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  • New Products for 2018+ Ford F-150 Diesel



    The pickup truck war continues.  

    Some people are fans of all of the big three, but most have their favorite manufacturer. It seems Ford, Chevy, and Dodge are always going head-to-head, 

    though - whether its with their muscle cars or their trucks.

    The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling truck in the States for four decades. Major news regarding the nameplate struck headlines in 2018 - For the first time ever, it would be offered with a diesel power plant.

    It was Ford's answer to their competitors' diesel pickups - but with better MPGs, more towing capacity, and more power.


    11,400 lbs. Towing Capacity

    3.0L Power Stroke Turbo-Diesel  

    1,940 lbs. Payload

    250 Horsepower

    440 lbs. x ft. Torque

    30 MPG Highway

    10 Speed Automatic Transmission

    For Power Stroke owners seeking even more performance, aFe POWER is here to develop upgrades to bring out the best from your F150 Diesel. We already have an expansive product lineup - from cold air intakes and intercoolers to exhausts and electronics.

    ...But, for some of us, that's not enough.

    Shop 2018-2019 F-150 Diesel Products Here


  • New Product Release: aFe Differential Cover Packages



    aFe Power is excited to introduce to you, the all new differential cover packages that include 6 quarts of 75W-90 fully synthetic gear oil for 1986-2015 Dodge/Ford/GM Gas and Diesel Trucks. Bring style and engineering to the protection of your trucks differential. 


    Packed with options, the aFe Power Pro Series differential covers use cooling fins as well as a neodymium magnetic drain plug for maximum gear protection. 


    A Large oil level sight glass with calibration plug set to the factory fluid level eliminates accidental overfilling. The easy accessible fill and drain plugs make oil servicing simple. 


    The included Pro Guard D2 synthetic 75W-90 limited gear oil is competition proven and utilizes next generation synthetic oil technology. It provides consistent limited slip differential performance no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Ideal for both clutch type and torsion type differentials. It outperforms conventional gear lubricants and delivers outstanding performance in all heavy duty applications. 


    Order Today!


     Before these packages slip away. 


    Visit for further info.

    NPA title for aFe Power differential covers and gear oil

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