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Product Spotlight: Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Kits



Throughout the automotive industry, carbon fiber has its reputation for being synonymous with high performance. Its light weight and incredible strength are what professional racers need, while its stunning looks and unique appearance also make it the preferred choice for auto enthusiasts everywhere.

Our carbon fiber parts are made using pre-preg carbon fiber and the autoclave process, then they are clear coated to ensure durability over long-term use. After that, each piece is hand polished to a perfect finish. 



We use either plain weave or twill weave patterns depending on the application, and every part is thoroughly inspected before being packaged and delivered to ensure the highest quality.

Each intake is designed and thoroughly tested here at our R&D facility to attain the best performance without requiring an aftermarket tune. We follow strict procedures and do countless tests on our in-house Dynojet dynamometer to guarantee accuracy when finding the peak horsepower gained from our systems. Only when our engineers are 100% satisfied with the performance gains are they sent to production. This ensures you'll be comfortable knowing you're getting the best performance possible from your intake system.

The thickness of each carbon fiber part is between 1.5mm to 2mm thick, and its strength is unparalleled to other intakes on the market. This means it's super light and designed to last a lifetime. You'll be surprised once you feel just how light the final product is, especially considering its strength.  For professional racers, our carbon fiber series intake's performance to weight ratio is second-to-none. For automotive enthusiasts, each carbon fiber intake from aFe Power looks stunning, and our Black series air intake system comes with a serialized number plate to ensure authenticity and set you apart from the rest. For those who only want the best for their vehicle, aFe Power is the only choice.

Carbon Fiber Intake Tube
Carbon Fiber Intake Tube
Black Series Intake
Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber
Black Series Momentum Intake

That's why at aFe Power we offer our Black Series air intake systems and Stage-2 Track series intake systems made from 100% real carbon fiber, not fiberglass with a carbon fiber outer layer. 




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