the CIRC head, is the BOA (Ball on Axis) upper mount, which is a completely sealed design allowing full articulation of the Corvettes suspension, and offers a durable, quiet mounting solution without travel loss as is common in other clevis style mounting systems. You will feel 24 distinct settings on the front and rear shocks, allowing for settings to accommodate comfortable street, all the way up to track settings.


Elevate your driving experience with the comfort, precision, and excitement of aFe Control PFADT Series Featherlight Adjustable Coilovers. 


Now Shipping! (P/N: 430-401004-N) These parts are also available on


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