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Product Release: Raw Finish Transmission And Differential Covers For 1993-2015 Dodge/Chevy/Ford Diesel Trucks


NPA title for diff and trans pans and cover raw finsh
46-70080 Ford diff raw

aFe Power is proud to introduce the all new raw finish transmission pans & differential covers for 1993-2015 Dodge/Ford/GM Gas and Diesel Trucks.


While we do offer these stunning pieces in a black powdercoat finish, the street series gives  you a budget friendly option to add your own personal touches, as well as adding the oil sight glass and deep reach magnetic fill plug sold separately.    



The aFe transmission pans add additional capacity over stock and use internal and external fins for superior cooling. 


Constructed out of durable aluminum, these raw finish transmission pans utilize neodymium magnetic drain plugs which capture loose particles for maximum transmission protection. 

46-70060 Dodge Trans Pan Raw

Part # 46-70080 Shown.

A 1/8" NPT port comes ready to use for your transmission temperature sensor. The raw finish street series differential covers also use cooling fins and a neodymium magnetic drain plug for maximum gear protection. 


Also included is a 1/8" NPT calibration plug that is set to the factory fluid level which eliminates accidental overfilling. 

46-70010 GM Diff Cover

Part # 46-70060 Shown. 

Part # 46-70030 Shown.

These and many more of our street series differential covers are easily upgradable with optional accessories available 


Oil level sight glass (Part Number: 46-00001


Deep reach magnetic fill plug (Part Number: 46-00002


Bring style and engineering to the protection of your trucks transmission and differential. Order Now!  

Raw diff and trans pan list sheet
Diff cover and trans pan raw list sheet 2
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